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Dreambuilders Club April 30th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle

is pleased to announce that


has arrived on her blog!

Watch for exciting developments in the coming weeks!

Hints of things to come for Money Merge Account Hopefuls April 30th, 2008

Here follows a snippet from a letter received today from one of the top people in United First Financial (UFF).  It hints at what is to be revealed at the 2nd Annual Convention of UFF, when it meets in late June:  

What would happen if 100% of your clients that wanted to change their lives and start using the Money Merge Account software were able to qualify?“That is just one of the many programs that will be introduced at this year’s international convention.”There is so much to look forward to!  Those of you that wish to be on the Money Merge Account, but for one reason and another haven’t been able to qualify in the past, will be able to get another look at it by having a fresh analysis run, then get on the program and get debts of all kinds on the run!  Most folks don’t need refinancing, but please know that, if you do, the Duchess is also qualified to offer that service.  It’s a one-stop service shop with the Duchess of Earle! :)   

Keep watching for hints of what is to come!

Training for Internet Marketing April 30th, 2008

Some days go better than others as one attempts to figure all this internet marketing out.  Here’s a snippet from a recent letter to my internet marketing teacher and founder of IM Train, Steve Renner (a man of much success in internet marketing, in case you’re not familiar with his name): 

“I admit it is such a struggle for me to come into this IM world, for I come from a different world where all this techno-stuff has not a large place.  With the techy issues, it seems that I run into puzzles, errors and roadblocks at every step that I have no clue how to solve and so…to overcome that issue, I have just been trying to learn something about it every day (I have made a goal to watch at least one instructional video per day).  And it has gradually been making more sense to me as I study it – and I am grateful for that.  (Tonight I found your ebook on blogging and started looking that over.  I have also been working my way through the WordPress videos.  I have made some posts on my blog, but not consistently as I’d like to – sometimes I just don’t know what else I should be writing about.  In watching something the other day, I got my first glimpse of what pinging was really about.  I also watched the same video on RSS feeds three times over a few days back and that was beginning to make a little sense, though I know I still don’t fully understand it.)  All this information seems so overwhelming and there seems to be the need to understand and do so much all at once that I just find myself feeling as though I am floundering in a sea of mysteries that hold great potential, but that often seem to resist revelation.  So I have resolved to take the swim one wave at a time and consider even one post on my blog a victory over that one wave.  And I have been faithful to coming to the IM Train meetings on Tuesday evenings, because I figure that if I stick to it, the regular exposure to the ideas will eventually bring all the pieces of the puzzle to a point where they fall into place. “

Well, one more piece fell into place today, I am happy to report.  At last night’s IM Train meeting, autoresponders were discussed.  Steve asked if I had mine put up yet – and of course, I didn’t.  So one of today’s missions was to get that up.  I found the tutorial and thought I could get through it.  There was one bump in the road (I used a capital letter where capitals weren’t allowed), but that was overcome and then the autoresponder was easily set up.  Matter of fact, it went so well, I put up another one on another website and felt good to have accomplished the task not just once, but twice! :)  Hooray!  And now tonight, here is another post on my blog.  Feels so good to get this done that I think I’ll post again on different topics.  Here’s a suggestion: check out what’s going on with the Money Merge Account (click on those words on the left side menu on this blog): there are big changes in the wind and if you have anything to do with managing finances in your life, you’ll surely want to know about what’s coming!  

That’s the report from the Duchess this evening – signing off. :) 

The Outsourcing Secret: Internet Marketing How-tos Revealed! April 29th, 2008

Hey, Friend!
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In a hurry? Here…
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You see, many folks either have a hard time translating their own
skills to a product to sell, or they don’t consider themselves an
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Enter outsourcing. You want to sell a product on weight loss…
hire a weight loss expert to write the program for you… You
want to sell a product on martial arts… hire a martial arts
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You don’t know how to get traffic? Hire a traffic expert and let
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The Duchess of Earle

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Duchess launches new Money Merge Account Website April 10th, 2008

Exciting News! 

