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Cash Club Launches and the Duchess of Earle Invites You to Sign Up for Online Shopping Rebates November 29th, 2008

Today the Duchess of Earle will just have a short post to announce that iNetGlobal‘s Cash Club is open for business – and that means that you, your family and your friends can earn rebates on your online shopping – which seems especially important this holiday season.  With so many folks facing financial challenges this year, trimming holiday expenses can be very important, if not outright crucial .  When one joins Cash Club, it means rebates on what they spend – and then, when family and friends are invited to sign up too, it means that those that offered the opportunity to  also earn 40% of what their invitees spend online.   And those folks can also earn rebates and that same 40% on the purchases of those whom them invite to sign up.  Everybody benefits,  so it’s a grand solution:  Trim the shopping expenses so you can trim the tree and help your family and friends do the same!

“OK,” you say, “So what’s the catch?  What does it cost me to participate in Cash Club?”  And the Duchess’ answer to you is:  Zero!  Zilch!  Zip!  Nada!  Not a cent!  Sounds like a deal to the Duchess.  One can only WIN by signing up for rebates and 40% commissions – and then sharing the blessing with others!  

So, dear readers, please feel free to accept the Duchess’ invitation to sign up for Cash Club today!  Join now!

Duchess of Earle Invites You to iNetGlobal/AdPacs Meeting Sat. AM November 28th, 2008

Please know, friends, that you are invited to join the Duchess of Earle and company at the iNetGlobal/AdPacs Saturday morning meeting at 9:00 Central Standard Time.  If you’d like to learn how to make your first money online, this is a good place to start learning.  Steve Renner has a lot of internet marketing training information and many services for internet marketers, all right at your fingertips as a member of iNetGlobal/AdPacs. 

You’re welcome to come check it out!  The Duchess is usually there in person, but this morning she’ll be online.  Come join the fun, get acquainted with the benefits of iNetGlobal and find out how you, too, can earn money with your online business!

P.S.  If you’re looking to do your holiday shopping online, check out Cash Club!  With Cash Club, you can earn rebates for the things you buy online – plus, if you invite your friends, relatives, etc., to join you in earning rebates on purchases, you can earn 40% on what they order too – and so can they, when they invite others to join Cash Club.  So check it out!  It’s free to join!  When was the last time a major retailer sent you a rebate check for items you purchased at their store?  Not recently? – is it not ever?  Come do business where you CAN get a rebate on your purchases – come shop with Cash Club!

Duchess of Earle Invites you to Read about MIT Training this Morning November 16th, 2008

Good morning, friends!

It’s the wee hours of the morning and the Duchess of Earle has been sitting up getting a few things done in her office.  Before she retires for the evening, she’d like to remind you that at 9:00 Central time this very morning, she’ll be taking notes at Steve Renner’s Millionaire Internet Training, or MIT Workshop.  There will be a lot of material covered in this class and the Duchess expects to be taking lots of notes.  You are invited to read over her shoulder.  You are also invited to check out iNetGlobal, AdPacs and IMTrainStation if you’re looking for a way to build a business online.  These sites will offer you training and the opportunity to get your internet business services at a very reasonable cost, advertise online and, as previously mentioned, build a successful internet marketing business.  So, please join us tomorrow for a day full of learning!

Here we all are yesterday at the AdPacs Rally, which took place just before the MIT Training started.  The Duchess is in the room, but not visible in this photo because she is just behind the guy in the white shirt in the front row on the left.  But it’s a great photo if your name is (L-R) Todd Ackerman, Robb Sweetnam or Jim Eng! :) 

iNetGlobal AdPacs Minneapolis Rally – Duchess of Earle continues posting November 16th, 2008

