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The Duchess’ efforts bear fruit – and it’s International! August 29th, 2008

Well, the Duchess is happily musing tonight, comparing her blog to a tree and the blog posts to leaves on the tree.  And it suits her sense of humor to share with her readers her recent discovery that her little “blogtree” has borne “blogfruit,” and, in doing so, has made her iNetGlobal and AdPacs organization international!  How so?  Someone from the United Kingdom signed up for the program the Duchess offers and it is indeed a pleasant revelation that this event came through her beginners’ efforts at blogging.  What fun to realize that, from here in her little library office, what she is learning from Steve Renner’s training is actually reaching others around the globe!  Thanks to Mr. Renner for all the encouragement and the teaching!  It works! :)  To borrow from that Englishman Mr. Dickens: “What larks, Pip!”  This is fun!

Renner shares some news August 26th, 2008

Well, the Duchess has arrived solo this evening, as the Duke is off tending to his malfunctioning four-function printer – and then, a client’s leather sofa cushions

Steve Renner arrives laden with goodies and bottles of water.  Oooo!  He has macaroons tonight!  Guess the Duchess will have to break down and have a cookie!

After a bit of a tussle getting the technology in working order, Mr. Renner begins the broadcast, saying that he started out ten years ago offering free products on the internet.  He set his program up so that it would be viral in nature and grow rapidly.  His company has signed up 250,000 as members in those years and have generated nigh onto $65,000,000 in online business.  (Not bad for a construction worker, huh?)

Due to requests received from others interested in learning how he has built his business, he has now distilled all that he has learned into his new umbrella organization, called iNetGlobal.  This includes his Millionaire Internet Training, or MIT, which is a three-day workshop for internet marketers.  Once his students get educated to his methods, they can compete effectively for online business. 

The biggest question he gets from students and clients is:  How can I increase traffic to my site?  The key is to attract more people to your website.  Many systems are required in order to make this work – website, autoresponder, SEO linking, site hosting, online payment service, webcasting services, etc.  They are all available in a package for the very reasonable cost of $39.95 per month, with the exception of the V-Shops (shopping cart and affiliate program) and the V-Webcast system. 

He started teaching with The Affiliate Community (TAC) and then it took on a life of its own and wound up becoming IMTrain (Internet Marketing Training).  This led to his applying to the State of Minnesota for a college-level degree in internet marketing – the first of its kind offered anywhere, on or off line. 

There is software for running your own help desk, different types of shopping carts, etc.  He mentions V-Mail, the autoresponder service that is included, and which Steve says is “the bomb!”  Linking strategy is a big key to getting links back to your site.  This used to be easy and cheap, but nowadays it costs money.  Link brokerage is big business these days, as these are companies that charge for good links back to your website.  Renner’s service not only offers links, but also five deep links per month are included.  They offer 17 directories with six links back to your site.    Blogpros network gets your content out there where more people can locate your business.  With Blogpros, you can cut and paste snippets of postings onto your blog and then get hundreds of links back to your site, which will certainly increase the activity to your site.  He also goes over the services of V-Shops and V-Webcast.  Last, but not least, is the online advertising service, AdPacs. 

There are three ways to get more traffic to your website:  buy it, borrow it or “steal” it, he says.  Now the “stealing” isn’t the illegal kind of theft – it’s positioning your site on the web such that you jump in front of other’s ads and reroute the traffic to your own site.

With AdPacs, he has created a simple and affordable way to help you get traffic to your website.

Now he settles into a chair to go over the AdPacs program.  This is a permission-based advertising network. Load your sites up to the program and you will get activity right away by virtue of the fact that other network members are viewing advertisements online.  Keyword search is a new thing to AdPacs.  He encourages advertisers to edit your site and load the keywords into the system, so that people can find your information by searching for it.  Renner goes on to illustrate how to surf in the rotator. 

There is a new content network coming out.  It has text ads, called PTC – pay to click ads.  One can become a publisher and download the ‘widgets’ and run ads on the internet – outside the permission-based system of AdPacs.  This program will launch September 15th and he predicts that there will be a half million advertisers within the first couple of weeks because people like to get paid!  Anyone that is a member of iNetGlobal can be a publisher – it’s part of the membership. 

Next he has something else that he is ready to announce: his own search engine.  He expects this to launch right around the same time as the content network.  One will get credit for searching on the search engine.  This search engine is geared more toward the little guy, whereas that huge search engine that shall remain nameless herein is geared toward big business. 

So how can we make money with iNetGlobal? 

