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Tuesday Evening with iNetGlobal, AdPacs and Steve Renner October 28th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle pulls into the room a bit behind this evening.  It has been a hectic day, as she has been with the Duke working his leather business in the Lake Minnetonka area.  It’s been a pleasure to look at the massive, beautiful lake as they have worked.  It is in a fading stage of autumnal glory, but nonetheless glorious, even if it’s past the prime.

Steve Renner is talking about traffic and the fact that it is the lifeblood of one’s business.  As everything else is tanking financially, the internet marketing world is really smokin’. 

He says his system offers three ways to get targeted traffic and advertising for your business.  iNetGlobal‘s AdPacs division offers surfing, searching and content advertising.  Surfing gives one the opportunity to get traffic to their site(s); searching allows one to earn credits toward advertising and content advertising allows for posting one’s own ads on Renner’s new search engine, @cessse, which he says will be just as powerful as the major search engines within the next six months.

There is the opportunity to join the company as an iNetGlobal Independent Internet Marketing Consultant.  This gives one the chance to market the products and the opportunity.  The best way to make money with the company is to build an organization, because the marketing plan is a differential plan, which earns one the difference between what is brought in by those that one has sponsored and what the company charges.  The pay plan can be very lucrative for those that work it – as the Duchess can attest.  Just so far this day, she has earned a tidy sum in the several hundred dollar range.  What’s really cool is that the company is running a special through the end of November: they’re offering double (!) commissions through November 30th.  It’s Christmas come early!

Gotta tell you, dear readers, with everything everywhere in the financial arena going down the tubes and a ton of jobs evaporating before the employees eyes, the internet is a good place to take a look at because it’s growing and there is a lot of money to be made.  So the opportunity is there for those that are willing to put their shoulder to the wheel to learn and take action on what they’ve learned.  Is it easy?  Not necessarily.  Is it do-able?  Absolutely!  If this Duchess can figure it out (with some instruction and coaching from our friend, Mr. Renner – and others) and do it, then you can too!  If this sounds appealing to you

There are upcoming Rallies:  November 8 – Dallas, November 22 – New York, December 6 – San Diego.  The week after that they may go back to Miami.  They’re looking at a run around the Pacific Rim in January, so those of you in the Orient or Down Under, keep an eye peeled for that schedule. 

Renner hopes to launch his newest baby, Cash Club in Dallas on Nov. 8.  Failing that, it will launch for sure, he says, on November 15.  Cash Club offers cash back on online purchases – what a great thing: it’s just in time for Christmas.  And get this – sign up your friends and relatives under you and get 40% earnings on their purchases.  Local merchants can sign up too, for $60/mo. and offer their coupons online, so that when members type in their zip code, they’ll find coupons for local businesses.  So, friends, watch for the announcement and get your typing fingers warmed up, so that you’re ready to sign up to get cash back on your own purchases and earn 40% on the purchases of those you sponsor.  Round up your friends and relatives!  Get ready to sign up on or before November 15th!  For now, you can check out this link to Cash Club.

AdPacs Dallas Rally is Coming in November! says Duchess of Earle October 27th, 2008

Just a quick note to all the Duchess of Earle‘s friends –


It’s official!  There will be an AdPacs/iNetGlobal Rally in Dallas on November 8th.  More details coming soon. 


It’s late, so the Duchess is trundling off to slumberland for this evening, but couldn’t head to bed without letting you know.  If you’re in Dallas,Texas or can get there on the 8th of November, you’ll have a grand time at the Rally! – and you’ll learn how to make money and benefit your business at the same time.  And that’s a happy thing!


If you want more information write to: .

Dallas Rally Set ForNovember 8
Join Us In Dallas For This Exciting Event
Dallas iNetGlobal Rally

AdPacs Rally Miami Starts Today! says Duchess of Earle October 25th, 2008

Here is Steve Renner’s posting from this morning at the AdPacs rally in Miami, Florida, USA, provided compliments of the Duchess of Earle:  

“We are here at the Deauville Beach Resort for the AdPacs iNetGlobal Miami Rally There is a great group here and we are getting ready to Tear It Up – This should be a fun day!