The Duchess of Earle is pleased to announce the unveiling of her new website about the Money Merge Account online software program from United First Financial. 

Make Money Online with April 8th, 2008

Every Tuesday evening at 7:30, one of the Kings of Internet Marketing holds court in his Bloomington, MN, offices.  This is where you find the Duchess of Earle this evening.  She joins other student-entrepreneurs who come here from far and wide, both in person in the classroom and over the internet from places as distant as the UK and Australia. 

How is it that there is such a draw to these events?  It’s because this meeting shows you how to Make Money Online!  Steve Renner is Past Master of Internet Marketing, having been at it since 1998, when marketing on the internet was in its infancy.  Over the years, he has not only learned a ton of stuff by experience and produced well over $60,000,000 in sales, but he has assembled a broad range of training services, products for resale, website services (hosting, social networking, SEO backlinks for your website, to name a few) and much, much more – which he has now decided to share with his students.  And here’s an amazing fact: all these benefits come for the incredible price of $39.95 a month!  (The Duchess knows other folks that are paying hundreds of dollars a month for these very same services: What a STEAL of a DEAL for $39.95!) 

So – how does this work?  With this program, it is possible to EARN money online as you LEARN how to market online.  Not only can you earn by marketing your own company’s wares or some of those aforementioned resale products, but you can make money by joining the network of marketers and then by inviting others to subscribe to the generous bundle of services too.  Furthermore, you can decide to become a partner with Steve as a Gold, Platinum or Diamond VIP Member.  As a VIP, you can private label your site and earn on every subscriber and VIP that registers with your organization.  As your group grows, this can provide you a monthly income in addition to the other streams of income you can generate. 

Therefore, the Duchess warmly offers you two invitations:  

First, she invites you to join the Tuesday evening 7:00 meetings and/or the meetings held on Saturday mornings at 9:00 (Central time in the US).   The meeting streams from .

Second, she invites you to visit  to check out this grand opportunity. 

Please accept NOW!  This Train offers a great ride!  Once you get on board at the IMTrain, this Train accelerates fast and these rails only run one way: all the way to the bank!  C’mon aboard!

UFF Co-Founder Matt Lovelady Visits Twin Cities April 4th, 2008

One of United First Financial’s co-founders, Matt Lovelady, arrived in Minneapolis today to spend time training the local UFF agents.   This is his second visit in about six months.  Two of the other co-founders, Skyler Whitman and Mac Saunders, were here for similar purposes in January.

The team of agents working in the Twin Cities has grown rapidly in the last year, as has the number of people now utilizing the Money Merge Account to pay off their mortgages and their debts, such as auto loans, student loans and credit card debt. 

There are exciting changes coming for the company and its agents, because at the second annual convention to be held in late June, the fourth version of the software will be announced.  The new version is expected to be far more advanced than the version presently in use.  Watch for such improvements as being able to include up to five properties at once in a single Money Merge Account program (a wonderful thing for real estate investors) and also a program for those without mortgages to pay down their various debts. 

The Money Merge Account program is poised to revolutionize the way Americans handle their money.  Check it out – you may be the next person to discover this fantastic system of money management!    

JLO of the Mortgage Loan World April 2nd, 2008

The Duchess came to what, for her at least, was a humorous realization the other day. 

She’s been a Loan Officer with Mortgage and Investment Consultants (MIC), a correspondent bank based in St. Paul, Minnesota, since December 2007.  As a newbie LO, there have been classes required by both the State of Minnesota and by MIC in order to be properly schooled in the mortgage loan process.  In reading a little educational article, she discovered that there are both Junior Loan Officers and Senior Loan Officers -which gave her a chuckle to realize that she was a JLO!  It left her feeling in good company and hoping that the great success of the beautiful and talented actress/singer often referred to as J. Lo (Jennifer Lopez, the most prosperous Latin lady ever in Hollywood), might rub off on her own mortgage loan business. 

So, whether you need a new mortgage, a refinance or a line of credit, you’re invited to contact the Duchess of Earle, JLO of Mortgage and Investment Consultants!