After a quick dash to Ikea for an equally quick lunch, the Duchess of Earle and a group of friends from iNetGlobal are back.Steve says the question arises about the legality of iNetGlobal and AdPacs.  He discusses the issues that make the company legal – all commissions are dependent on sales and there is no guarantee of earnings.  There is no requirement to register with any state, since the Consultant kit costs under $100.  Only five states require registration if the entry package costs $200 or more.  All other states requirements kick in at $500 or $1000 outlay points.  So iNetGlobal is well below any of those requirements.  In addition, it is impossible to make a profit with this company, unless there are sales to create commissions and rebates.  Other companies tout making money entirely on a passive basis and that is not the case here: this is not a get rich quick scheme, but it is an opportunity to build a solid business We have points in the bonus pool and this is the basis of what we earn on.    Any service one sells will generate points.We have spent a lot of time talking about the marketing plan, but now we’re going to switch gears and hear about the search engine.  Steve introduces Joe, who has been working on the search engine. Steve says the best way to get a successful approach to a business is to find a model and pattern your business after it.  In Steve’s lingo this is called ‘model and swipe.’  This search engine has used Google as its model.So Joe steps up to tell us about @cesse.  Sites are being indexed right now and will probably take 90-180 days to get good results for the search.  Most searches will come through at about 5/1000 of a second.  As an iNetGlobal member, you’ll be able to send people to your URL for the search engine and you’ll earn on the searches they make.  There will also be rebates on your advertising for using @cesse.  In a couple of years, this search engine will be as well known as Google.  Searchers will have an @cesse tool bar. Right now iNetglobal is running about 150 spiders to index the internet’s websites.  They look at everything on sites, throw out insignificant information, store raw text on cached data bases.  The index gets built every 5-10 minutes and gets merged into main index at the end of the day.  Certain things get more weight, or importance, to them.  The majority of the weight comes from the body of the text.  This is all run on an algorithm.  They’re shooting to have 1500 spiders indexing, so that within 90-120 days the search will be as good as Google’s. There are 12 servers running at the present.  Once they have indexed a billion sites, they’ll be tripling the spiders and adding to the servers again. Joe has finished and gets a round of applause, because what he has shared really blows everybody’s mind.  The potential is so huge, it’s almost incomprehensible.  It’s waaaaay more than the Duchess can convey here.…Well, it’s been a busy afternoon and we’ll be meeting again in the morning.  We’re off to share a little chat and a beverage at the Cambria Suites next door.  See you in the morning! 

Duchess of Earle Blogs and Minneapolis iNetGlobal AdPacs Rally November 16th, 2008

The break is over and the meeting contines for the Duchess of Earle and her fellow meeting-goers.It costs $79 for the iNetGlobal Consultant V-Kit, which gets you started.  (It’s a $60 annual fee, plus a $19 set-up fee.)  It is highly recommended that one get on the monthly auto-ship program.  A Consultant can subscribe to either the $50 Consultant package, which is comprised of 50 AdPacs and the iNetGlobal Enterprise package or the VIP package, which is comprised of $100/mo., 100 AdPacs and the iNetGlobal Enterprise package.  Being on autoship is a big advantage, because it doubles your commissions when you build an organization of subscribers and/or consultants under you.When a Consultant makes the minimum monthly sales volume of $50, he/she earns a percentage on six levels below them. One enters the VIP when one purchases a minimum of $100 per month and, in a single month, one’s own sales and the sales of one’s group produce a minimum of $2000.  Within this group there must be three active Consultants – ‘active’ meaning they are making their $50 minimum sales requirement each month.  As one’s Consultants bring others in and one’s organization grows, it will require three of the same level Consultants to move up the line:  it takes three active Consultants to move to Gold VIP level, three Golds to move to Platinum, three Platinums to move to Diamond, three Diamonds to move to Blue Diamond.  Gold VIPs earn 22% total payout, Platinum 23%, Diamond 24% and Blue Diamond 25% in commissions on their respective groups.  This is on the front end of the program.  But wait – there’s more!  There’s a back end to this earnings system.On the back end there is something like a bonus pool that many companies have.  With iNetglobal, it’s called Revenue Share Rebates and Rewards.  Fifty percent of the total company’s production will be paid out to the active Consultants at all levels.  Rebates are 50% and these are paid on all personal purchases paid in cash.  There are V-Rebates, which can go as high as 40% and are based on re-purchase volume paid in cash.  V-Rewards, also as high as 40% are paid in Advertising Credits (or, in other words, AdPacs/Credits).  With this system, Consultants can earn up to 100% of their purchases, Golds 110%, Platinums 115%, Diamonds 120% and Blue Diamonds 130%.Every advertising product that one purchases has a life to it and they do finally expire when they reach their maximum level.  After the rebates expire, then the rewards kick in. Now, friends, this compensation plan may sound complicated to you – and, indeed, it isn’t simple.  But it does pay, as the Duchess can truly attest.  Steve talks about a fellow he knows that earned hundreds of thousands marketing a product – and he didn’t understand the marketing plan at all.  He just was really good with people and worked to market the product, not worrying about all the details of the plan.  He just trusted – and was benefitted by – the beauties of the plan.Now we have some technical difficulties with screen sharing – those online are unable to see what Steve is showing.  Some minutes are spent attempting to resolve the situation, but to no avail.  We go on with the camera now on the screen and the lights dimmed in the room.A couple of questions some and Steve fields them.  Difference between commissions and rewards is inquired about.  The reward is the match of your repurchases (when you repurchase 51% or more of the day’s earnings) in Bonus AdPacs and they are given every day. If you miss surfing, you won’t get paid that day – it just extends the length of time it takes to earn your full rebates.  If it goes for 30 days, there is risk of one’s account being deleted.More questions are fielded.  There is a 100% match of AdPacs purchases here at the Rally today.Time for lunch – stay tuned and we’ll be back in an hour or so!