AdPacs Miami Rally

AdPacs Miami Rally
Ramon Borrodo, Charmaine Tincher, Debbie Amon, Annie Zhang, Eman Mzeghet

“We are going to put Internet Marketing Miami on the map. Our iNetGlobal service is taking Internet Marketing Service Miami to a whole new level!

“If you are local to the Miami area, come on down!”

 If you’re just finding this information now, the Duchess invites you to click the link below and join the webcast now in progress.  When you click the link, scroll down the page and click on the link that invites you to join the webcast, using the password ‘imtrain’.  Welcome to the webcast from the Duchess!  If what you see appeals to you, please email the Duchess at .

AdPacs Rally is LIVE NOW in Miami! says Duchess of Earle October 25th, 2008

Good morning, Everybody!  Well, the recent events of the Duchess of Earle‘s life kept her a sleepyhead this morning, but she’s on the ball now and inviting you to join the iNetGlobal and AdPacs Rally webcast from today’s meeting in Miami, Florida.  To join the meeting NOW click on the link that follows, scroll down the page and click on the link.  Please note the password is “imtrain”.  To join the webcast NOW, the Duchess invites you to click here.

Renner announces the coming of his V-Tribe Platform October 21st, 2008

When the Duchess of Earle arrives this evening, Steve Renner is already talking about some fun stuff – new things that are coming very soon and things that are a bit farther off.  The search engine will be advancing another step toward full presence on the internet soon.  He is also going contrarian to Web 3.0 uses of the internet – the more robotic stuff that’s on the horizon – with a more organic project called V-Tribes.  He’s essentially creating his own internet based network of nations.  It’ll be fun to watch that unfold.

Then he gets serious about the evening’s schedule by starting with the info that he started out ten years ago with eznet and wound up building a large internet marketing business.  He’d started to teach a lot of company staffs about internet marketing – and realized that this was largely repetitious.  So he created an educational system, which started with The Affiliate Community (TAC).  This led to an ever-widening scope of services, all internet based and related, which he elected to provide for his clients – instead of farming it out to other companies.  With the addition of the AdPacs advertising service this past July, things have really sparked up and grown.  This very afternoon, he says, the total number of AdPacs members moved past 1,450 – so it’s growing steadily.

He shares that the new search engine will be introduced this coming Saturday at the Rally in Miami – and will go live the same day.  (Right now it’s still functioning in beta mode.)

You can make money with AdPacs by advertising.  You can start out, if you wish, as a free member and can show a site and surf to earn credits.  This give one no rebates or rewards, however.  One can sign up as a customer and earn up to 50% in rebates and rewards.  If one desires to go into business, then one purchases a distributorship and can work to build an organization.  Speaking from personal experience, the Duchess can tell you that building a team can be profitable – and that’s a happy thing!

Also new to the Renner iNetGlobal internet marketing suite of services is Cash Club, a service that offers online shoppers rebates on their purchases from national companies – and also gives the members the opportunity to sign up others and earn 40% on what their referrals purchase.  Not a bad deal, huh?!  The scheduled release date is Nov. 15th, though they are shooting to have it ready for the AdPacs Rally in Dallas on Nov. 8th.  They’d like to have it up and running in time for holiday shopping.  There is a program for local businesses to sign up on this program as well. 

The AdPacs Rally this weekend will be at the beach and Steve encourages everyone to come to the networking party on Friday evening and then ready to roll at 9 AM Eastern time on Saturday morning.  Everyone is welcome to join the webcast.  The Duchess invites you to click here to find the link to log on this Saturday morning.  Scroll down the page to find the link to the webcast.