There is a distributor opportunity.  There is a kit that one can purchase, which gives access to the back office for a year.  One can use Cash Cards International to get paid – and be able to get paid most anywhere in the world in local currency. 

When a distributor brings in a new member, they earn $20 fast start bonus.  The other way to make money is to get earnings on the members’ monthly membership fee.  They also plan to introduce an affiliate program, so that people can earn a one-time fee for bringing in a new member. 

Membership is at four different levels:  Home Business is $39.95/month; the Marketer’s package gets autoresponder thrown in for $59.95/mo.; Corporate membership gets Blogpros added on for $79.95/no and aathe Enterprise level gets the whole package for $99.95/mo.  Through the end of this year, members can be grandfathered into the Enterprise level package for $39.95/mo.

Now he figures out what the address of his new search engine and gives the group a preview of what is happening with the new search engine.  The spiders started searching the web yesterday and are able to search about 4,000,000 page per hour.

He pauses here to answer questions from those in the room and online on the webcast.  Solid Trust Pay and Liberty Reserve are the only digital currencies they accept at this point. 

On to the marketing program…  The distributor kit is $50.

VIPs earn that level by sponsoring 3 distributors and $2000 sales volume in a calendar month.  As a VIP, one starts as a Gold and is required to have $100/mo. in sales – either by ones’ own purchases or the purchases of one’s group. 

Distributors earn 25%, so a Gold VIP overrides the distributors by 5%.  Once the Gold has three first level active Gold VIPs, he moves to Platinum level.  Overrides at that level are 10%.   To move to Diamond, one needs three Platinums fully qualified, so they override at 15%.  Once you ohave three fully qualified Diamonds, you move up to Blue Diamond and this earns you 2% override on their entire groups down two levels.  There are more details to this program than the Duchess can clearly relate here, but rest assured, it’s a nice program and one can earn well with a performing organization.  That makes the Duchess smile, because he organization is beginning to take off. :) :) :)

If you have purchased anything in the Renner program, you are already a distributor.  Once the website is altered and the distributor kit appears, one must purchase the distributor kit. 

There is a Rally in Houston on September 6th.  Friday night there will be a meeting for the VIPs at 6:30.  At 7:30, the meeting will be opened up for everyone to network until – whenever.  Special guest speakers include Ken Seto, Dr. Jim Will, Warren Whitlock.  There will be another party Saturday night –  a big blowout, he says. 

There are more questions to be answered, so Steve does that.  But now it’s nearly ten o’clock and time to wrap up for the evening.

During the course of this evening, the Duchess has taken a look at the stats for her blog – and she is surprised to see that a keyword search for this blog was ‘adpacs scam.’  The Duchess can assure you this is not a scam – it’s a real retail business.  Come check it out!

Well, that’s a wrap for tonight!  Sweet dreams to you all from the Duchess!            

The Duchess visits the American Swedish Institute August 25th, 2008

This was a positively lovely day in the Twin Cities – sunny, not too warm and not muggy.  It was a great day for a picnic (which we had for lunch today) and a nice day for a fun little junket with relatives (including the Duchess’ niece, affectionately known as Miss Emilita) to the American Swedish Institute, located at 2600 Park Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This is a pilgrimage made every so often in the Duchess’ life, as her mother is (an American-born) full-blooded Swede.  The trip was made this day because ten-year-old Miss Emilita was in town for a visit and, therefore, it had been deemed by Grandmama that Miss Emilita, thoroughly schooled in the Irishness of her father’s maternal side, needed some measure of acquaintance with the Swedish heritage on her mother’s enate side.  So off we all went – Miss Emilita, Grandmama, Grandpapa and Aunty Duchess.

Given the Duchess’ recent search for a gown appropriate for a Mother of the Groom – and having found one she felt worthy of wearing to meet a queen (this discussion having already been held the previous month with Merryn Flavell as the Duchess purchased that most wonderful dress she wrote of earlier in this weblog), she was most interested to discover that the Institute now has on display some of the personal attire of Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden.  Both the Duchess and little Miss Emilita found this the most enjoyable aspect of the tour of the premises today (though there certainly is much of interest there beyond just the dresses).  The fact that there were photos of the Queen wearing each dress and, in several instances, mirrors placed behind the dresses so as to allow the viewer a peek at the backside design elements greatly enhanced the experience.  An animated discussion followed in the car on the way home about what was liked most – and least – of the display.  Note was also taken – since Miss Emilita and the Duchess are cut from the same cloth such as to be great appreciators of beautiful jewelry – of the necklaces and crowns worn on these high state occasions.  All-in-all, it was a rare treat to get a peek at these things, no doubt about it.

