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UFirst Leading Ladies to meet for Breakfast 6/28 June 23rd, 2008

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United First Financial is having their second annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia this coming Friday and Saturday, June 27 and 28.   The new group, the Leading Ladies of United First Financial are meeting for breakfast for the first time on Saturday morning to meet and get acquainted.  Should be a fun time and a time to find support from other women as we all work together to build our United First Financial businesses and help others get their financial situations in order.  So long as she can work out the transportation issues, the Duchess plans to be in attendance and is looking forward to the event – especially to finally have faces to put with the names and voices she’s been hearing on the weekly phone calls!    

Countdown Continues to Version 4 of Money Merge Account June 19th, 2008

Well, the Duchess is greatly looking forward to the next convention on her list.  This is for United First Financial, a growing company with a great product that is about to get even greater!

United First Financial’s stand-out product, the Money Merge Account is about to take a quantum leap into a new era of expanded capabilities with the release of Version 4 of the Money Merge Account software.  All agents of the company are looking forward to the unveiling of this new version, as it is expected to put the company front-and-center in the debt reduction field, able to assist anyone with paying off any kind of debt they may have become mired in.  With so many folks in America awash in debt today, what a perfectly-timed release for such a product as this!

As of today, we are a week away from the grand announcement of all that this powerful new product will do.  Agents and clients alike are awaiting the revelation with high expectations – and they surely will not be disappointed!  Watch this blog for news of the new capabilities of the Money Merge Account software and check it out to see what it can do for you! 

Questions?  Write to the Duchess at .

ASD Convention in Tampa June 12-14 June 19th, 2008

The AdSurfDaily corporation met in convention last week, June 12-14 and the Duchess was there to experience the fun, the networking and learn more about the company.

 The event was kicked off by an evening of dessert and networking.  LOTS of tasty goodies were offered, including fancy little filled pastries, whole fresh strawberries by the boatload and as large a quantity of caramel and chocolate to dip them in, several varieties of Haagen Das ice cream, jumbo cookies cut into quarters, biscotti. 

The next two days were filled with meetings, filling out forms and standing in line to purchase advertising packages.

Announced in Friday’s meeting was the naming of what has been known for some weeks as ‘Project X.’  The surprise behind ‘Project X’ is ASD Offer Universe, which offers discounts on products from what is a rapidly-increasing legion of companies – and these companies offer things you and the Duchess buy on an every-day basis.  The Duchess invites you to click on the following link, check it out and sign up as an affiliate:

The ASD Offer Universe affords the opportunity to earn on two levels, just as the main ASD program does.

Friday evening there was a banquet, at the close of which, the announcement was made that, in addition to the English and Spanish websites, we will be getting a Chinese website in the near future.  It will be called Golden Panda.  Fortunes cookies were brought out in celebration of the announcement.

Here is a posting, found on another blog, about the meeting and ASD:

“Folks, this business is going to explode. In the last 10 days ASD has Doubled their membership. Up to 60,000 members right now.

“It is perking interests in Large Corporations who want to advertise their products and services.

“There are already 119 Large Corporations currently being processed and Paying Big Bucks to ASD (and not asking for Rebates!) – payments from Corporate Sponsors will keep the Rebates going. In the next few weeks they expect to sign up 400 Corporations.

“ASD is currently Beta Testing “Project X” called the ASD OFFER UNIVERSE – A portal where these large corporations can advertise to ASD members and give substantial discounts to ASD members for their products.

“ASD members will have a personal link where they can email folks on their contact list to browse through and buy stuff on ASD OFFER UNIVERSE…AND WILL BE PAID or get some kind of credit when others browse via your personal link.

“…I’m a high roller in this business – was going to get in, get out with a profit before the whole thing crashes but now after seeing the whole business ASD business plan I’m a believer.”

The Duchess came home in the wee hours of Sunday morning, tired but happy to have attended the convention, met new folks, learned more about the company and is happily looking forward to the exciting weeks ahead!  Please consider yourself invited to contact the Duchess if you have questions about ASD and would like to get involved.  Write to .

