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It’s Tuesday in Bloomington again! July 29th, 2008

So it’s 7:30 on Tuesday evening again and the Duchess is the only lady in the room with seven gentlemen.  She is awaiting the arrival of her guests, which will, at least, bring the ladies’ count up to two!

Steve Renner begins sharing his experience of ten years ago.  They only gave away free things, such as juno email.  They introduced one service and signed up 10,000 people inside of one week. 

Services his company designed were intended primarily for their own use, but now they have shifted into serving others in the marketplace.  The business encircles the globe these days and often does about $4-5 million per month.  But this isn’t about bragging, it’s about helping others build their businesses – generate traffic, get leads, etc.  As the services began to grow they have developed a more and more complete range and are now even at the point of applying to the State of Minnesota for their own university, so that they can offer a college degree in internet marketing.

iNetGlobal is the name of the umbrella company for his entire organization and services.  One of the services, V-Webcast is what Steve is using to broadcast this very presentation all over the world.  The very core of his business is Cash Cards, which were born of the need to pay his affiliates and avoid losing weeks/months of time and funds in the exchange.  For example, one fellow in New Zealand waited six weeks for his check to arrive, six weeks for the check to clear his bank and then lost 30% of the funds in the exchange.  This was in the days waaaay before such things as Paypal, Cash Cards, e-bullion, etc.  Now, with Renner’s Cash Cards, things run very smoothly and his affiliates can claim their funds in their local currency and not lose time or money in the process.  But we’re going to move on to the most important thing we’re going to discuss this evening – and that is AdPacs.

AdPacs is a permission-based marketing system that allows members to share their websites with a loyalty group and earn 100% of your advertising purchases, plus a 25% bonus, plus sales from one’s site, plus commissions on AdPacs purchases on your first and second lines of referrals.  Plus there is even another income stream through Steve’s original organization.  Whew!  That’s a lot of pluses!

Steve will be inviting over 120,ooo iNet Global members from around the world to join his AdPacs program within the next week.

Out of his subscriber program, which cost the subscribers $39.95/month, they pay out 75% to their affiliate members.  Affiliate members earn $10 per month for those they bring in to subscribe.  They also earn $2 per member on levels 2-6. 

Then there is the VIP (Virtual Internet Partner) program, which allows one to market their own business, because the member private labels the business for himself/herself.  Commissions, bonuses, etc. are paid daily.

Gold membership is the entry level VIP and costs $297.  One must have three VIP members to move up to the next step, which is Platinum.  This level costs $597.  The top level is Diamond, which costs $997.  VIPs can market both subscriber sales and VIP memberships.  The goal for VIPs is to have a couple of thousand subscribers, which also affords the royalties, the monthly bonuses, which range from $2-4 per member in the downline.  The potential is great – Renner himself pulls better than $300,000 a month out of this system.  Not bad!  Steve’s mission is to have 10,000 members that are making $10,000/month within the next 10 months.  The Duchess invites you to come along for the ride!  Click here to sign up now!  Take ACTION, friends!

Why should you take action now?  Because of AdPacs – Steve says it’s the EASIEST way to make money on the internet!  Make money on your own products, someone else’s products, earning rebates on AdPacs purchases and commissions on your referrals on two levels.

Individuals may sign up for free, though this doesn’t allow them to purchase AdPacs.  It does allow them to introduce others to the program and earn 2% commissions on those they refer.  When one joins as a subscriber (or upgrades from the free membership), they have access to nearly all the services for $39.95/month and can earn rebates for surfing and commissions on referrals from 2-4%.  Gold level earns 3-6%, Platinum earns 4-8% Diamond earns 5-10%.  The higher the level of membership, the fewer the sites one must surf per day, though one should know that there is a ten credit bonus for surfing to 24 sites per day. 

Steve invites the Duchess up to the front of the room to tell her story.  She was given 1000 ad pacs as a Diamond VIP member, a referral put in a thousand which was matched 100% in the Duchess account, so now she was up to $2000 – and didn’t even have a dime directly out of her own pocket yet!  She has been rolling her cash account funds (the rebates and commissions) back in to purchase more ad pacs.  It hasn’t doubled yet, but she expects that in the not far distant future – and THAT puts a biiiig smile on her face! 