After the talk on the way home about likes and dislikes, the Duchess perused the copy of the ASI Posten, the newsletter she had been given by a volunteer just before leaving the mansion.  President and CEO Bruce Karstadt had a column just inside the front cover, wherein the Duchess learned some impressive things about what’s behind the display of stunning, high-fashion royal dresses.

Mr. Karstadt discusses the fact that Swedish culture places much emphasis on the welfare of children and families – including assisting vulnerable or explioted children.  He says, “…H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden has felt a compelling need to address “the social, emotional and material poverty of children around the world” through her World Childhood Foundation (WCF), which supports more than 100 programs in fourteen countries.  Its mission is to help children have the opportunities to develop into strong, secure and responsible humans.”

Further on, he writes:  “This work takes place in all parts of the world, including Minneapolis, where WCF lends its assistance to two key organizations, The Bridge and Youthlink.  You would be shocked to learn of the degree to which youth in Minneapolis need crisis intervention to prevent them from being explioted or trafficked.  Thankfully, WCF and its major local supporters, The Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation and Carlson Companies, are lending their strong support to our youth in crisis. 

“One of our goals through the presentation of this summer’s stunning exhibit of Queen Silvia’s gown is to give greater visibility to the humanitarian work of Her Majesty and her foundation.  You can find the information as part of the exhibit, or go to the World Childhood Foundation‘s website (  This offers yet another example of why I take such deep pride in Sweden and its Royal Family.”

Well, the Duchess had no idea what the purpose behind the display of gorgeous dresses was until that moment, but can say she felt impressed with the cause espoused by the good Queen – and also with the fact that the Queen’s supporting arm arm even reaches all the way from Sweden to Minneapolis to help the youth right here in our own backyard.  It opened the Duchess’ eyes about the importance of this organization and the work that it does.  She had always thought it a nice thing to preserve the record of the ethnic heritage, but had not formerly seen the larger scope of the work it does.  So the Queen’s purpose of raising awareness of the work of her foundation was completely fulfilled today – and all through the international language of fine fabric, creative design, vibrant color, beads and pearls. 

The Duchess’ only regret in all this is the discovery that she missed the fun of the “Fit For a Queen” tours, which included a program about Swedish royal etiquette, the Nobel Prize festivities and what is billed as Sweden’s favorite dessert, a confection they call “princess cake.”  (She’d give you the Swedish word for it, which actually looks more like “princess tart,” but WordPress doesn’t have the kind of type that will give the necessary letters, since one of them is supposed to have that little ‘o’ over it.)  But nevertheless, the princess cake is described as a “light sponge cake filled with cream and raspberry jam, wrapped in a delicious marzipan icing.”  They had her at the raspberries – so she is left wondering if there is ever hope for a repeat of the performance.  That would be something the Duchess wouldn’t want to miss! 

The raspberry jam suddenly brings to mind her great Aunt Ethel’s trick for filling Swedish pancakes:  she’d whip cream, fold in either fresh fruit or jam, and then roll up the almost paper-thin pancake around a chubby strand of the fruity cream.  Ooooh!  Was that good!

But the Duchess digresses!  She writes tonight for the purpose of encouraging you to visit the Queen’s collection of elegant frocks while they’re still at the ASI (the display continues through September 28th) and to acquaint you with the World Childhood Foundation’s efforts to assist children and families, a service for which there is certainly a huge need all over the world. 

G’night for now!

The Duchess

Renner moves to Cambria Suites tonight August 19th, 2008

The Duke and Duchess went to the office building as usual, but found a note sending them to the Cambria Suites hotel across the parking lot.  So off they went in search of the new spot.

The find a spacious room, with covered tables in a U shape.  They also find some new faces – several, as a matter of fact.  Two of them are particularly waiting for the Duchess, in order to get some training on how iNet Global and AdPacs work.

Steve Renner, Jonathan Neil and George Flavell arrive, laden with electronic gear and also treats for the group of about twenty people.  Things are quickly set up and we’re rolling.

Mr. Renner starts by saying everyone always asks him how they can increase the traffic to their website.  There are three ways, he says, to do so:  buy the advertising, borrow it by getting affiliates, or “steal” it – nothing illegal here, but he proposes to go onto the internet and position yourself so as to capture the activity. 