Well, that’s a wrap for this evening.  Take care, everybody – and we’ll see you online this Saturday!


iNetGlobal and AdPacs Saturday Morning October 18th, 2008

It’s quiet in the room when the Duchess of Earle enters this morning.  Steve Renner and Jonathan are sitting at their computers, getting set up for the meeting.  There are welcoming words exchanged and then pretty soon, others begin to arrive.  The aroma of coffee wafts from the break room next door and a box of bakery confections awaits on the table to tempt the ones that showed up without breakfast. 

Renner begins to talk about how his business started: how they signed up 10,000 people within a week.  As his business progressed, he found that people were asking for training and that they were doing the same thing over and over in teaching them.  So he decided that he should set up a training system, which started out as The Affiliate Community (TAC) and then became Internet Marketing Train, or IMTrain.  In the wake of IMTrain, he began to add more and more services, opening up his entire business plan for sharing with his customers and students.  The addition of all the extra services led to a morphing of the business, because it called for an all-encompassing organization – and thus was born iNetGlobal.

The services included in iNetGlobal are Cash Cards International (the original foundation of his business), IMTrain, SEOLinks Network, Blogpros, V-Mail (autoresponder), AdPacs, V-Shops (shopping cart and affiliate program), V-Webcast.  All these services, with the exception of the latter two (which cost extra) come to a member at a monthly subscription price – a steal of a deal – of $39.95 (!) per month. 

The lifeblood of any internet business is traffic.  If you had the best-looking billboard in the world, but it was located in the middle of the desert, all your efforts to create that wonderful sign would be in vain because no one would see it.  So the AdPacs program was started in order to offer the opportunity to internet marketers to easily increase traffic flow to their website.  Put your site up on AdPacs and inside of ten minutes, there will be more people viewing your site.

Other ways to increase traffic to your website include setting up an affiliate system, buying traffic, borrow traffic or you can do what Renner refers to legally “stealing” traffic by the means of smart marketing.  This latter technique involves positioning your business such that it diverts traffic to your site.  This involves a learned skill – which is where his education comes in.  He offers training in his 2-day course, which he calls MIT, or Millionaire Internet Training.

His system is affordable and offers people the opportunity to get their businesses online without great expense.  It’s very expensive to advertise on the likes of Google and this fact excludes a lot of businesses that have little to no advertising budget. 

He goes to the iNetGlobal website and selects AdPacs on the menu.  AdPacs offers three ways to advertise: surf, search and content.  Advertisers earn up to 50% in rebates on their advertising, plus online advertising credits for their business. 

One can participate in the program for free, show one site and surf to earn credits that enable one to show their site.  As a customer, one can earn up to 50% on what one spends in advertising.   If one chooses to become a distributor of this system, there is a five-level program one can enter.  This marketing program has reasonable monthly volume requirements with increasing benefits for performance.  See the chart below.

AdPacs Member Levels

AdPacs can handle all of your Online Advertising needs!

Level Volume Sites Views Rebates* Rewards
Free Surfer Free 1 – Site 24-100 0% Customer Free Unlimited 24-100 Up To 50%
Distributor $50.00 Unlimited 24-100 Up To 100%
Gold $100.00 Unlimited 20-100 Up To 110%
Platinum $100.00 Unlimited 16-100 Up To 115%
Diamond $100.00 Unlimited 12-100 Up To 120%
Blue Diamond $100.00 Unlimited 12-100 Up To 125%


Maximum Cash Rebates are capped at 75%
 Additional Rewards are paid in Advertising Credits

Individuals and businesses considering this program should be clearly aware that this is NOT a paid-to-surf type program.  The benefits of this program, which – as the Duchess can attest – can bear much fruit, are based on sales. 

He goes to the new soon-to-be-launched search engine, .  He illustrates how members can advertise on the search engine, the same way that they can advertise on Google.  But the cost will be much more reasonable.  This search engine also offers a benefit that Google doesn’t offer – the ability to earn for utilizing the search engine. 

At this point, Renner’s spiders are indexing about 8,000,000 pages per day and have been at it for about a month.  They still have a long way to go to get to everything that’s out there, but they’re well on their way. 