Duchess of Earle attends the iNetGlobal AdPacs Rally in Minneapolis Today November 16th, 2008

Good morning, dear readers!

It’s a cloudy morning and chilly as the Duchess of Earle arrives at the Hampton Inn in Bloomington, MN, for the iNetGlobal AdPacs Rally.  This Rally will segue into an Millionaire Intensive Training (MIT) this afternoon and will continue tomorrow.

“iNetGlobal AdPacs Minneapolis Rally 

iNetGlobal AdPacs Minneapolis Rally Today The iNetGlobal AdPacs Minneapolis Rally starts today.  You can join us LIVE at 9:00 AM Central. 

The Duchess is invited to assist in getting things going as people arrive today.  The room fills and people join the webcast online.

Steve Renner begins to address the group now assembled.  He talks about his beginnings on the internet and how Googling advertising a few years ago would have yielded one brick-and-mortar companies, but today will offer a wide variety of companies marketing online.  That is the way of the day and the wave of the future.

Steve starts out showing how he commands the internet with his blog posts.  He how many people promoted this rally and only one in the room raises their hand.  It’s the Duchess and, to her  great surprise, Steve takes a wad of green stuff out of his pocket, peels off a $20 and hands it to her.  There’s a happy surprise for having taken action! :)

Now he takes a photo of the people assembled in the room, transfers it from the camera to his computer and posts it up on his blog.

He talks about the need for having a marketing list.  A list of about 4000 addresses will generally bring at least a couple of thousand in income every month.  One can market many ways – have different lists for marketing different items.  As your list grows and you observe the buying patterns of your clients, you can make a list of the ones that faithfully purchase from you.  Dividing your list up like this is called segmenting your list. 

iNetglobal will host your domains – all for the monthly fee.  Your business can have as many as you wish at no additional hosting charge.  One iNetGlobal member has 1700 sites hosted here.  That’s a lot of sites!  Think what this fellow is saving himself in hosting fees by hosting with iNetGlobal!

Linking services are also provided by  These links are very valuable – they started out being free and now they cost money.  They can be expensive, too – even for a single link. 

Steve again shows how he commands the search engine results by his dominion over the search engine links.  He’s got the top listing for MIT Workshop, though not all the first page.  He says that, with a little effort, he could command the entire page – but there he is at the top without even working on it.

Another service he provides is BlogPros, which is comprised of half a dozen blogs that will bring links back to your site when you post on  You create content for your self and then get it posted all over the internet, which makes it easier for your information to come up on the search engine results.  Even better, there will very soon be six more blogs added; shortly after that there will be another dozen blogs added to the service – and after that, within about 90 days, there will be another 24 blogs added.  One will be able to post to a single blog and then have it posted to them all, which will create a veritable TON of links coming back to one’s site.  Great way to get your page rank moving upward in a hurry!

V-Shops is a shopping cart service that has a built-in affiliate program.  This service is one of two iNetGlobal services that come at additional cost.   The second is V-Webcast, the web conference service.  These two services can be purchased for a reasonable cost and provide valuable services for your company.