It’s Tuesday and the Duchess is at Renner’s Office Again June 10th, 2008

The Duchess got a bit of a late start this evening, but we have a group here at Steve Renner’s Bloomington office, where tonight he is sharing his story of injury and hard luck – including dishonorable business partners – turned into success.  While in a wheelchair for a year, during which time he thought he might not ever walk again, he figured out how to market on the internet.  His counsel tonight includes having your own domain and the control over your own business.  The fact that he had control is what defeated the efforts of his unscrupulous partners.  His dream has been to help others attain success in their own businesses, helping them to generate internet marketing business.  He offers one the opportunity to use his turnkey systems and also make money using his own systems.  His students can make money providing services such as many other companies provide:  training, SEO links,  blogging, private label products, etc.  Steve’s organization is even now in the process of working with the State of Minnesota to offer a college degree in Internet Marketing.

Your website is your business home base.  Links to and from your website are very important and keywords are even moreso.  He’ll show you how to find out what your competitors are using for keywords, so you can model what they’re doing.  Your clientele will find you, based on what key words you’re using.

Good links are those that come from important sites and those that are relevant to yours.  A link to your site from CNN would be a really good thing; from an educational site or a government site would carry even more weight and add even more credibility to your website.

Relevant links are provided through IM Train’s directories, such as SEO Link.  Naturally occurring links will cause you to have deep links on your site, which are also valuable. One of their directories is  People will pay money – $20, $30, $40 – to get a link coming to their site from a relevant site.  SEO Links Network  There is a shortage of good link directories, so people are hungry for them and willing to pay well to get them in order to generate more traffic.  They have 18 directories and can create over 100 backlinks to your site.  

Another service is  If you post to the blogpros, people are going to notice you.  This service is easily worth $200.  Now they have six blogs and will be expanding as far out as 24 blogs. 

Last week he had a promo for a friend Mike Filsaimes, who was going to market his book, 7 Figure Secrets.  Mike had charged people $5000 for a weekend seminar.  He created a video of the whole weekend, which Steve purchased.  Mike got a top writer to create a transcript of the video, which is now being offered as the book mentioned above.

Steve put a posting on the blog and his result is that a couple of hundred people have signed up.  It’s a regular education to walk through the process of getting the free stuff he’s offering.  Take a look at how he markets: upsell, side sell, downsell, all-around sell, video sell – any way he sells! 

Steve created several posts.

Free tip:  When people go to look at buying something on the internet, they’ve pretty much decided they’re going to buy.  But before they do so, they go check who’s got the best bonus.  You want to get ranked for the keyword, but you want to get ranked for the bonus name as well.  Steve shows us the Google page for the name of the bonus and his postings rank at the top of the list.  Others are trying to get to the top, but he’s got ’em beat with 6 of the 10 spots on the first page.   Others are paying to be listed up toward the top and down the side of the page, but Steve’s listings are there at no charge just because he’s so got so many links to his sites.

How to target local business is a project set up for the students.  Steve is listed as the #1 Internet Marketing trainer in the Twin Cities.  This isn’t magic – it just takes some simple strategies.

IMTrainStation has a subscriber program individuals can sign up for and it pays down to six levels when you have a new member sign up.  There is also a VIP program that offers the opportunity to partner with IMTrain that allows you to private label all the services they offer.  You get paid two ways as a VIP: subscriber sales and partner sales.  There are three levels:  Gold, Platinum, Diamond. 

A new web-cast service, called V-WebCast, is launching June 17; it is a web conferencing service.  The cost of it won’t be included in the regular $39.95 subscription, but a great deal will be offered.  V-Mail Autoresponder Services will also be offered.

Ad Cash is going to be a new system coming out soon. 

That about wraps it up for this evening!  The Duchess packs up her computer, bids you good night and heads for her royal red carriage and home.

Make Money from Home! Market Your Business in Your Jammies! June 8th, 2008

Find Steady Income Through ASD Cash Generator

New Promotion for AdSurfDaily Started on June 6th June 7th, 2008

AdSurfDaily has ended one promotion program and rolled out another.  Here are the details of the new opportunity:

If you purchase $500 or more in Ad Packages, on the ASD Cash Generator Site, then you will receive a 25% match of that amount, on the ASD Cash Generator Site.  In addition, you will receive Executive VIP Membership, as follows:

$500  to $1999……………………2 months of Executive VIP on the same site in which you purchase

$2000 or more…………………….4 months of Executive VIP on the same site in which you purchase

If you choose to participate in this promotion, then you forego any previous, promotional, Executive VIP Membership priviledges and your Executive VIP Membership will be as stated above.          

