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Get a Load of Duchess of Earle’s Christmas Gift from Steve Renner! December 27th, 2008
The Duchess of Earle was busy doing her iNetGlobal AdPacs surfing this morning, when a certain blog came up on the rotator.  She stopped to check out the blogger’s work and found, to her great surprise – that she herself was mentioned in the blogger’s post!  How did this happen?  It’s because the blogger himself had been featured in a blogpost made by Steve Renner on December 24th.   So she has copied Mr. Renner’s kind post and you are invited to read it below.  She also offers congratulations to her fellow Renner students for their progress and good work! 

It is a pleasure to see my Marketing Students who “Get It’ and are starting to spread their wings, out Marketing on their own. Over the years I have taught 100’s Clients and Students about Online Marketing and How To Make Money Online.

Here are 4 great examples:

Janet Johnson – Janets Marketing Biz


Todd Ackerman – Internet Dollars


Ken Haugen – Cheap Clix


Julia Earle – Duchess Of Earle


These young Internet Marketers are out doing it. The main thing is they are Taking Action and making it happen. This is the real “Secret To Success” on the Internet.

Nike has a great slogan “Just Do It!”

Duchess of Earle’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day December 26th, 2008

The Duke and Duchess of Earle took a Christmas Eve drive through the neighborhoods in their area.  There are certain pockets of the neighborhoods that, for some years now, have put out white luminarias along the boulevards on this special night.  This year it seems to be spreading closer to their own castle, so they didn’t have to travel as far before seeing the soft lights punctuating the darkness.  But there is a whole development nearby where nearly everybody in the district joins in the effort to line the snowbanks along the streets with the white bags with candles inside.  It makes for a pretty drive – there is a quietly joyful beauty to the soft lights glowing on both side of the road.  Some years, it’s too windy a night and many of the candles blow out, but this year the wind was calm and so it was ideal for the luminarias being all lit, even by 10:30, when the Duke and Duchess started out.  They weren’t the only ones driving the streets, but the traffic wasn’t heavy and the Duke made so bold in a couple of brief instances, to turn off the headlights in order to get the full effect of the lights in the darkness.  It seemed appropriate after all, since this is the season of the great spiritual light shining into the uncomprehending darkness.  Rather makes the Duchess think of the American Christmas carol, “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” which speaks of the dark streets illumined by “the everlasting light.”


While on the drive, they took the opportunity to listen to a new CD, one that was a Christmas gift to the Duchess.  The vocal music with orchestral accompaniment was just the thing for the late night drive, starting with two Christmas songs: O Holy Night and Silent Night.  When those were done (these two songs were at the end of the album), the player started at the beginning of the disc.  The Duchess has to tell you that it was just a lovely thing to listen to as they wove their way through the neighborhood.  She promises to get you a link to that CD so that you, too, can listen to this treat.  It’s not actually a Christmas album – these two songs were a bonus at the end.

Christmas Day started out a bit rocky, with the Duchess feeling a bit frazzled with all that was going on.  But she withdrew from all the fuss for a time in order to prayerfully focus her thought on the true meaning of the day, and thereafter, the day went well and a good time was had by all.  The newlyweds came for breakfast, as did Gramma and Grampa.  The Duchess’ siblings and accompanying forces arrived later.  The day ended with playing a game with 10-year-old Miss Emilita and 7-year-old Rojito (these names are the Duchess’ terms of endearment for her niece and nephew), Gramma and Grampa, sister Carmencita Maria and brother-in-law Justin Thyme.  It was a children’s game, but a good enough one that the adults all had a really good time playing too.  She promises to look up the info on that game too and share it with you.  Two games were played, the first being won by the Duke, the second by Miss Emilita.  Then it was time for a couple of photos and then everybody packed up their things and headed home.

The Duchess sincerely hopes that you and yours had as lovely a day and wishes you Merry Christmas – or Happy Hanukkah – as the case may be.  God bless you all and grant you light as insistently uplifting, gentle and beautiful as the luminarias!     

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Duchess of Earle and Merryn Flavell Assist iNetGlobal Members in Starting up Their Websites December 10th, 2008

Today, the Duchess of Earle is in east Bloomington, MN, meeting with Merryn Flavell and some of the iNetGlobal members at the Cambria Suites just across the parking lot from Steve Renner’s Bloomington office.  Fellow iNetGlobal members that have joined them are Lori Humble, Mike Turner, Allan Clapp.  This Wednesday meeting has been going on for some months: the faces change most every week, except for those belonging to the Duchess and Merryn, who are the core regulars that assist others as they get their internet marketing businesses off the ground.