NEWS FLASH!  Steve has just announced there will be a AdPacs Rally in Atlanta in August!  He’ll be speaking at a convention the weekend of 8/16,17 and will have the Rally in conjunction with his speaking engagement.  More on that later.

Right now – for a limited time – there is a double match bonus promotion going on: the Diamond VIP members will get a 100% match on what they purchase in ad packages and their sponsor will also receive a 100% bonus.  The match is proportional to the various membership levels.  Platinums get a 75% match, Golds a 50% match and Subscribers a 25% match.  Diamonds get 1000 ad pacs when they come into the program, Platinum gets 600, Gold 300, Subscribers 100.   Everyone gets credits to start with, beginning at 50 credits for free members, so that they can put up their website immediately. 

There is a special MIT package, which is dubbed the A-Action package, that costs $1997.  For that one purchases the MIT training class and gets 2000 ad pacs with the purchase of the MIT class.  Steve’s classes are offered about every six weeks, this coming weekend being one of them.  Sounds as though it’s full though, so one would have to wait for the next go-round.   

That’s a wrap for this evening.  See you Saturday morning on the web – the regular Saturday session will be broadcast from the MIT classroom.  C’mon and join us!  The Duke and Duchess will be there!

The Duchess’ Notes from Dreambuilders 2nd Renner Presentation July 29th, 2008

It’s a Dreambuilders Club Monday evening and once again we’re hurrying over to the Embassy Suites early, in order to be there for Mr. Renner’s presentation on AdPacs.  The Duke and Duchess hop over to the restaurant to order meals – the Duke selects a raspberry chicken dinner with fingerling potatoes and spinach; the Duchess opts for seared tilapia with wild rice pilaf and vegies.  (Both meals were quite tasty, they promise you! :)  And to be able to take advantage of the Dreambuilders discount is really great!)

Everybody seems to be running a bit late this evening, but soon all is at the ready – Jonathan has the webcast camera and other electronic gizmos set up, Dreambuilders Club founder Matthew Sikich has come forward to introduce Steve and Steve himself, stands on the side waiting to take center stage. 

The intro being completed, Steve begins to tell his story.  The Duchess muses that she’s certainly heard this story before, but it does seem to be that each time she hears it, she learns something new about the way things unfolded in Steve’s internet marketing career.  Tonight he discusses the fact that he started out putting most of his empire together just to serve his own purposes.  Then in the last couple of years, people began to ask him for his assistance and guidance in getting their own internet marketing projects going, so now he is a service provider on a grander scale.  It is a big point with him that, while the consumer’s need for products may come and go, the need for services to be provided is never-ending.  Every internet marketer needs assistance with certain things:  domain names, website hosting, autoresponders, webcasts, internet access, SEO links, article writing – the list goes on at some length, as we all know.  So now, instead of supplying merely his own needs, he markets these services to many others – about a quarter million members in 120 countries around the world.  That’s what a decade of active involvement with the internet can get you – that and about $65,000,000 in business!

We are told that it is easier today than ever before to make money online – MUCH easier than ten years ago when he first started.

His new umbrella company, dubbed iNetGlobal, offers training in the skills and techniques of internet marketing, a cpanel hosting service (they are a true ISP service, not a reseller of the product) and authorized domain marketing, autoresponder, linking, blog service, webcasting, shopping carts, affiliate programs and, at the very core of the business, is Cash Cards, which is the means of delivering commissions to all those folks in all those countries.  He mentions that there are many countries where people don’t even have credit cards and this gives them the ability to have one.  But the primary purpose of this evening’s talk is AdPacs, the freshest face in Renner’s gallery of offerings.

AdPacs is hot, the Duchess will here interject.  It’s about getting more traffic to one’s website(s) – and now it’s also about another income stream or two – or three – or four -or more!  There’s a happy thought! :)

The main type of individual that this is attracting is the opportunity-seeker, but interestingly enough, this means of advertising is moving into the mainstream business arena and big – no, huge – companies are beginning to take note of the internet marketing explosion and get into the act.  Steve even cites an acquaintance of his that spends about $4,000,000 a month on Yahoo advertising – and earns $1,000,000 in profits.  As the Duchess’ son would say, “Sweet!”