Costs initially will be based on the amount bid for the advertising.  Later they will develop a more complex system for determining who gets to advertise.  But with this new search engine, it presents a perfect opportunity for a newbie to learn how to utilize search engine advertising and have it be a lot kinder to the business pocketbook. 

So, how does one make money with AdPacs, anyway? 

The plan is called a differential program.  One enters at the base level and earns their way up the ladder.  Those above the newly sponsored person/business earn the difference in the earnings on a particular sale.

Here’s the chart posted on the website about what the program offers:

1) Our Plan starts with the Basic 6 Level Pay Plan which all Distributors gets.

2) Then add to this the VIP Infinity Bonus Based On Rank

3) Finally VIP’s get paid the Difference between the VIP Rank and the Rank of the      Distributor or VIP in his Downline.

Retail Sales Commissions (RSC)
All iNetGlobal Distributors Earn The Basic 6 Level Plan

AdPacs Distributor Pay Plan

Total Pay-Out

15% Retail Sales Commission

Requires $50 Personal Sales Volume Per Month (Minimum)

  Level 1 5%  
  Level 2 2%  
  Level 3 2%  
  Level 4 2%  
  Level 5 2%  
  Level 6 2%  

VIPs Can Earn Additional Retail Sales Bonuses Based On Rank

Level Gold Platinum Diamond Blue Diamond
Total Pay-Out 17% 18% 19% 25%
Requires $100 Personal Sales Volume Per Month (Minimum)
    3-Distributors 3-Gold VIP 3-Platinum VIP 3-Diamond VIP
  7% 8% 9% 10%
Distributor 4% 5% 6% 7%
Gold – – 3% 4% 5%
Platinum – – – – 3% 4%
Diamond – – – – – – 3%
Blue Diamond – – – – – – 3%
   Infinity Bonus
  2% 3% 4% 5%
  Down To The Next Gold Down To The Next Platinum Down To The Next Diamond 1% 5 Generations Of Blue Diamonds

*PSV = Personal Sales Volume Required To Be “Active” (Qualified For Commissions)

Revenue Share Rebates And Rewards

  Distributor Gold Platinum Diamond Blue Diamond
Rebates* 75% 75% 75% 75% 75%
Rewards** 25% 35% 40% 45% 50%
Total 100% 110% 115% 120% 125%

 How Revenue Share Rebates And Bonuses Work
50% of the total company sale for the day are paid out to Active Distributors
in the form of Rebates and Bonuses, based on Personal Sales Volume

* Basic Rebates – 50% – are paid on all Personal Purchases in Cash
* Personal Volume Rebates – up to 25% are based on Personal Sales Volume in Cash
** Rewards – additional Personal Volume Rewards paid in Advertising Credits

Note:  Repurchases count towards Personal Sales Volume

Note: It is not possible to make a profit by simply buying AdPacs and surfing websites. 
Surfing can generate a rebate on someone’s AdPac purchases, and they can get credits
AdPacs, but it is impossible to make a profit simply through buying and / or surfing. 

51% Retail Sales Rule

All iNetGlobal Distributors are required to have Personal Retail Customers, based on the 51% Retail Sales Rule. The 51% Retail Sales Rule requires that at least 51% of a Distributor’s Personal Sales Volume must be to his or her Personal Retail Customers. A “retail customer” is a bona fide product purchaser who buys the products, but who is not an iNetGlobal independent distributor.The iNetGlobal Distributor program is based on the Sales of our Products and Services to Retail Customers – we take this very seriously!

VIP Qualification

  • Must Have $50.00 In Personal Sales Volume

  • Requires 3 1st Level “Active” Distributors

  • Requires $2,000 In Group Sales Volume (In one calendar Month)

Once you meet these qualifications you will promote to
Gold VIP in the month following your qualifying month


VIP Levels

Level Description Sales Volume
Gold Requires 3 1st Level Active Distributors $100.00
Platinum Requires 3 1st Level Active Gold (Or Above) VIPs $100.00
Diamond Requires 3 1st Level Active Platinum (Or Above) VIPs $100.00
Blue Diamond Requires 3 1st Level Active Diamond (Or Above) VIPs $100.00

Copyright 2008 iNetGlobal.Com

Now, Renner realizes that not everyone is a sales person, so he is working to make it easy to bring people aboard.  Therefore, he is launching a new program called Cash Club, which offers rebates from one’s online purchases at major companies, such as Target, Macy’s, Best Buy,  and MANY more.  In addition, when one invites others to join the free program, one also earns money on what those folks purchase – 40%!