The newest thing in the network of services offered by iNetGlobal is Cash Club, which is scheduled to launch today.  The email has not yet gone out, but it will definitely be going out yet this weekend.  We’ll all be able to sign up, along with those we invite to join us – and we’ll all earn rebates  on what we purchase at both major and local retailers – and commissions of 40% on the purchases of those we invite to join.

iNetGlobal also has AdPacs, which is an online advertising service.  Members surf websites of member businesses for 20 seconds (or stay on the site as long as they wish) before moving on to view the next site.  Surfing the minimum number of sites per day brings rebates on the your own advertising dollars and commissions on the advertising purchases of those to whom you market advertising.  is the service that offers advertising on a search engine.  This service is still in beta phase at the moment, but will be formally launched within the next few months.  By that time, the search results will be as good as Google’s – and the cost of advertising on this search enging will be must less than Google’s.

OK – it’s break time, so the Duchess will send this posting into the ether.  Watch for more when we reconvene in a few moments!

Breakfast with “Shoe Bob” Fisher and Matthew Sikich November 11th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle has just returned from a very early morning breakfast with “Shoe Bob” Fisher of Bob’s Shoe Repair shop and Bob’s SleepOut (for the Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners, or ICOP) and Matthew Sikich of the Dreambuilders Club.  Matthew’s travel business regularly donates vacation certificates to organizations looking to raise funds (these certificates are often auctioned off) and it was for this reason that the Duchess invited these two gentleman to meet with her over breakfast this morning, in the hopes that the IOCP’s November 22nd sleepout In Cars with the Stars could be benefitted.  As previously mentioned on this blog, former Minnesota Twins player Corey Koskie will also be on hand to welcome the sleepout participants and share breakfast with them in the morning. 

Anyone looking to donate in support of this cause or desiring to register for the event can contact the IOCP directly by clicking here.  For the Schedule of events for this fund-raising season, please click here

The Duchess thanks you for investigating this project and for considering contributing!  When you contact them, please tell them the Duchess sent you! 

November 8th, 2008

The Duches of Earle just found this posting about the Nov. 22nd, 2008, Sleep Out with Bob Fisher and Corey Koskie on the Wayzata, Minnesota, website.  Apparently there are sleep outs that go on all over the community for over a month.  After all, the goal is $2 million.  More power to ’em! says the Duchess.  :) 

Saturday, November 08, 2008
13th Annual Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners (IOCP) Sleep Out Kickoff
From the Wayzata Bay Window, Winter 2008 Edition.

6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, Novomber 15 At Klapprich Park. Join IOCP to kick off The Sleep Out 2008 Campaign. The need has never been greater. IOCP is relying on the generosity, heart, and will of this community to meet its $2 million goal. Kare 11 Anchor Mike Pomeranz will emcee the event that includes free food, music, and speakers, including Bob Fisher, affordable housing advocate, and LaDonna Hoy, executive director of IOCP. During the Sleep Out, people gather pledges and sleep out in a tent at IOCP or host sleep outs at their churches, schools, businesses, homes and in their neighborhoods.

The campaign, runs Nov. 15-Dec. 23 to create greater awareness around the
issue of affordable housing and to ensure that IOCP can respond to the increased demand for some form of housing assistance in our community.

To learn more and to donate, go to, call 952-404-9388, or make a donation by sending your check to IOCP, 110 Grand Ave.,Wayzata MN 55391.

The Sleep Out in Wayzata on Nov. 22 with Corey Koskie and “Shoe Bob” Fisher November 8th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle had a conversation with “Shoe Bob” Fisher of Bob’s Shoe Repair Shop in Wayzata, Minnesota, yesterday.  She shared with him that she had put up a post about his upcoming event.  He was pleasantly surprised – not knowing that the Duchess does such things as this – and expressed his appreciation. 

Bob has come to be a man of some renown in this community, even on a state-wide level.  Consider that, in 2004, he was nominated as one of ten finalists for recognition by the local Volvo dealerships.  The ultimate award went to another individual, but Bob received $500 for his charity’s purposes as a result of his nomination.  Here is what the press release said at the time:

“Judges selected the three winners from 10 finalists. The remaining finalists, who each received $500 charitable contributions during the awards ceremony, include:

— Bob Fisher, 55, Wayzata, a shoe repairman who has raised more than $2 million for affordable housing programs by sleeping in a tent for several days — and often weeks — each winter.