He invites remarks by the Duchess at this point, as he illustrates how his students progress.  The Duchess herself didn’t know her right hand from her left, so far as internet marketing went, when she came aboard.  But she’s made a lot of progress in the months since December’s first class.  He asks if she’s making money online through iNetGlobal and AdPacs and she responds in the affirmative.  He asks if she’s making money every day and she offers an enthusiastic, “Yes!” 

Steve asks if anybody in the room has a website and we visit, where Elizabeth J. Kennedy displays her lovely artwork.  Everybody is impressed with her paintings!  She is asked if it costs her anything to have this site up and she answers in the affirmative.  Steve says what he sees when he looks at a website is money.  It’s the money that is being charged for creating, maintaining the website, driving traffic to it.

iNet Global costs $39.95 per month, plus a one-time set-up fee of $20.  The sponsor earns $20 for bringing in a new person and then $10 per month for every month that person maintains their membership. 

There is also an affiliate program, which is free to sign up for.  The earnings are not as good, but are certainly there.

The VIP program is the upper level of the compensation plan.  This aspect of the program allows higher earnings and the ability to create a regular income stream.

Now he launches into discussing the AdPacs program, which offers an extremely affordable way for companies to offer advertising.  AdPacs offers rebates up to 100% of your advertising cost – which Renner equates to another version of “stealing” the website traffic.  This is a permission-based advertising network.  The big news this evening is that there will soon be a search feature aspect to the surfing.  This means that if a person wants to see sites relating to a specific topics, such as travel or sports, they can ask the rotator to offer only those things that present that type of site.  There will also eventually be searching by postal code or locality.  After they do this from the viewer’s perspective, then they will do it from a company’s perspective, so that business owners can target specific areas, such as cities, states or countries.

Steve emphasizes the fact that AdPacs pays every single day.  Then he asks how many people in the room have been associated with him for any length of time.  The time frame ranges from a few days to several months.  Asking for a show of hands, he finds that 12 people in the room fit the bill.  Then he asks how many are making money online yet.  Of the 12, ten raise their hands.  He points out the need to take action and get your site up there and get it earning.  One of the ladies in the room admits to not having made any money yet because she’s waiting for her site to be perfect, so Steve urges her not to wait another minute to get her site up and running.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just up there!

Steve shows what he did in Atlanta to get control of the info on the Successs Mastery Seminar last weekend.  He really climbed all over the first page of promotional materials – even overpowering Barry Donalson‘s own promotion – and he did it inside of 17 minutes.   This was pretty impressive to a lot of folks in the room, as the Duchess can personally attest.  She signed up a fellow that was most enthused about that neat trick!

Steve fields questions on various topics, mostly focused on the ins and outs of the distributor packages. 

Well, that’s a wrap for the evening.  Take care, everybody – and the Duchess will be back with more soon!


If you’re having trouble getting onto the Renner webcast this evening, go to the, scroll down below the fold and on the left you’ll find the link to the broadcast.  There has been a bit of trouble with folks’ ability to get into the broadcasts of late.  That should circumvent the issue.  C’mon in for the fun, the learning and the earning!

The Duchess

Hot Opportunity on a Summer Night with Renner August 13th, 2008

The Duke and Duchess are back at Steve Renner’s meeting room this Tuesday evening, along with a small hoard of folks – both in person and online.  There’s a lot of good stuff goin’ on around here and it’s drawing lots of attention.  The Duchess is happy to share with you the comments and events of the evening:

Steve starts out the evening by telling the tale of his interest in computers back in 1998.  He traded his labor to paint a fellow’s house and earned a computer in the process.  What he got would certainly be considered a boat anchor today, but that was his start. 

He decided to found a company that gave away things for free and got a .net domain, because he wanted to be a service provider.  He got his own T-1 server, then got some fellows to help him provide a free email service.  Next he found a way to offer free websites.  Then came tracking info, followed by internet access under the domain  He had all manner of freebies – but the hook was that to get the free stuff, they had to sign up.  So that built him a sizeable list. 

He attended multi-level marketing meetings, where he learned about affiliate programs.  The result was his first foray into earning money online.  He pioneered what he calls hybrid marketing: a combination of internet marketing and multilevel marketing.  He says he hadn’t really told anybody about what he was up to yet, but someone had been talking because he began to get requests for his services.    He relates how he had his email set to chime when someone signed up.  He was sitting there with his bride, Patty, watching television, when the first chime sounded.  Pretty soon there was another chime, then another and another – and then they started coming rapid fire 24/7  – and he signed up 10,000 people the first week!  It melted the server like wax and he had to hire a fellow to sit up round the clock until he got the system back up and running.  The work done was good and has held: in the years since, his sites have been down no more than about 20 minutes. 