Steve invites some testimonials from some of us sitting in the room – Andy Anderson, Jim Eng and the Duchess of Earle herself. 

Then he fields questions:  When will Cash Club be available?  They were hoping to unveil it next weekend in Miami, but it is not looking as though it will be ready that fast.  But it will definitely be ready for the holiday shopping season – likely it will be ready for the Rally in Dallas Nov. 8th. 

In Miami, there will be a gathering Friday evening.  They will be broadcasting next Saturday, starting a 9 AM Eastern, and the meeting will run until 4 PM.  After that, in the evening, there will be a party and dancing.  

Any new member that signs up and purchases a package will be matched 50%.  They have one more opportunity for a match, which is 100%, if they attend a live event.  Sponsors also get a match, the amount of which depends upon your rank.

Well, that’s a wrap!  The Duchess and the iNetGlobal team bid you adieu until Tuesday evening.  Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday Evening with Steve Renner and iNetGlobal October 14th, 2008

It’s Tuesday night again and the Duke and Duchess of Earle, along with their friend, Merryn Flavell, arrive at the Bloomington office of Steve Renner, the internet marketing visioneer and founder of iNetGlobal and AdPacs.

Renner isn’t going to spend a lot of time on the particulars of his suite of products this evening, but he is going to dwell on the newest program in his wide world of internet marketing.  It’s called Cash Club – if you’ll recall the Duchess mentioned it last week and mentioned that you’re invited to get ready to sign up for it in about the next ten days or so. 

Cash Club offers cash back on purchases from both local and national stores.  There is also the opportunity to earn on what your recruits purchase.  They can sign up too – it’s free and you’ll make money on what your sponsorees purchase.  Great program!

The other exciting thing that’s getting closer to being unveiled is Renner’s new search engine, which is called .  There will also be plenty of opportunity to advertise on acesse.  He shows how to go into one’s AdPacs site and how to set up the ads.  There is a four step process that will get your ads launched.  The word is going to get out quickly, Steve says, that there is inexpensive advertising available on acesse. 

There will also be a blog widget coming out within the next week or so.  It just keeps getting better and better! 

Then he shares the AdPacs marketing program, wherein one can surf and earn 75% of one’s advertising expenses back.

Cash Cards International is a digital currency company, which offers your company the opportunity to pay its affiliates around the world.

There also is IMTrain, SEOLinks Network, Host2Profits, Blogpros, V-Shops, V-Mail, V-Webcast.  Access to all of these programs is available for one reasonable price, with the exception of V-Shops and V-Webcast, for both of which there is an additional charge.

There is also an excellent opportunity to build an organization in iNetGlobal.  One can begin as a Distributor and build his/her way to a large, profitable business. 

Traffic is the key to internet marketing.  You can have a billboard, but if it’s located in the desert and no one drives by, you’re not really in business.  You can buy traffic.

One way to buy traffic is to join the AdPacs program as a free surfer, where one can show one site and surf from 24-100 sites per day and thereby earn credits to advertise.  If one signs up as a paying customer, one can show an unlimited number of sites and earn up to 50% in rebates.  There are additional levels that take one up to a maximum of 75% rebates.

But there are also rewards available, which can take the total funds/credits that come back to the advertiser up to a maximum of 125%.   This is based upon one’s membership level.

Steve gets a request to create a widget on AdPacs and so he walks us through the process of making a widget for Merryn’s online university, Flavell International University.  When it is complete, he posts it on his own blog.  Then he shows the group how one fellow puts a large ad in each of his blogposts.