Important:  In order for your cash balance to qualify to purchase ad packages for this promotion, you have to move the cash balance up in the full dollar amount that you are trying to qualify for.  To further explain, you may not add up your daily ad packages, you must let the rebate and referral amounts accumulate in your cash balance and upgrade a minimum of $500 or more.

**The promotion above is as stated and the promotional match will only be given on the Site where the Ad Packages are purchased.  No Exceptions. – Sign up free!  Even with 
a free account if you refer people you make a 3% commission!

That’s the latest scoop from the Duchess of Earle’s office!

Web Hosting Available June 7th, 2008

Just a quick news flash for those who may not know…because the Duchess is finding that not everyone fully understands the array of services she has to offer:

The Duchess offers the purchase of domain names and web hosting through her business.  She can also assist you in getting your website up and running, through her consulting services.

Dreambuilders Club offers Advantages and Value June 7th, 2008

The Duchess is delighted to report to you the benefits of utilizing the leverage of membership in the Dreambuilders Club – and can recommend it to you with enthusiasm! 

So what’s the scoop?  The Duchess has recently been planning an important event, one that requires the services of an establishment to serve a meal to a group of her invited guests.  Membership in the Dreambuilders Club has provided her with an introduction to the events specialist at a hotel in the Duchess’ home territory, where she was most warmly received.  The gracious specialist even offered a discount for their services – all because of the Duchess’ Gold membership in Dreambuilders Club! 

If this sounds like a great perk to you, you’re invited to attend the meeting for those interested in learning about Dreambuilders Club and how it promotes your business.  Formerly, Dreambuilders Club has held weekly teleconference calls on Monday evenings.  But now there are live meetings being held in June and July on Monday evenings at the Embassy Suites in Bloomington, Minnesota – in the shadow of the humongus Mall of America.  The meeting itself starts at 7:30.  Before the meeting, however, starting at 6:00, members and guests are invited to share dinner and networking time.  And – get this – not only is this a GREAT time to network for your business, but the price of dinner is cut in half – another perk for belonging to Dreambuilders Club!

If you’re in the area, you’re welcome to join us to check out how Dreambuilders Club helps you promote and grow your business.  For more information, write  And when you arrive, tell them the Duchess sent you!  Then come and introduce yourself to the Duchess, her Duke and all the Dreambuilders Club assembly.  We’ll be glad to have you with us and share the news of what Dreambuilders Club offers!

This is the Duchess, signing off for tonight!

P.S.  When you decide you’re ready to sign up, the Duchess will be happy to sponsor you.  Admission to Dreambuilders Club is by invitation only.  Write for the information you’ll need to register.

Countdown to Version 4 of Money Merge Account: 21 days left June 6th, 2008

Well, it’s June and the long-await United First Financial annual Convention is fast drawing near.  This year’s convention is to be held in Atlanta, GA, at the end of the month.

Every agent in U1st has been waiting with bated breath to learn about the new version of the Money Merge Account software, which promises to quadruple our potential client base.  And why is that?  It’s because it will no longer require a client to have a mortgage.  All a client needs to have is a debt – it can be student loans, vehicle loan, credit card loans/debt, mortgages, lines of credit – any of that stuff will qualify to be able to work with the Money Merge Account. 

This new version will put U1st head and shoulders above the competition – no one will have the breadth and depth of a program to compete with what the Money Merge Account will offer.

Agents will not only see the program revealed, but will leave the convention trained to assist people shovel their way out of their debts.  In today’s debt-ridden climate, that will be a light to many struggling in financial darkness. 

This posting is written very early on the morning of June 6th, so we now have 21 days until the convention and the unveiling of the new version of the software.  We’ll be counting down to the last day, cheerfully awaiting the certainty of being able to assist many, many people to getting control of their finances. 

Come along for the ride! It promises to be a good one!  We’ll really have reason to blow up those fireworks on the 4th of July in celebration of a new freedom for Americans – and, now, Canadians too!

Questions?  Write the Duchess at

A Taste of a Time with Steve Renner in his MIT Class June 6th, 2008

The Duchess invites you to take a listen to Steve Renner opening his MIT Class.  It’s your attitude and level of belief that determines your success, he shares.  Dream it up and create it – make it happen!   You can check out the screen shot of his bank account – this guy can show you how to make money online because he’s done it!  Check out the Internet Marketing training he offers at