This group is here to learn from these two how to take the best advantage of their iNetGlobal membership and all the services it offers.  Allan and Merryn are engrossed at the far end of the table, where Merryn — teacher that she is! – is explaining things to Allan.  Mike has come to meet the Duchess to buy a domain and get a blog started, and Lori is working toward creating her website and blog. 

Mike and the Duchess experiment with domain names until Mike finds one available that he likes.  So he purchases, because of his interest in trading on the stock market.  Allan is still figuring out what direction he’s going to take. He wants to blog, but isn’t sure about his topic.  Allan is looking to build his iNetGlobal group, so the Duchess suggests that he consider blogging about the benefits and advantages he is finding in his iNetGlobal membership. 

Lori is working on setting up her website through iNetGlobal’s new software addition, called V-Webs Site Builder, which is located on the cpanel of one’s website.  She has purchased the domain name of  This program is new to all, as it was added to Renner’s iNetGlobal arsenal just the beginning of last week.  The Duchess is looking over her shoulder part of the time, to see how things are going as she navigates the site.  There are many nice template options and Lori experiments with a couple of them.  After awhile it’s time for her to leave and she packs up to head for home.

The remaining group discusses the possibility of some joint ventures in marketing, teaching classes and writing books to market as a joint venture with the Duchess and Merryn’s soon-to-be-launched membership site.   

Now things have gotten off on a tangent about trading stocks.  Mike is explaining the ins and outs of trading and how he makes a few hundred dollars each day doing so.  Merryn inquires about the best way to learn about this subject.  Mike’s answer is that there is a really good basic book that he has learned a lot from.  The book is titled and it is written by Wade Cook.

Now both fellows realize it’s heading toward suppertime and time to head for home, so they’re off.  Merryn and the Duchess remain, writing, taking notes on what must yet be done to prepare for the launch of their membership site – and intermittently discussing whether to remain here for dinner or split and head home for the evening.  The lobby at the hotel is active with other folks discussing various topics and the aromas wafting – no, more at invading – from the kitchen make it pretty tempting to stick around for a tasty bite…

Well, all right!  It’s time to opt for food – the order is for a chicken pizza, replete with bacon, onion, tomato and asiago and mozzarella cheeses.  With the food-y fragrances floating around here, we can hardly wait for the order to arrive.  And we’re happy to report that it’s really great!

Duchess of Earle is Back in the Tuesday Night Saddle at Renner’s Meeting December 9th, 2008

It’s Tuesday evening again and the Duchess of Earle drives across snowy, frigid Bloomington, Minnesota from west to east to Steve Renner‘s office conference room. 

 The room is full of people this evening as she enters.  Steve is explaining a hiccup with the servers that occurred this afternoon.  Then he greets everyone online on the webcast.

Pretty soon, he starts the business part of the meeting in earnest, sharing how they got started when the internet was a completely free service.  It eventually spawned his Cash Cards International business, an industry in which he was a pioneer. 

Later he realized that, with all the experience he had gained over the years, a lot of people needed the information he had.  So he started The Affiliate Community (TAC), which eventually morphed into his internet marketing training company, Internet Marketing Train, better known as IMTrain.  Over the years his company has generated over $60,000,000 in business online.

After forming IMTrain, Renner came to the conclusion that he should be offering services to the people he was training.  Thus began his building of a greater empire, which today is called iNetGlobal and includes Cash Club (a club that pays rebates and commissions on online purchases), AdPacs (online advertising service), Host2Profits (webhosting), V-Shops (shopping cart and affiliate program), V-Mail (autoresponder service), V-Webcast (on which he is broadcasting right now), BlogPros (a service that offers backlinks to one’s sites) and now, a search engine called @cesse (he pronounces it “access”.).

Now he opens the IMTrain website to show how much training is available to the student/member.  This includes even the pricey Microsoft training programs – stuff you’d pay plenty big bucks for if you went to a school for.

He mentions that V-Webs Site Builder has recently been added to the Host2Profits hosting service.  They have some of the fancier stuff like Joomla and Druple too.

The Duchess goes, while Steve is talking, to to see how things are progressing with the spiders crawling it.  For the very first time, her website comes up when she searches “”  Well, this is an exciting day!  There are five listings for the Duchess.  This is a sign to her that the spiders are getting deeper into the web and have, after a couple of months of spidering, finally hit on some items relating to her blogging efforts.    This is cool to think that it’s coming to be recognized!  Hooray!