Well, that’s a wrap for this evening.  Everybody grabs a cookie (not the virtual kind!) before they head into the cool fall evening.

Dreambuilders Club prepares for Trade and Barter Class October 14th, 2008

Good evening, Everybody!

Tonight the Duchess of Earle and her Duke are off to Embassy Suites once again for the Dreambuilders Club meeting. 

We meet Merryn Flavell for dinner and discuss our activities in regard to iNetGlobal and AdPacs.  Thereafter we find our way to the meeting room and participate in a meeting designed to bring us all up to speed about the Trade and Barter class that the Emerald and Gold members of the Club receive as part of their membership.

It take a bit of doing to wrap one’s mind around the process that Dreambuilders Club founder, Matthew Sikich, is teaching, but after a bit we begin to see how it works.  It’s an interesting concept that allows for win-win situations all around, as people put their offers up on the board.  The initial offer is made by a member that has IT services.  A couple of other offers are put up on the board – including one that really turns out to be a hot item:  a paid of tickets to the Hollywood Music Awards, which will be held next month.  Figuring out how this works is a real “connect the dots” sort of exercise.  After the initial demonstration, Matthew launches on a real live process of trade and barter, using items and services offered by individuals in the room in place of the imaginary scenarios previously employed.  It’s obvious he is certainly is Past Master at the techniques.

The Trade and Barter class will be held on November 13th at the Embassy Suites on 34th Ave. in Bloomington, MN (just east of the Mall of America) and will be open to non-members.  If you will be in the area on that date and would like to learn more, please write the Duchess about attending and she will be happy to assist you in getting an invitation.  There are only 105 spaces available and they’re sure to go fast.  There is also room for five sponsors, who will get special billing and privileges for their sponsoring the event.  Two of those spots were spoken for this evening, so only three are left.  If you have questions or would like either a sponsorship or a plain vanilla ticket to the class, just email

MIT Workshop Live Meets in Final Session October 14th, 2008

Well, troops, this is it!  It’s crunch time!  Time for the Duchess of Earle and her fellow students to get set up so we’re ready to roll when the MIT Worship Live is over! 

Not much time for the Duchess to type notes to share.  We’re all working like crazy getting our stuff set up, helping each other, working to get past computer glitches and lack of experience or understanding.  Steve is going step by step, walking us all through the path of getting set up.

He counsels not to make photos any bigger than 400, as they get distorted and will “mess up your blog,” Steve says. 

We go over buying a domain, setting up the hosting, getting into the cpanel and setting up a blog.  Next we discuss choosing a theme for your blog.  Then there are widgets and banners for advertising – and an autoresponder.  He tells us that there is a program that we have access to in iNetGlobal that offers all the different kinds of letters that we’ll need for the autoresponder system.  Hooray!  That means, even if we want to write our own letters, at least we have some guidelines to go by.

The class is supposed to be over at four, but we’re all trying to jam in so much this afternoon that it isn’t done until closer to five.  And then, by the time all is packed up and put away and everyone has traded the last contact information and said their goodbyes – it’s after six. 

Whew!  It’s been a very busy two days!  But this Duchess is grateful for the greater understanding she has gained and is ready to go out and tackle more aspects of internet marketing.  She feels emboldened to progress beyond what she has heretofore attempted – and that’s a good thing!  Matter of fact that’s a GREAT thing!  Thank you, Steve!

She also earnestly hopes, dear reader, that you have been able to glean some nugget from what she’s shared of the proceedings of this past weekend.

And at this point, she’ll bid you good night and wish you a wonderful week ahead.  For the Duchess of Earle and her Duke, this new week holds the arrival of the newlyweds back from their honeymoon.  It will be fun to hear of their adventures on the Florida Keys!

P.S.  Here follows what Steve wrote on his blog in the wake of the class.  Check out the photo – you’ll be able to see why that conference room was bursting at the seams!  (FYI – The Duchess is in the middle row, immediately to the left of Mr. Renner, who is in the middle of that row.)