Because of the issue of paying people around the world, he dreamed up the idea of a company cash card to offer his affiliates.  They had to invent a system that would take the money, load it onto the card and make it accessible nearly anywhere in the world.  Doesn’t sound that novel an idea today, but it was back then. 

The business expanded beyond just his affiliates into the world at large and has turned into such a huge international business that it is the foundation of his entire marketing empire today.

Then a couple of years ago, people began to ask for assistance in getting their own businesses launched and marketing on the internet.  So, Steve began to teach about the services he offers and how to use them.  In providing services, he started with email responders.  Then he added multiple services, modeled after Google, but that have some twists to them.  He offers a large suite of products, which he keeps expanding:  Host2Profist web hosting, SEOLink, V-Mail, Blogpros, etc. – all of them are included with the membership in his new umbrella organization, iNetGlobal, at $39.95 per month.  Available in addition to the other products are two that require further reasonable fees: V-Shops (shopping cart and affiliate service) and V-Webcast, which is for airing meetings such as the one streaming onto the internet as the Duchess types away.

Renner’s program offers the opportunity to sign up free, as a subscriber, or as a VIP (Vitual Internet Partner).  This latter part of the program has four levels:  Gold is the entry level, then Platinum, followed by Diamond and Blue Diamond. 

People often ask him how they can increase traffic to their websites – and his answer to that question is AdPacs, his newest program, which he describes as as permission-based advertising service.  Average conversion rate is 2% on one’s website.  Advertising online can be expensive, especially if you want to be on page 1.  But who’s going to see you on page 2, so  Page 1 is where you want to be!

Many companies will spend a fortune on ads without knowing what they’re doing.  If the conversion to sales isn’t there, they wind up with nothing to show for their investment in ads. 

Some say banner ads are dead, but Renner says this just isn’t so.  He knows people that are making abundant income using banner ads.

But the easiest, simplest way to get traffic to one’s site is to buy it.  This leads into the AdPacs presentation…  He shows the group a blog post that he has composed and how he links to the websites.  He makes note of the time as being 8:28 PM.  By 8:34 he has the posting launched.  Then he decides to add a graphic, since Google likes graphics.  He selects an AdPacs graphic and titles it with the same title as his blog post.  He’s all done by 8:35, saying we’ll come back in a few minutes to see how quickly it has shown up online.

Tonight he is announcing a content network and also a publisher network, which is like Google’s AdSense.  He predicts that blogs around the world will have a little note at the bottom that says, Advertising by AdPacs, the way many ads now say they are from Google.  Launch of this new branch of the Renner internet marketing tree is scheduled for September 15 of this year.

Going back to the topic of AdPacs, he lays out the program and the earnings, which are all on a chart the Duchess regrets she is unable to reproduce here.  Suffice it to say that it’s a good looking program. :) 

Then asks the time – which is about 8:55.  He goes online to check the location of the blogpost he put out a few minutes ago.  It hasn’t shown up yet, but his post from this morning is sitting in the second position on the webpage.  He’s glad to see it there, but he says he should have the top spot and the first few under that – and with a little effort, he can surely accomplish that, the Duchess well knows!  Some of the newbies in the group are amazed and ask how that can possibly be done.  The Duchess pipes up and says, “It’s magic!” :)  Renner invites the questioners to his next MIT class to learn how to work that little trick.

Time for a break to conduct the business of signing attendees up in the program.  It’s a productive evening for everyone – and, upon her return to her castle, the Duchess is pleased to find her downline growing nicely, especially given all the new names the day’s activities have brought. 

Time to roust herself off the chair and up the stairs to the bed chamber.  The Duchess seems to have a knack for getting embroiled in editing and refining her compositions and never getting around to some shuteye time.  So here it is ten past two on Wednesday morning – the time has certainly come to put away the toothpicks and find the pillow.  Sweet dreams, all! 


Online Education is Hot Item August 13th, 2008

This item caught the Duchess’ eye as she surfed the internet in the wee hours of the morning… 

Why online college is rocking:
1) Convenient   2) Some employers pay tuition   3) Higher salary with higher degree

This, of course, brings to mind the Duchess’ friend, Merryn Flavell, who founded the first online university based on the Great Books

The Duchess was privileged to participate in the twice-delayed Spring Conference of Flavell International University this past Sunday afternoon.  It was a pleasure to meet some of the faculty, have a tasty lunch and the opportunity to get acquainted with both the staff and a visiting African student.  There is much stirring in this small, but growing school.  Watch for big progress in the coming weeks, as a new recruiter brings in more students on a local level. 