The big companies that sell a more usual type of advertising do so in traditional fashion: you buy a certain amount of publicity from them, often in the form of pay per click advertising, and then there is an additional charge if you wish to buy more when the clicks are used up.  But this is a little fresher, more novel approach.  It starts out the same, because one buys the ads.  But the beauty of this program is that one gets rebates on their advertising expenditures. (!)  The Duchess can tell you that she has sacrificed many dollars to the newspaper advertising gods and has never had the newspaper rep call to offer a rebate on her sacrifice!  So this seems pretty crazy stuff to her!  And then tell her that she can not only get a rebate, but up to 100% rebate – it’s the stuff of a business woman’s wildest fantasy!  (Well, OK – so maybe not the very wildest fantasy – but darn close!)  And then, these last few days, the Duchess gets to check into her AdPacs account summary page and see that she’s getting a whopping 8% rebate is simply amazing!  Now, she knows full well that this kind of rebate won’t last forever, but it sure puts a big smile on her face to be in on such a rare opportunity. 

Mr. Renner holds forth on the different aspects of the program, saying that this is something anybody can do (he says he didn’t even make it through high school, but had to go back for a GED – so if he can do it, you and I can too) and that this is the easiest way he’s ever seen to make money on the internet!   

He also mentions that if one joins at the top level, which is Diamond, he will throw in his three-day MIT class for free (a $2000 value for the class alone).  He also invites the Duchess up to the front of the room to have her share her remarks on her experience in the MIT classes.  She does confirm his comment that the experience is one of those “standing in the fire hose” things – there is so much information that one doesn’t grasp it all at first.  He’s not kidding when he says it’s an intensive session.  But nevertheless, she knows that she has learned a TON about internet marketing since she first took his class back in mid-December.  Putting it all together can be challenging at times, but the fact that this blog is beginning to be noticed in some quarters and even produce some comments (which she happily discovered today) is the proof of the training.  So, even with such  humble efforts as these postings, there is visible progress.  The next MIT training is this coming weekend, so there should be even more progress coming soon! 

So, now the Duchess warmly invites you to check out AdPacs by clicking here.  She encourages you to take action fast, as this amazing opportunity won’t last forever – you might as well come join in on the fun of the ride cuz she can tell you: it’s a blast!

Dreambuilders Club Hosts a Second Presentation by Renner July 28th, 2008

Good afternoon, all!

It’s the Duchess of Earle letting you all know that Steve Renner gave such a great presentation and gave such a great offer to Dreambuilders Club the first time that he was invited to do an encore this week.  He’ll be online as he was before at  When you get to the website, click on ‘enter presentation’ and then follow the prompts, using ‘imtrain’ (without the quotes) as the password.

The fun starts tonight, July 28th, at 6:00 P.M. Central Daylight Time.  If meeting online isn’t your first choice and you’re in the Twin Cities area, come on over to the Embassy Suites on 34th Ave. and I-494 to participate live.  Come meet the Duke and Duchess in person!   Not only that, get in on the fun and profits!

P.S.  You can come a little earlier and have your dinner with us too – the hotel offers a nice perk to Dreambuilders Club members and their guests when they dine with them at Woolley’s.  So come for the good food, stay for the great info and network to market your business to the club members!

Smokin’ AdPacs! July 28th, 2008

How hot is this?!!!!  

The Duchess has taken up a new habit – but we’re not talkin’ smoldering death sticks! :) 

It’s the AdPacs program available through her Internet Marketing training website, .  This morning she finds this posting on her teacher/mentor’s blog:

AdPacs Explodes On The Scene

By Steve Renner | July 28, 2008

Our new AdPacs Online Advertising Service has literally taken the Internet Marketing Community by storm. We have literally Exploded onto the scene with over $100,000 in sales in the first week, and over $50,000 in Commissions, Rebates and Bonuses paid to AdPacs Members.