“We had an Incredible weekend here at the MIT Workshop Live. This was the Best MIT Ever. We had an excllent group, many who flew in from around the country to attend.

Mit Workshop Minneapolis October 2008

MIT Workshop Minneapolis October 2008

“To me the best thing about MIT is to see the “Light Bulbs” go off as new Internet Marketing students start to put it together and unravel the mystery to Marketing Online.

“We covered a lot of material, and as usual it was Total Information Overload. But I like the 2 Day format, and I think it’s just right so people don’t get totally overwhelmed.

“I want to thank all the Students who were here and I look forward to seeing you all again soon, and especially to see what you put together in your own Online Business.”

MIT Workshop Live Continues October 12th, 2008

It’s a humid, cloudy Sunday morning as the Duchess of Earle makes her way from west to east across Bloomington, MN for day two of the MIT Workshop Live with Steve Renner.  It’s a bit slower trip this morning, as I-494 eastbound is closed for the weekend as the crews work on the bridge at Lyndale Avenue.

Everybody arrives a few at a time and gradually settle in, chatting and grabbing coffee and sweet rolls.  About 9:15 Mr. Renner commences to talk about how your online business works.

Establish yourself as a brand on the internet – you don’t have a sales page yet.  Start building your list with a squeeze page so when you offer a product you’ve got people to ‘talk’ to about your offer. 

The basic order of things is:  get the customers on your list (capture their information), make a compelling offer, collect the funds, and follow up with other items. 

Amongst the students, only one has their payment system set up.  That student is using Paypal, which has been purchased by Ebay.  Paypal is a digital currency system, as is Renner’s own V-Cash and Cash Cards International.  Steve points out a difference between Paypal’s system and that of V-Cash:  Paypal has direct access to one’s bank account and V-Cash does not.  Another processing company is 2Checkout.

He says one can always adjust their process as they go, but encourages everyone to “get it out there” and give it a try.  “The fortune is in the followup!” he says.  “Write that down!”  Don’t always try to sell them something – send them things for free at least once a week, things such as informational items.  Write your emails as though you are talking to your good friends.  Eventually there won’t be email, because it will all be RSS feeds that one subscribes to.

Next topic to be addressed is the students’ homework.  Steve asks for volunteers and finds one.  Keywords for the businesses are scrutinized and then a list is made to use in creating statements that will draw the readers’ attention when they land on the page.  Steve writes a headline on the board, then stands back to take a look at how it can be improved.  Students offer suggestions and discussion follows.  He talks about the great need for a compelling offer on the page.  People click on through when there is not compelling offer.  Offer a guarantee for your product – be confident in it and tell them you’ll give them their money back if they’re not satisfied.  Make it simple and easy to buy.  If possible, get testimonials from clients or documentation that substantiate your claims. 

The students are given fifteen minutes to complete their headlines.  Then we start working together on the headlines they have produced – crafting the lines so that they draw the readers’ attention.  Up until today the Duchess rather objected to the term “capture page” – it sounded to her too much like warfare.  But this has given a new perspective – one of capturing attention more in the sense of attracting attention, which, in the Duchess’ view, is a far more positive thing than imprisoning it.

After all students have had their headlines looked at, we name our keyword lists and are told it’s time to name our keyword list.  Then we announce it and invite folks to sign up for it.  A 20% conversion rate would be considered good.

Go to all the search engines and sign up with them to advertise.  Concentrate on one thing and promote it.  Have a series of emails ready to send those that sign up on your list.  They are available in the IMTrain materials – in the “Follow-up System in a box.”  It’s one of the many benefits of belonging to iNetGlobal and IMTrain – there is a veritable TON of information at the members’ fingertips.  All one has to do is open the website and look for it! 

Headline, subhead and offer are the first three paragraphs on your capture page. 

 Well, it’s lunch time.  When we come back from lunch, we’ll be setting up our blogs and autoresponders.  It’s off to Ikea for a chicken wrap and a cookie!  See you soon!