The Duchess expects she will soon have a website up to offer this unique opportunity to those seeking online education.  Watch for it! :)

Tuesday Evening is Packed – AdPac-ed! August 5th, 2008

The Duchess arrives late to the meeting this evening, since she was at the Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association  (MNREIA) meeting – where they were discussing marketing real estate on the internet.  President Mike Jacka was presenting to the members about having a website for their real estate business, all provided by MNREIA.

So now she has scrambled her way from northeast Minneapolis, around the nearly-complete new Interstate 35W bridge, down to the southside suburb of Bloomington to Steve Renner’s meeting, where Steve is presenting his iNetGlobal opportunity, including his new AdPacs to a packed room – they’re even standing in the hallway outside the door!  Faces familiar and not familiar fill the room – some that were in our MIT class this past weekend, some that the students have invited, to hear what’s happening in Steve’s organization.

The Duchess is left wondering how many there are on the internet with us this evening…  In any event, it’s a great turnout!

Steve invites students that are Diamond VIPs to come to the front to share something of their stories.  All testify to making money under iNetGlobal programs and offer their appreciation for the progress they’ve made and the lessons learned under Steve’s tutelage.

Steve mentions that he went to check the placement of his blog posts this morning – and, much to his surprise – found the Duchess’ posting about his blog listed first on the page!  He confides to the listeners that the Duchess didn’t know a thing about internet marketing when she started last December, but just look at the progress she’s made!  So, on the one hand, he was quite pleased that his student was doing so well as to have a listing at the top of the page, but he admitted he told himself that things just couldn’t stay that way – after all, it’s his blog and he should have the top spot. (!)  So he got busy posting some items, and by this evening, the Duchess’ listing is down at number 8 – but she has to admit she’s delighted to see it’s still there on the first page. :)

…Here’s where the Duchess’ recordings for the evening end, however – even though more occurred this evening.  She got a phone call from an iNetGlobal/AdPacs prospect and felt the need to leave the room to take the call.  It took quite a chunk out of the rest of the evening answering his questions. 

So, thus endeth the Duchess’ epistle for the 5th of August, 2008.  More later, of course!

The Duchess Picks up on Renner’s MIT Class Remarks August 4th, 2008

Well, the Duchess sits down to work on her blog today and sees that our Guru Renner has posted about the MIT wrapup yesterday.  He writes:

“What an Awesome weekend. 24 Students for MIT and we Rocked!  3 straight days of Hands-On Internet Marketing Training. WOW!

“This is one of the Best MIT groups yet. They just keep getting better and better. My MIT is now the foundation for a college level course on Internet Marketing. Students from around the world will soon be able to get an AA or Bachelor of Science Degree in Internet Marketing from RENNER Internet Marketing University!

“Watch for upcoming news later today on the 1st AdPacs Rally in Atlanta, GA August 16-17th!”

 There you have it – the confirmation of the word that his Internet Marketing University is in the works! 

The Duchess must say what a privilege it was to be part of the class!  Thanks to Steve, George and Jonathan – and all the Renner team.  We had a good weekend and learned a lot!  The Duchess invites you all to consider joining in the fun the next time around – tell Steve the Duchess sent you!

Flavell International University August 4th, 2008

The Duchess received a letter from Merryn Flavell, founder of Flavell International University, this morning.  She was initially surprised to see herself included in what to her seemed like a more internal memo – didn’t really think of herself as part of the team – but now knows that she is, even if  not on directly on staff. :)  (The Duchess and Merryn have been talking for some time now about the need for some sort of link between this blog and the FIU website and about the Duchess offering the FIU educational experience through her website – and it looks as though that will be brought to pass here shortly, so stay tuned for more info.) 

Reading down into the long note, she found these comments to the FIU staff:

“Julia has really done a great job on her blog, the Duchess of Earle.  Do a Google seach and it will come up.  We are launching a departmental blog for each FIU department this week…  Julia already has over 100 hits a month on her blog from several different countries.  It’s very exciting.  This is the new academic journal of our time, and it is the perfect venue for opening up the great conversation to the world.” 

Thanks for the kind remarks, Merryn!  The prospect of assisting FIU in building it’s ranks and spreading its positive, uplifting perspective to students around the world is invigorating!