Steve is wrapping up for the evening, so we’ll sign off here.  G’night to you, dear readers!

Duchess of Earle and Merryn Flavell are Soon Launching Internet Marketing Membership Site December 9th, 2008

Since attending Jeff Mills’ Midwest Internet Marketing Superconference this past September, and meeting Jason Pearson at that conference, the Duchess of Earle  and her business partner, Merryn Flavell, have been busy writing and proofreading books, articles and reports.  This is because they have been working toward creating an online membership site that helps people get their internet marketing businesses launched.  It’s a joint venture with Mr. Pearson, who is already well established in the business of internet marketing.  For the Duchess and Ms. Flavell, it’s been a bit of an uphill battle to get it all accomplished, but the Duchess is pleased to report that things are progressing to the point where she is ready to share a couple of tidbits of news about the project. 

The first little bit of news is that the launch for the new site is nearing!  It is an exciting thing to know that there are even clients-to-be just waiting in the wings for this little internet marketing rocket to hit the launch pad.  The fact that there already is a reservation list seems, to the Duchess at least, a very positive sign! 

At first, there will be a limited number of memberships accepted.  The purpose for this is to keep things under control and be certain that every member is getting properly assisted in their business start-up.

Now, if it so happens that you, dear reader, have been thinking about beginning your own internet marketing business, then perhaps you would like to find out more about the offerings of this new membership site.  For you, there will certainly be more information coming in the days ahead.  If you desire to be on a list to receive information, you are welcome send the Duchess an email at to request more information as it becomes available.

Or, maybe – like the others on the reservation list mentioned above – you know already that this sounds like what you’re looking for and that you deserve a guiding hand as you begin.  So if you’re reading this, wishing that you, too, could be on the reservation list for the first memberships, the Duchess is happy to invite you to write her at .  When she receives your message, she’ll see to it that you’re entered into the reservation record.  Remember, though, the spaces are limited and you’ll have to write soon in order to be amongst the first to be accepted.  When you write, please include your real name and primary email address. 

When you choose to write, whether for more information or for a place on the reservation record, please indicate in the subject line what you’re writing about:  “more information” or “reservation request.”  The Duchess will be watching for your note!    


December 8th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle usually fills these posts with news about Steve Renner or Loral Langemeier or Merryn Flavell, iNetGlobal and AdPacs or the likes of such things as “Get Off Your Lazy Assets” – but tonight she’s going to share something just for the fun of it.  Something related a bit toward her real estate interests, but also related to Christmas.  She finds this such an audio/visual delight in this that she just couldn’t resist.  She warns you with an impish grin that there could possibly be others before the holiday season is over – but that is yet to be determined.  Anyway, here is the fun, set to non-Christmas music that the Duchess has always very much enjoyed.  Hope you find this as fun as she does!  And, if you’ve ever been to Disney World and seen the fountains outside the world of Imagination, you’ll know one reason she gets such a kick out of this video!


Duchess of Earle is elated over Renner’s Training at San Diego AdPacs Rally December 6th, 2008

Well, friends, the Duchess of Earle attempted earlier today to get on the V-Webcast of the AdPacs Rally in San Diego with Steve Renner, founder of iNetGlobal.  Unfortunately, every time she tried to log in, she got the response that the webcast wasn’t available.  So she finally gave up – until about an hour ago.  Then – voila!  There was the webcast!  And internet marketing guru Steve Renner is sitting in front of his computer, holding forth on internet marketing strategies.  

The content of this training is sooooo goooood that the Duchess is veeeery reluctant to leave for her scheduled dinner party this evening.  She’s just send her Duke off to the grocer’s for the whipping cream for the dessert she’s bringing to the potluck dinner – just because she doesn’t want to leave her computer!  What a state of affairs!  But – she’s getting some really good understandings and a broader perspective on internet marketing from this session.  Oh, rats!  they’re taking a cookie break – and now the Duchess really does have to get her shoes on and leave.  But let me tell you, dear readers, this guy has built – and continues to build – an internet marketing empire and he really knows what he’s doing when it comes to getting traffic directed to his sites!   

Watch for the next Rallies and if they’re in your area, take a serious look at coming to hear what he’s got to say.  If you’re in internet marketing – or want to be in internet marketing – it’s well worth your time to lend an ear to Mr. Renner!

And now the Duchess bids you a pleasant evening and runs out the door!

