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Duchess of Earle Meets with Steve Renner for Launch of iNetGlobal February 28th, 2009

“Pretty nippy for the last day of February!” says the Duchess of Earle to herself as she rolls off her driveway headed for Steve Renner‘s iNetGlobal launch meeting this morning.  It’s zero degrees Farenheit on a day that would, on average, be up around thirty degrees. 

Today is a very special day for iNetGlobal because it marks the day iNetGlobal emerges from its pre-launch stage.  It’s such a big day that the boss himself has decided to don a suit and tie!  Impressive! 

People arrive and the room begins to fill.  The Duchess checks in online to see who is there – and finds there are people from around the world that have checked in to see what’s up today.  (By the way, the Duchess sends a shout out to S.E. in the UK – nice to see you with us today!) 

Steve begins to discuss the story of his company.  It’s coming up on being eleven years old this coming month.  They’ve gone from just a little “one horse” operation to a training company to a company that focuses on online advertising.  Last year, online advertising was up 30 billion dollars from the previous year, so there is a veritable ton of opportunity.  iNetGlobal now has its own search engine called and it is expected to become the fourth largest search engine.  All the ads on the other major search engines are all sold by Google and the difference for Acesse is that iNetGlobal is selling its own advertising  on its own search engine.

iNetSurf is the permission-based phase of the company.  Members can surf other members’ businesses, get acquainted and do business together.

V-Local is the local advertising arm that gets businesses ranked on the search engines.  Other yellow pages type companies may buy advertising for a company that gets them to the first page of search results, but the minute the advertising dollar is spent, the listing is gone.  The important V-Local difference is that the company’s website is getting listed on the web, so that it will show up on search results.  This is a huge – and crucial – difference that gives the V-Local advertiser benefits that are head-and-shoulders above those of its competitors.

Mr. Renner runs through the other services that iNetGlobal offers:  IMTrain (internet marketing training), V-shops, V-Webcast (webcasting service), V-Mail (autoresponder).

He goes back to the subject of V-Local.  It’s able to be self-managed: one can put up photos, videos, coupons, people can sign up for your business – it’s so complete it could be all the website that a company needs.  All clients’ sites are getting search engine optimized.  Businesses can have V-Local personnel do the videos, if they wish, and then V-Local staff will perform the service of putting up the videos in all the right places on the web. 

The new iNetGlobal site is all-inclusive – no longer will members have to go to multiple sites to manage all aspects of their iNetGlobal membership.  This new site isn’t live yet, but Renner expects to have it up and running in the coming week – so the Duchess encourages you to watch for it and check it out when it appears.

Steve mentions that they’re adding spiders to the indexing force, so that they will be indexing 180,000,000 pages a month.  He may even ramp it up more to speed up the process of getting the search engine up to speed, so that the results of the search engine are as good and thorough as the results on a Google search.

Centerfield’s, the restaurant where the iNetGlobal party will be held at the end of this coming month, is going to run a coupon special for the launch party – a two-for-one drink coupons that can be printed at home and brought in for the party.

He shares the story of how a local upscale car dearlership noticed the V-Local presence this week, called up the home office and requested a visit from Renner’s representative – and he was so impressed that not only did he want one listing, but one for each department of the business!

There are different levels of service for your business with V-Local.  The Duchess confesses that she was unable to get them all down fast enough, but promises that she’ll get the info into a post one of these days.

Every iNetGlobal member gets a V-Local listing for their business – they can create coupons that will help bring people in.

They’re also creating online text ads that will go to your cell phone.  There will be a charge for that, just as there would be for other advertising.  There will also be a way to surf ads from your cell phone – this is great for people in countries where not many people have computers, but where they do have cell phones.  This will be a way to grow the company that will be huge.

Steve asks for questions and the one that comes is:  “How do you get paid?”   So he launches into the marketing plan.

To get started in the business, one must first sign up as a Preferred Customer and purchase $20 in product per month.  The next step is to purchase a Consultant Kit at $59.95.  In includes a number of things, including one year access to the back office.  You get points credited to you for everything you purchase/sell and

Being a preferred Customer means increase commissions,, double fast-start bonus cash, double advertising bonucs= credits, 100% matching AdPacs (iPoints/Credits), hosting, training, turnkey businesses (all the products and services that iNetGlobal offers, including the soon-to-be-operative travel business).