Minneapolis Aquatennial Fireworks

Minneapolis Aquatennial Fireworks

“My goal is to see 10,000 AdPacs Members earning $10,000
per month in the next 10 Months” – Steve Renner

Don’t you just love that goal he’s got?!  Steve and his team are driving the train and they’re really stokin’ the engine! 

The Duchess can tell you the open secret that AdPacs is not only building fast, but paying very well – it’s paid out at the 8% maximum since it started last week.  So the Duchess can share the not-as-open secret that her AdPacs fortunes are increasing rapidly – they’re really smokin’!!    

So the Duchess cordially invites you to visit her website, sign up, get your advertising purchased and get a really good whiff of that smokin’ rebate stuff!  It’s green!  It’s environmentally safe!  And its fragrance wafts all the way to the bank!  



ASD Rally in Chicago July 22nd, 2008

Well, here we go again – off to another AdSurfDaily Rally.  This is her fourth rally in three months!  The Duchess is turning into quite the jetsetter!  But this time, however, the jets and the TSA are abandoned as she wheels it to the Rally with her friend, Merrn Flavell, the founder of Flavell Online University, in Merryn’s hybrid Ford Escape. 

The expedition begins on Thursday morning in the rain.  The wet stuff really picks up and makes driving a bit hazardous, but we are able to continue in spite of it, though at a slower pace.  A bout with car trouble is, thankfully, resolved quickly.

We hang our hat for two nights at the home of one of her siblings – a very charming home in a picturesque town in one of the seemingly infinite suburbs of Chicago.  On Friday, we give up the notion of the Art Institute and go instead on what turns out to be a very successful day hunting for attire for the Duchess for her son’s impending nuptials (she is the last person in the wedding party to find her fancy duds and has been getting concerned that just the right thing would never be found!).  The important gown is chosen in fairly short order – only had to try on three – at Katy’s in Glen Ellyn’s charming downtown.  A search for footwear ensues at Geishe’s across the street and then at Von Maur’s. 

Please know the Duchess highly recommends Katy’s, the positively lovely ladies’ clothing shop where she found her dress.  Katy and her staff offer friendly service and a very pleasant shopping experience.  Not only do they have the clothing (both everyday and special occasion), but they have accessories as well and they can get items customized – for example, the crystal necklace they suggested can be shortened, a bracelet and earrings ordered to match the necklace and complete the outfit.  Katy also said she was going to market in August and will be looking for the perfect wrap – makes the Duchess feel like a Queen to think she has a personal shopper on scouting duty for the shawl!  All-in-all, it was a grand experience and the Duchess can hardly wait for the treat of visiting there again someday!

After an evening with Joel Osteen (a preacher whose name was previously unfamiliar to the Duchess) at the United Center, we chat and answer questions about ASD with another until two in the morning.  Then the Duchess stays up another hour filling out forms and preparing for the day’s rally.

The morning is filled with meeting others to talk about ASD, going for funds, filling out forms and arrival at the meeting is, surprisingly – given the flurry of activity at the end – only a couple of minutes late for the start.  The hotel’s entry is abuzz, overflowing with people trying to register and folks sitting on the floor with computers and paperwork.   The meeting room is packed, as is an overflow room – so the Duchess and company head for the rooms to transact the business of the day.

As may well be expected by now, the day of the rally turns out a veritable hoard of folks waiting to buy advertising packages.  It is so crowded that the Fire Marshall issues warnings about keeping the halls clear!  Notwithstanding having to go through the main line three times (both for our own sakes and the sake of helping others), the business of the day is successfully accomplished and we set out for home, tired and ready for some more peaceful time in the car.  As Merryn drives, the Duchess calculates the overall financial aspect of the day’s efforts.  The figures are surprising – happily so!  – and we two head for home with a big smile on our faces and a good sense of accomplishment.  We have helped several others take steps to improve their lives  – and bought a beautifully regal dress to boot!