Loral Langemeier’s New E-Book comes with a Long List of Bonuses December 6th, 2008

As the Duchess of Earle previously noted, Loral Langemeier is at it again, producing yet another volume of wealth-building knowledge.  This time it’s an e-book in a multi-media format that includes both audio and video, so that one can learn in different ways.  This new goodie is titled “Get Off Your Lazy Assets” and it is accompanied by thousands of dollars in bonuses offered by Langemeier’s affiliates – and we’re not talking just a couple of thousand dollars of bonuses, we’re talking over FIVE thousand in bonuses – and counting! 

Now, there are a TON of bonuses to be retrieved by the purchasers of this new book, but the good news is that, once you purchase the book, you have a year to gather all the bonuses.  So you’ll not only have plenty of time to read, listen and watch Loral’s latest wise counsel on money matters, but you’ll have an abundance of time to absorb the wide variety of goodies offered by so many others.  So, please feel free!  Check out “Get Off Your Lazy Assets” and get yourself on the road to building wealth!

Duchess of Earle invites You to Join in the San Diego iNetGlobal AdPacs Rally December 5th, 2008

 The Duchess of Earle is writing to alert you to the San Diego iNetGlobal AdPacs Rally, which starts tomorrow morning, December 6th.  Steve Renner, the founder of iNetGlobal, will be in beautiful Mission Bay for the iNetGlobal Internet Marketing Seminar and Business Opportunity presentation.

There was a special VIP Party tonight in the Hotel bar at 7:30 PM tonight. 

Steve is looking forward to meeting our iNetGlobal Consultants and VIPs  and their guests in person at the AdPacs Rally in the morning.  Please accept the Duchess’ invitation to be amongst them if you’re in the area – or, if you’re not in the region, join the group online for the webcast.

Here is the schedule for the day:

Event Starts Saturday December 6th at 9:00 AM PST

iNetGlobal Internet Marketing Presentation and Business Opportunity Meeting 9:00 – 11:00 AM

By Steve Renner, Founder iNetGlobal

Special Guest Speaker:

Building a Successful Home Based Business 11:00 – 12:00 PM   The speaker for this segment is network marketing legend Robert Butwin.

Lunch 12:00 – 1:00 PM

iNetGlobal Business Training 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Break – 3:00 – 3:30

Question & Answer 3:30 – 4:00 PM

Sign Up – Orders 4:00 – 4:30 PM

Seminar Close


Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina

1441 Quivira Road,

San Diego, California, USA 92109

The meeting will be live on V-WebCast.  To join the webcast, go to .  Scroll down the page and then click the V-Webcast link.  When prompted enter your information and use the password: imtrain

So, even though it’s Saturday and you might otherwise be tempted to sack in, please do consider yourself welcome to join the iNetGlobal crew in the morning.  There is much to learn and the Duchess thinks you’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a Little Peek at Loral’s “Get Off Your Lazy Assets” December 4th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle here offers a little bit of information about what Loral Langemeier’s new multi-media e-book covers, and she invites you to take a look.  In these days of financial turmoil, it’s a good thing to consider.

from “Get Off Your Lazy Assets”

Focus on what you’re thinking and feeling – it helps to get a handle on abstract concepts, but then comes the difficulty of translating these abstract concepts into tangible results. You’ll learn how to overcome this instead of letting it hold you back.

One of the reasons that so many people give away their value is because they don’t know how to value their energy. You’ll learn how to determine that value and apply it comfortably.

The reason that I have one of the highest client retention rates of anyone in the wealth building business, and the reason that I can actually make people millionaires, is that I show you how to practice wealth building from your inherent strengths. You’ll learn how you can convert your natural abilities into wealth-building currency.

You need to shift from a Lifestyle Cycle into a Wealth Cycle and set up its 12 Building Blocks. Each building block requires specific skills. Some you have, some you don’t. You’ll learn how to handle these building blocks successfully to achieve your goals.

We know that there are good leaders and bad leaders and that some good leaders lead others into bad ideas and bad leaders fail to sell even the best ideas. You’ll learn what good leaders share in common.

Too many people are overwhelmed by the idea of wealth building. They think that finance is a complicated thing. They think that there are professionals who’ve been investing for years and know so much more than they could ever learn. You’ll learn that you are capable of building wealth.

To be a true wealth builder, you have got to build a plan, follow the plan on a regular basis, and allow flexibility in your plan so you don’t get thrown off it. You’ll learn to be in action around your wealth, even if, at first, it’s just a few minutes a day.

So, please, dear friends, accept the Duchess’ invitation to check out “Get Off Your Lazy Assets.”  You’ll be glad you did!