Then you choose your package to get started:

$150 Starter Package

$500 Professionsal Package

$1000Executive Package

$2000 Deluxe Package

All Consultants earn money based on sales.  Some of it comes in the form of rebates, some in commissions, some in rewards and bonuses.

The company is really based on recruiting one or two people.  If you refer two people, you can move up in the program and earn more money.

There are six ways to earn:

1 – Retail Sales Commissions

2 – Fast Start Bonuses

3 – Revenue Sharing

4 – Residual Income

5 – Leadership Bonus

6 – Royalty Bonus

This plan creates residual income, if one works it.  So what is that, you may ask?  Residual income is the concept of making a sale one time, but getting paid over and over for that same sale.  He cites the old Columbia House record advertising campaigns wherein one received several records for a penny – and then they’d send you one record a month until you cried “Uncle!” and cancelled your $9.95 billing.  This is a form of residual income and he really wants to get this idea through his members’ heads – 70% of the money that comes to the company gets paid right back out to the member marketing force.  Get people started on this and they’ll be with you a long time, just the way Columbia House records did. 

People ask why he’ll give so much on the front end of the offer to the marketing forces – it’s because he knows the lifetime value of the customer and it’s the residual value of the business they bring to the company’s sales team.  It comes in like clockwork, whether they work or not.  The slide on the screen shows a group offering a potential $16,000 income per month – in a business that grew ideally (which means it’s picture-perfect and that the members underneath you grew equally in all legs – which doesn’t normally happen, of course.  This is just for the sake of example of potential.).  But what if you failed 90% and only did 10% of that?  Would 1600 per month make a difference for you and your family?  What about those in Africa?  $1600 a month is more than the president of some of those countries makes per month.  What if some living in a grass hut were to earn $800/mo. with iNetGlobal?  Would that make a difference in their lives?  One would surely think so…

Today’s special offer is a Matching Bonus of up to 120%, depending upon the package you choose to purchase.  The offer is good through the end of March and is as follows:

Starter Package = 20%  Match

Professional = 50% Match

Executive = 100% Match

Deluxe = 120% Match

He shares the news of a fellow in China – doesn’t even speak English – that got into iNetGlobal on Monday and by Thursday was cashing out $875.00 in earnings.

If a member signs up later in the month, that purchase qualifies them for auto pay for the coming month.  He cites the example of signing up on the 20th of the month and not having to re-order again right away – you’re qualified for that month as well.

Steve fields other questions – a wide variety of them.  Then he moves to wrap up the meeting, thanking everybody for coming to share this new day for iNetGlobal.  Things are going to be really moving come Monday – it’s a new day for iNetGlobal.

Then he steps over, picks up his guitar case.  He removes the instrument, tunes it up and then begins to play.  After a song, he starts again – and then bursts into song.  It’s a happy-type love song, a good and upbeat tone to strike for the close of a good meeting. 

The Duchess signs off today with an invitation to you to check out her iNetGlobal site, both today and when the new site launches, which is expected to happen within the next week or two.

Duchess of Earle Counts Down to iNetGlobal Feb 28th Launch February 27th, 2009

It’s Tuesday evening once again and the Duchess of Earle finds herself a bit late as she logs into Steve Renner‘s iNetGlobal webcast, the last Tuesday evening presentation before the official launch of iNetGlobal this coming Saturday.  All systems are go for the big celebration and flurry of activity that will accompany this event, which will last all through the month of March.  Special promotions and offers will abound – in fact, some are going on already.

As the Duchess arrives in the webcast room, Mr. Renner is announcing the new name for the permission-based advertising service, formerly referred to as AdPacs, but now called iNetSurf.  This is the very affordable advertising service for those that wish to place their ads on a rotator and have others view their ads for a minimum of 20 seconds each.  The ads have keywords – and can have zipcodes – attached to them, so that topics can be searched for by those surfing the ads.  This has proven a successful means of advertising for many businesses, and it’s so affordable because the business can also earn rebates on the advertising dollars it has spent.  Business owners can also recommend this service to other business owners and earn commissions on the purchases of those businesses as well.  So there are a couple of ways to earn money utilizing the benefits of iNetSurf – in additional to purely marketing one’s products and/or services there.

Next, he launches into the discussion of search engines.  He shares a chart that shows how Google and Yahoo have grown in the last number of years.   In about 2005, the two were running neck-and-neck in the marketplace.  But then, in 2006, Google introduced AdWords – and that really allowed Google to take a leap ahead of Yahoo.  And Google’s lead has increased in the following years, so the advertising piece has been absolutely huge for Google and its growth.