Steve Renner speaks to the Dreambuilders Club July 22nd, 2008

Just east of the famous Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, there is an Embassy Suites hotel – a place with a positive vibe and a staff with a can-do attitude.  In this pleasant atmosphere, the Dreambuilders Club meets each Monday evening throughout this summer.  From time to time, Dreambuilders Club founder, Matthew Sikich, invites speakers to talk with the growing group of club members, in order to share their business and its benefits.  There is networking time built into the evening’s schedule, both before and after the program.  (Oh!  and let’s not forget to mention that dinner at the hotel restaurant, Woolley’s, is available to club members and their guests at a whopping 50% discount!  Tasty stuff, too! :)  )

So this evening, the Duke and Duchess of Earle find a happy blend of two companies with which they are associated in one place at one time.  Steve Renner, their internet marketing guru and mentor these last months, has been invited by Mr. Sikich to be the guest speaker. 

Mr. Renner begins by sharing the post he made today on his blog about Dreambuilders Club and the relationship it has with iNet Global, his new umbrella company that includes all aspects of his varied internet marketing service company.  He is broadcasting live around the world tonight, just as he does on Tuesday evenings – with his faithful right-hand-man, Jonathan Neil, manning the camera. 

As Steve checks Google for the ranking of his posting, the quick-eyed Duke makes a discovery that makes the Duchess quite happy:  he spots her blog as the third listing on the page using Dreambuilders Club as the keyword.  What fun to discover one’s efforts, however humble, are registering with the great Google!  The Duchess even gets a brief moment of recognition from Mr. Renner, Mr. Sikich and the group at large for her efforts.

Back to business, Steve begins sharing his story.  His marketing business is based on his cash cards, a business born of necessity in 2001, when his foriegn subscribers couldn’t get their earnings quickly and easily.  He has grown his business over the years and now it includes many services, which he began to offer to the general public after receiving many requests for making those services available and for mentoring and teaching.  Today those services include IMTrain (internetmarketing training), which includes access to all the following services all in one wonderful membership: Host2Profits (hosting services), SEO Link Network (back links and deep links for your postings), Blogpros (blogs with varied themes on which one can post), V-Shops (a shopping cart and affiliate management service), V-Mail (autoresponder service), V-Webcast (web conferencing service).  And tonight he is unveiling to the Dreambuilders Club and the world his AdPacs company, which he has been building over the last few weeks and tonight is within hours of  launch.

The Duchess can tell you that AdPacs is similar to some other advertisement surfing companies, but Renner’s plan has the benefit of already having a large organization in place, so that the struggles encountered by a company building a large organization in a hurry may well not occur on such a grand scale as other companies are presently facing.     

So, it is shared that an individual can sign up for free, as a subscriber or as a Virtual Internet Partner, or VIP.  There are three levels to the VIP program: Gold, Platinum and Diamond.  One may sign up as a free member and earn their way to membership, because they can earn a 2% commission on the AdPac purchases made by those they introduce to the program.  A regular subscriber can earn 4% commissions on those they bring into the program and 2% on what purchases are made by the people their people bring in.  At Platinum, the commission increases to 8% and 4%, while at the Diamond level, commissions top out at 10% and 5%. 

The different levels of membership include a different number of websites that can be shown.  A freebie can display 3, a subscriber 5, Gold 10, Platinum 15 and a Diamond 20.

The number of sites required for the rebate program varies too:  the free, subscriber and Gold levels are all 24, Platinum is 18 and Diamond 12.  The maximum allowed for viewing on any given day is 72.   All levels can earn rebates up to 100% of the ad package purchase; only the VIPs can earn an additional 25%.  For the freebies, cash can be requested on a weekly basis; all others can ask for cash on a daily basis.  All payouts go into a cash card, so they are usable anywhere around the globe and can be redeemed for the local currency. 

Steve then invites George Flavell (one very sharp cookie) up to the front of the room to share the figures on a spreadsheet and to explain how the spreadsheet works.  Merryn Flavell, George’s bright bride (who has her doctorate in teaching and is launching her own online international university), then invites the Duchess to get up to discuss a hypothetical situation about how one’s advertising purchases and earnings can grow quickly. 

As the AdPacs business launches, there will be a match for purchases made through August 15th.  The Duchess finds she needs a bit of clarification on the percentages for the match before she publishes them, so will wait for this evening’s meeting in Renner’s own offices to get the question answered.