“Fisher’s first sleep-out in 1997 has snowballed into a community wide effort, with scores of other people and businesses “sleeping out” for the cause.”

Two million dollars he’d raised! – and that was three years ago. 

The Duchess thought perhaps a little more info is in order.  This data comes from a flyer Bob gave the Duchess when she stopped into the shop a few days ago.

The purpose of the sleep out is to elevate the level of awareness of the local housing and funding needs of the Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners (IOCP), which provides emergency housing assistance for low-income families and individuals in the suburbs that lie to the west of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The IOCP offers housing assistance that prevents homelessness for about 700 households every year.  That’s a lot of families!  Most of these families need assistance for only a month or two before they’re able to be own their own again and the average cost of the assistance is $569. 

The whole idea about sleeping in the cars is that many folks are forced to slumber in their vehicles after they’ve been evicted from their dwellings – not exactly the most comfortable night a person can have (the Duchess can speak here from personal experience – but that’s another story).  Former Minnesota Twins player, Corey Koskie, and Bob Fisher chose a sleep out in cars for just this reason.  The goal for this one evening is to raise $56,900, which – using that average $569 figure – would be enough to spare 100 families this unhappy experience in the coming year.

If you’re in the Twin Cities area and would like to participate in raising these funds to benefit families, you’ll need to register with the IOCP by contacting Jill at or calling her at 952-404-9388.  The Duchess is willing to bet that, even if you cannot make it to the sleep out in person, Jill would likely accept your donation.  If you do so, the Duchess would be delighted if you’d share with her how you found out about them.

So, friends, please consider how you might share either from your wallet or your heart – whether you could offer funds or a gift of your time in gathering some pledges and coming down to Wayzata Bay Shopping Center on Nov. 22 to tough it out overnight for the privilege of an early breakfast with Corey and Bob – and the satisfaction of knowing you’re sparing some family a similar experience.

Thanks to all my readers for your consideration – and your action! :)

iNetGlobal sponsors AdPacs Rally in Dallas this Saturday! November 7th, 2008

iNetGlobal, the company that offers a suite of internet marketing products and services, is on the Rally road again this weekend this time in Dallas, Texas.  The Duchess of Earle cordially invites you to attend the Saturday, November 8th, meeting in order to learn about the fantastic ways in which you can promote your business.  This meeting is focused on iNetGlobal’s AdPacs Online Advertising – and a sweet opportunity it is, for both advertisers and those looking to build a business online.

For those of you in Dallas, here’s the location:

Double Tree Dallas (Galleria)
4099 Valley View Lane
Dallas, Texas,  75244

Here follows the schedule for the day:

Event Schedule:

Registration is at 8:30 – the Rally will starts promptly at 9:00 AM

There will be a Special Opportunity Presentation from 9:00 – 11:00am
by Internet Marketing Professional and Founder – Steve Renner

Special Guest Speaker:

Network Marketing Legend: Robert Butwin 11:15 – 12:00

Lunch Break 12:00 – 1:00

Special iNetGlobal / AdPacs Training 1:00 – 2:30
By – Steve Renner

Special Guest Speaker:

Home Business Tax Expert: Steve Spangenbeg 2:45 – 3:30

Question and Answer Session 3:45 – 4:30
with – Steve Renner

Sign-Up – Ordering 4:30 – 5:15

Rally ends: 5:30

Network Party – Music – Dancing – Craziness
7:30 – 9:30 at the Hotel Bar

Please consider this your personal invitation to attend.  If you go and decide to sign up, find Steve Renner himself or his trusty right-hand man, Jonathan Neil and tell them the Duchess of Earle invited you – and they’ll take care of you in fine style!

If you’re not in the Dallas area and wish to attend the meeting online, go to the Duchess’ iNetGlobal website, scroll down the page and click on the link to the webcast, using the passsword ‘imtrain’ to enter the webcast.  You are welcome to participate in the entire day’s activities online.

Hope you can make it, friends – if you’re looking for opportunity, either to build your existing business by advertising or to build a profitable new business, it’s worth your time!