Our Mr. Renner has been observing all this activity and it caused him to decide to enter the advertising fray with his own AdPacs ad system and his own search engine, called  (Just so you know, friends, he pronouces it “access.”)   He put his own team of spiders online starting late last summer, working to index the internet’s content.  He – and those like the Duchess that either were already involved or those that got involved early on – have watched the search results grow over these last months.  It’s really been an exciting thing to see happen.  Steve started using the keyword ‘travel’ as his yardstick.  He got about fifteen results the first time he searched it – way last fall.  Today, it yields (the Duchess just did the search, so this number is hot off the presses) 1,560,549 results.  Does this compare with Google’s search for the same word at 1,090,000,000?  Not yet – but it certainly will!  His spiders are busy indexing about a million pages per day, he says – so eventually he’s going to get caught up and then expects that will be the fourth largest search engine.  Even Google’s spiders have begun visiting Acesse’s site more often.  The Duchess recalls a meeting with Mr. Renner a couple of months ago wherein he mentioned that the Google spiders had come back for a second visit to Acesse that day; he said it was the first time they had done so more than once a day – so that was really exciting for him and his crew to observe as a benchmark moment in the search engine’s growth.

So what’s the big deal about Acesse search engine?  It has advertising on it, friends – just like Google.  And Mr. Renner’s services now include advertising – and the cost of advertising on is a lot less than advertising on Google.  One may pay a couple of bucks for a click on that could cost them $50 on Google.  The Duchess presumes that eventually the cost will rise – as always happens when demand increases, but for now the low costs are the truth and there are some big players that have begun to take notice.  Ads from major companies are appearing both on the search engine and in the advertising rotator.  That’s pretty exciting!

But wait!  As seems always the case with Mr. Renner’s services – there’s more!  He has another offering for business advertisers in his newest program, which he has dubbed V-Local.   This is a program that he and his staff have been playing with for the past year or so under the name of Twin Cities Business Directory and have now decided to unveil to the general public.  It offers businesses great online exposure – their ads can even have videos on them and a photo gallery of up to nine images.  The advertising is geo-targeted and merchants are also able to put their coupons online.  Right now, shoppers can search by category of vendor or location and find merchants in the US, Canada, UK, China – and a couple more that the Duchess missed getting down.  More communities/nations will be coming in the weeks ahead.  Advertising packages for V-Local are available at three levels – in additional to a free listing position.  There are other systems out there doing this sort of listing, but many just post an ad for the business instead of getting the merchant’s page listed with the search engines.  This is a pretty major difference and an extremely valuable one.  It’s valuable for the merchant that wants to promote his/her business – and it’s valuable for the iNetGlobal internet marketer, because there are so many ways that one can make money offering this – and all of iNetGlobal’s suite of products.

Please write the Duchess at if you’d like your questions answered about any of these services or if you’re interested in signing up for membership in iNetGlobal.

The Duchess would also like to remind you that Saturday morning, Feb. 28th at 9:00 Central Standard Time is the official launch for iNetGlobal.  We’ll be having a meeting that will kick off the month of March and really get iNetGlobal rockin’ and rollin’.  Please come join us!  The link for the meeting is here.  When you get there, scroll down the page for the box that mentions the online presentation – and note that the password is: imtrain  .   Come join us!  See you on Saturday morning!

And – the Duchess almost forgot!  It’s way off subject, but…  Below is a little video that a friend of the Duchess, Lady Ruth T, sent earlier this week.  It was so absolutely dear that the Duchess couldn’t resist sharing it with her readers.  Oh, that we all could get along so well together, in spite of our differences!  Enjoy!


Duchess of Earle announces iNetGlobal’s Latest News! February 11th, 2009

It’s Wednesday evening and the Duchess of Earle is catching up on her latest blog posting, written this past weekend:

It’s Saturday morning and, full of blueberry pancakes she shared with her Duke over breakfast, the Duchess of Earle once again traverses Bloomington, Minnesota to meet with Steve Renner about iNetGlobal and AdPacs and the search engine Acesse

iNetGlobal is in the final stages of pre-launch.  In addition to the winding down of the pre-launch phase, the Fast Start Bonus program is also singing its swan song this month.  One can enter the program at a cost of $1997 and earn at a VIP level of earnings for the first 60 days while they build their organization.  It’s a great opportunity that lets one earn higher pay while they build – a rare thing, friends.