At the conclusion of Mr. Renner’s remarks, he makes a generous offer to the Dreambuilders Club members to encourage them to participate in his AdPacs launch and then, a break is taken before the second half of the meeting begins.

During the second half of the meeting, Mr. Sikich introduces a couple of folks new to Dreambuilders Club:  John Tshohl, whose company “trains people to be nice” when serving customers of a business.  He offers a 30% discount to Dreambuilders Club members. 

Then creative club member Les LaMotte is invited to introduce his two guests, Darin Schultz and Aaron “I-didn’t-catch-his-last-name-and-didn’t-get-to-talk-with-him-afterwards”.  Mr. Schultz has a new invention called the 4DSnowbike – a crazy-looking bicycle contraption with wheels and skis.  He is even going to offer a limited edition Dreambuilders Club version of the vehicle, available only to club members.  (The Duchess and Duke’s Colorado-based water-and-snow-sports-minded nephew immediately leaps to thought.  He’ll LOVE this – it looks right up his alley!)  And then Mr. Aaron, he of the unknown last name, is introduced.  He labels himself an aspiring entrepreneur with an IT background and says he has a media production company.  This time it is the Duke and Duchess’ own son that leaps to mind, as he loves to work with both audio and visual media.

Well, that’s a wrap for this evening.  The Duchess will surely be reporting in on Tuesday evening’s events, so watch for the next posting. 

AdPacs is Coming Soon July 15th, 2008

Tuesday evening finds the Duchess of Earle madly scrambling to get to Steve Renner‘s office in the wake of multiple meetings in her afternoon.  Her sweet Duke meets her at the meeting room with her computer, two tasty pieces of cold (homemade) leftover pizza for her dinner and a couple of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies for dessert.  So she sets up her computer and sits down to her meal with a sidedish of Renner’s recent recipes for internet marketing success.

Renner’s company pioneered changing cash into cash/debit cards that could be easily transformed into cash locally for anyone nearly anywhere in the world.  When the company they were using for the conversion service went out of business, Steve, the Master of “Model and Swipe,” figured out what they’d been doing and reverse engineered it.  So over the years, he’s built it into a sizable business. 

 He’s been involved primarily on the back end of the internet business, but now is coming forth to teach others what he does – how he gets paid handsomely for “basically goofing around on the internet” all day.

He started with an affiliate program, but realized that affiliate marketing was really only one part of internet marketing.  So he launched IM Train and all its related services, catering to internet marketers – as is illustrated with his webcast service, V-Webcast.  But he realized that with all his services, that they were too strung out.  Therefore he decided to put them under an umbrella organization.  That was a Sunday – and by Tuesday he had the announcement of  He had to negotiate for that domain name, but was successful in getting the name he wanted.  So now there is IMTrain, SEO Links Network, Host 2 Profits (backed by their company V-Webs), Blogpros, V-Shops, V-Mail (autoresponder services), V-WebCast.   Membership in his iNetGlobal company gives one access to Steve and all the services and resources he offers, even including private label products.  And they add more and more benefits all the time, even offering such things as Microsoft Certified Professional training.   

The services are state the art, Renner says, and have 14 servers working for their system.

CPanel hosting is available, which is the easiest way for novices to run their website.

Premium Hosting Services are standard with Host2Profits:  phpBB, WordPress, Portals/CMS (Content Management Systems including Mambo and Drupal), Moodle, Joomla, Noah’s Classified, Open-Realty, PhpAdsNew, PHP auction, phpCOIN, calendars, schedulers, support tickets, Logic Helpdesk, Image Galleries, Website Builder, such as Template Express, Mailing List software, Wiki, Project Management, etc, etc. etc!!!  This list, which goes on and on, and is still being added to, can be found at   

So what does all this cost a subscriber?  One must pay a LOT with all those benefits!  But in truth, it’s a basement bargain price of $39.95 per month, after the initial startup charge of $59.95.  What a steal of a deal! 

One of the most basic tools of internet marketing is TRAFFIC, he says as he continues.  It’s important to get pairs of eyeballs looking at your ads.  So now he is adding a new service to his empire and it’s called AdPacs.  It’s a bit like pay per click (PPC) ads, though certainly different. 

Steve mentions John Reese, “a very sharp marketer” who has been marketing a product called Traffic Secrets 2.0.  Steve targeted some keywords that might not be the top words for the product and – bingo! – he was able to be listed on the first page, right under the two listings that belong to Reese himself. 

Mr. Renner also figured that people might well be looking for Reese’s videos, so he posted some for that as well. 

 Last year over $21 Billion was spent on internet advertising.  So, pure and simple, internet advertising is big business.

People pay good money to place the pay per click (PPC) ads, but the advertising company never pays you back for spending your money with them.  The company just wants more funds when your ad budget is spent.  BUT now, with the AdPacs program, you and I can earn up to 100% of your purchases back.  If you’ve met certain criteria, you can also earn an additional 25%. 

One can start for free at the start and show up to three sites, surf up to 72 sites per day.  As a free member, one can earn commissions of 2% on ad business they bring it.  Once one sigins up as a subscriber, the commission rises to 4% on one’s first level and now expends to the second level with a 2% commission.  There are three VIP levels as things go up the line. 

As one earns, their funds go into a cash card account. 

Subscribers that bring aboard other subscribers can earn another income stream from the subscription fees.  This provides a residual income.  This also gets paid through the cash card.

Then along comes the VIP (Virtual Internet Partner) program, where one can private label the business.  The Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels each have benefits.  The VIP level offers an additional income stream, because one can offer the VIP program in their marketing.  It’s more than the Duchess is going to spell out here, but rest assured that it paints a pretty picture of what one could actually earn. 

Sooo, here is the AdPacs presentation:  One can advertise their website, generate more traffice, more leads, more sales, and at the same time, earn rebates and bonuses. 

AdPacs pays rebates (thought it does not guarantee them – this depends on company sales) on every dollar one spends on advertising in a cooperative network.  There is the potential to make money five ways:  surf for credits, advertise your website, 2-tier referral bonuses (from 2-10% commissions on what others purchase from you), rebates and bonuses (up to 125%), VIP private label opportunities. 

About the surfing of your site by others:  It’s 100% guaranteed that one will get hits on one’s website for $1.00 per ad credit.  This by itself is a great advertising value.

About advertising your website:  Make more sales and generate more leads for your business.   One can buy more ad pacs – up to $60K per month.  One must be a subscriber to buy ad pacs for $1.00, which is wholesale.  Free members can buy ad pacs at retail, whcih is $2.00 per ad.

About rebates and bonuses:  These are earned by rebates on your purchases and the bonuses for being a strategic partner (the VIP progam).

Free member earns 2% commission

Subscriber earns 4%/2%

Gold VP earns 5%/4%

Platinum VIP earns 8%/4%

Diamond VIP earns 10%/5%

Ability to show websites ranges from 3 for a free member to 20 sites for a Diamond.

Min. purchase is $20.00.  Average return will be 1%, with a cap or 8%.  In the beginning, the returns will be more. 

Now George Flavell, Steve’s CEO of the AdPacs program, sits down and holds forth on the spreadsheet and how the numbers of the program work.

Questions and answers are invited.

Steve is offering ad pacs to those that sign up for the VIP program and matching of funds they spend on ads. 

They hope to launch within the next week, so get your funds in place!

An extra bonus: those that are already signed up in Steve’s program are going to be blessed with ad pacs!  WOW!!  This news is certainly music to the Duchess’ ears!  Thanks, Steve!

The Duke and Duchess share the AdPacs BIG NEWS with YOU July 10th, 2008

Good evening, Everybody!

We are once again ensconced in Steve Renner’s meeting room.  He is telling his story – how he got started in internet marketing, including his cash card service, which allows people to get their funds in their own country’s coinage.  His desire to help others grew from assisting one person at a time to launching a program that can help many.  They started out as The Affiliate Community (TAC) and a number of months ago, changed the name to Internet Marketing Training, or IM Train.  (Check it out by clicking here.) IM Train includes a viral marketing system and the opportunity for people to have their own business private labeling the services IM Train offers.  They set up Host2Profits for hosting services, then an autoresponder service called V-Mail.  Then came SEO Links Network, Blogpros, a virtual webcast service called V-Webcast.  Shopping cart services (V-Shops), merchant accounts are also available.  There is also an affiliate program built in to V-Shops, which also has an autoresponder built into it.  Tonight Steve is unveiling his newest program, which is called  It’s a web advertising company and is going directly into competition with another company that is experiencing great success and rapid growth. 