Steve is announcing that they’ve lowered the requirements to get to the VIP program: one now can get into the VIP program with only two consultants (previously it took three).  This is a great deal – makes it so much easier.

When you build an organization, you will also position yourself for what is called the Leadership bonus, which allows you to earn overrides on your organization.   That’s a pretty good thing!  It pays you to build and it builds you a residual income.  That’s the kind of income a person really wants to have.

There are other pieces to the earnings plan, more than the Duchess will go into here.  Suffice it to say, there are many ways to earn with this program and the Duchess can gratefully tell you that it’s possible to make money here and encourages you to check it out.

Now there is a break in the program while Annie in Toronto gives the iNetGlobal presentation in Chinese.  This is because this company is really rockin’ and rollin’ amongst the Chinese communities in Canada and the US and Annie is one of those leading the charge. 

Renner now launches into discussion of his new geo-targeted advertising service (which is actually still in beta stage and not yet available online), called V-Local.  They’ve been playing for a year with this in a prototype called Twin City Business Directory – and it’s been very successful, so they’re about to roll it out to the whole membership.  Businesses can advertise, run specials, offer coupons, announce events, etc.  This is a great way for them to get ranked in the search engines, which is a truly valuable service for the businesses.  As an example, he brings up the ad for Minneapolis restaurant, Cafe di Napoli and shows how perfectly this site is optimized.

But that’s not all he’s got to announce this morning.  The next new thing is the announcement of a strategic partnership with that allows members to have their own travel site.  This will be available to members on the monthly autoship program (this means you’re paying every month for the automatic purchase of advertising – this autoship is fully commissionable on all levels).  It offers another opportunity to members to build a business and earn on their sales – in addition to being able to earn on their own purchases.  There will be an additional monthly charge for this program, as is the case with two other services in the Renner internet marketing arsenal, V-Shops (shopping cart and affiliate program) and V-Webcast. 

Now he takes questions.  V-Local will be up and running before the launch on March 1st.  There will be a training session put out on the internet about the program, which will walk members through the process of signing up.

In response to a question about whether our domain’s cpanels have autoresponder or email capability, he answers that the Cpanel has a simple mailing list.  It’s not a smart autoresponder and you cannot set up a series of sequenced messages that go out.  You just enter their names when they sign up for your list and send them out your letters with offers.

He reminds people that we have, in honor of the Chinese New Year, the $400 Laptop offer.  If you bring in five people that buy in with the Gold Deluxe package, then you will be given $400 toward the purchase of a new computer.

Steve signs off, saying Tuesday evening is the next broadcast.  And this is the Duchess of Earle, signing off too.

Duchess of Earle shares Joost de Valk’s lessons on WordPress Blogging and SEO February 3rd, 2009

The Duchess of Earle is listening this morning thanks to Steve Renner) to Joost de Valk, one of Europe’s foremost authorities on blogging and search engine optimization.  This video is about WordPress and how to use it to the fullest.  She offers this video to her readers in hopes that it will help them as much as it is her.  So, dear readers, you are invited to learn and enjoy!


WordPress SEO & Optimisation Strategies a4uexpo London 2008 from existem on Vimeo.


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Less is More for Opt-in Marketing February 2nd, 2009

The  Duchess of Earle is checking things out on internet marketing tonight and the subject she’s pursuing at this moment is how to approach opt-in marketing.  She found the following chart about how often people fudge when giving information and found it interesting enough to share with her readers.  It asks the survey takers how often they provid accurate information when they’re asked for a number of particulars about themselves.  The Duchess, reminded of the real estate world’s “Truth in Housing” laws, has labelled this chart “Truth in Opt-in Statistics.”

Truth in Opt-in Statistics

Truth in Opt-in Statistics

Judging by the chart, the name and email address are the two fields your registrants are likely to give you in accurate fashion – and even at that, about a third of them admit to giving an inaccurate email address.  Usually when the Duchess gives out her name and email, she’s been persuaded to surrender this information in exchange for a report or newsletter she’d like to receive.  Leaves one wondering how these folks expect to receive the bonus for which they’re asking…  But it does seem that the less information one asks for, the more likely it is that they will be given the correct data.

so, that’s a tidbit of info for the Duchess’ fellow internet marketers – something to consider when composing your squeeze pages – and she hopes you find it beneficial.

To find out how you too can get such helpful information at your fingertips, the Duchess invites you to check out this link.