Steve did some research on the subject and learned that last year $21 billion was spent on internet advertising, which is up from $16 billion the previous year.  This year is already ahead of last year’s pace.

He says that they needed a name for their universe of programs – this came out of a discussion in the last MIT class.  So he chose the name and it has become his umbrella organization for IMTrain, SeoLink, Host2Profits,, V-Mail, V-WebCast and now, AdPacs.  He is also in the process of applying to the State of Minnesota for a college level degree in Internet Marketing (then the classes will cost a lot more than they do now!).

He mentions Drupal as a good program to run a website on – one that doesn’t require knowledge of html.  Joomla is a membership site and you can create your own membership site using this program.  There can even be different levels of membership for differing membership fees.  One of the students comments that Joomla is really much more than a membership site – it can do much, much more.  Moodle is a system to set up educational system that is very pricey – once again, included in Renner’s programs.  Open-Realty is a free tool for the real estate professional.  Help Center Live is a support tracking communication system for those that have websites and need to manage messages to the support staff.  PHProjekt is a project managing system for tasks and groups.  All these are just a sample of what’s available in the Host2Profits service.

Conversation now goes to SEO Links Network.  Steve talks about how there are link brokers, the same as there are real estate brokers.  They market links to companies that want to have good page-ranked links coming back to their sites.  Not only are there links availabe, but there is the opportunity to get deep links back to a site as well, which is a good thing so far as search engines are concerned. 

Next up is discussion about a posting Steve made on about a young man making $5-6K per day marketing stuff through Clickbank.  He draws a diagram of the activity flow and demonstrates how he has worked to promote marketing the Google Nemesis video review from his blog. 

John Reese and his Traffic Secrets 2.0 product comes up in the discussion.  He was the first one to market a million dollars worth of product in one day.  So now Steve is now promoing work on this product too.  The original product was discontinued after eight years because he’s just coming out with the new version.   

Back on the IM Train track, Steve launches into the AdPacs presentation. 

A quick question from one of the students:  Does V-Shops support downloading ebooks?  The answer is yes.

Back to AdPacs…A member must look at 24-30 sites per day in order to get credits to show their own sites.  One can make money for surfing sites and also by advertising one’s own site, so the system is getting traffic to the site.  Make money again by referring other people: can make up to 10% commissions on your first level, up to 5% on the second level.  There are also rebates up to 100% and 25% in bonuses if you buy at least $20 per month.  You can also make money a fifth way by private labeling your own advertising system, which allows you to keep the earnings yourself.  This is done through the VIP program that is through IMTrain.  Diamond VIPs, the top level, will make 10% on AdPac sales commissions. 

Steve introduced George Flavell, who is the VP in charge of AdPacs and is spearheading Ad Pacs.  George and Steve together presented the chart that shows the ways to participate and the earnings from those levels.  Then George presented a spreadsheet that shows how the funds can grow, how the ad packages expire and can be repurchased and start to grow all over again.  There is also the ability to roll funds back in on a daily basis, so that they compound faster.  A visit to the site was next on the list, so that everyone can see how to surf, to add sites, allocate credits, add banners, etc. 

The goal with all this is to support the students’ attempts to make money online and help them get their own businesses rolling ASAP.

The next MIT will be held the first week of August. 

A nice surprise for existing and new Diamond VIPs:  There will be a ticket for the MIT included and Diamonds will receive 1000 AdPacs and 100% of whatever amount they buy in AdPacs.  Platinums will get 500 AdPacs and 50% of purchases; Golds will get 250 AdPacs and 25% of purchases.

No funds are being accepted yet, but check for that next week.

Well, that’s a wrap on an evening with an exciting revelations!  The Duke and Duchess head for their carriage and the ride home.