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“Check us out for your Travel Plans,” says the Duchess of Earle August 29th, 2010

Good evening, dear readers!

The Duchess of Earle is just posting a quick note this evening to invite you to check out her travel website if you’re contemplating taking a holiday to that favorite spot.  We have some good deals that are being offered – deals you won’t want to miss out on.  So please, accept the Duchess’ invitation to investigate what deals you can get by clicking on the banners below.  Thanks for checking us out!


Also, please note that oftentimes you can get even better deals when you book airfare and hotels together.  For a customized trip, click on the ad below:


The Duchess of Earle Picks up Art Williams’ Book August 27th, 2010

The Duchess of Earle regularly attends training sessions focused on the relationship marketing company she promotes these days.  There are very experienced people doing the teaching and in this case the instructor was a chap named Chris Doyle

  Chris Doyle

Now Mr. Doyle has been a successful businessman in his own right before getting into this particular company.  He ran a company that stone-washed blue jeans for all the big-name retailers.  Then NAFTA came along and that “giant sucking sound” of which Ross Perot spoke had its effect on Doyle’s business and he lost it all within a few short months – he went from multi-millionaire to flat broke.  So he’s had it all – and he’s had it at zero.  But as it happily happens, he’s made it all back again. 

So in this recent training session, Mr. Doyle happened to mention a certain book.  Now the Duchess has the tendency to take note when a mentor mentions a book and she also tends to run right out, pick up a copy and dig in to find out what gems for her are hidden between the covers.  The book mentioned in this case is one written in the latter 1980s by the insurance industry’s star A. L. Williams’ and it is titled, All You Can Do Is All You Can Do But All You Can Do Is Enough

So the Duchess, true to form, got online on the FHTM Rewards Mall (By the way, dear reader, you are invited to click on the Rewards Mall link and go to there to create your own account, so you, too, may get discounts and earn money back on your online purchases) and went shopping for a copy.  It arrived today and she started right out reading it aloud to herself and the Duke as they were on the way to take an evening walk together around one of the City of Minneapolis’ famous lakes

She read most of the way home too – and she and the Duke are enjoying what they’re hearing.  Some of it reminds her of what Jeffery Combs says (check some of the other more recent posts on this blog for more information about Mr. Combs).

She has decided to share some of her favorite tidbits out of this evening’s readings:

Mr. Williams says in his book that there are unwritten laws and in this first chapter he lists two.  The first one says that “Life will give you whatever you’ll accept.”  He points out that one must “demand”  in order to get the most replete sense of life.  The second is “Life will turn out the way you see it turning out.”  This opens the door to dream again, even if one has been “beaten up” by life in general.  He points out that, even though times are tough, if we desire success – whatever our personal definition of that is – we have the ability to change our thinking and our expectations, the ability rise to the occasion, to “show up and fight for it.” 

This is reminiscent of what James Allen says in his book, As a Man Thinketh:  “A man is literally what he thinks.”  And that harks back to the Scriptures, the book of Solomon‘s Proverbs (Chapter 23, Verse 7 to be exact), where it says, “…as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:…” 

So, friends, this evening the Duchess is appreciating Williams’, Allen’s and Solomon’s words of self-examination and encouragement – and invites you to do the same.  Life may hand us lemons some days, but let’s get busy making lemonade! 

Lemonade is marketable! – and done correctly, it’s profitable! – even in a difficult economy.  But it’s up to you and me to DECIDE to make it through the challenges.  Just like Chris Doyle, Art Williams – and many others – let’s go for it! 





Duchess of Earle sits in on Jeffery Combs’ Conference Call August 20th, 2010

Good evening, dear readers!

Well, unfortunately the Duchess of Earle had to be away from her phone booth for part of Jeffery Combs‘ call on Tuesday evening when it was live, so today, she went back to listen to the archived edition online, so as not to miss any pearls of wisdom. 

She shares with her readers herein some of those little goodies she heard – in hopes that they will also find them beneficial.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It is interesting that, just as the Duchess began to type this post, there was reason to assist the Duke on a little project he was working on.  It led her to read a passage from Eugene Peterson’s The Message, where in Mr. Peterson was commenting on learning. 

His remarks were specifically about happiness not being the result of book-learning, and this same notion seems equally as fitting to the notion of learning how to approach business.  He says (on p. 2135), “Something more like apprenticeship is required, being  around someone who out of years of devoted discipline shows us, by his or her entire behavior, what it is.  Moments of verbal instruction will certainly occur, but mostly an apprentice acquires skill by daily and intimate association with a “master,” picking up subtle but absolutely essential things, such as timing and rhythm and “touch.” ”  Timing…  rhythm…  touch…  All qualities of thought gleaned by observation, put into practice by modeling the examplar.  It seemed to the Duchess that this is just what she’d been hearing about on the archived call…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

So now back to Mr. Combs:  After a series of what the Duchess will call “speedbumps” in the road of life,” Mr. Combs has spent many years learning to discipline himself, learning how to prospect and be successful in business; therefore he has much to offer those that are willing to listen to – and act upon – his counsel.  He has been in life situations that have been more than challenging, but has come through them, not only to survive,  but to thrive – and now is easily a six-figure income earner from the comfort of his home in Stockton, California

Mr. Combs’ subject for the evening had to do with closing a sale – a subject anyone in relationship or internet marketing should be studying and practicing continually.  So here they come, friends, some of the ‘goodies’ the Duchess most appreciated:

In order to close a sale, one must be able to ask questions and they must come “early and often” in the conversation with the potential business partner/customer.

There is a “rock-solid science” to asking questions…  It’s a science, but also an art.

Your questions should create a connection with the individual.  To use questions successfully, you must have a genuine interest in the person and make them feel that in your voice and action.  If your approach and execution are well done, it won’t feel like an interrogation by the local constabulary.


As you chat with people:                                                     

You’re looking for people who qualify for your time – please note, friends, that not everyone does! 

You’re seeking those that can afford your product and/or service.

You’re watching for teachability – people who are willing to be coached, willing to learn. 

You’re also looking for independence – those that are dependent upon you will never make it on their own.

Learn to spot resourcefulness – people who don’t focus on the ‘how’ of things, but on the ‘why’ of things and then go ahead and take action.

You require more leads than you have time to get to.  If you don’t have enough leads, you tend to get attached to your potential customers/partners.  If you don’t have enough leads now, get some more – buy them if necessary.

The science of closing comes down to two issues: hurting and rescuing.  Your potential client/partner is hurting in some way (the number one biggest hurt is money).  Find out where their pain is and then throw them a lifeline: offer them your product/service/opportunity.

Now, dear readers, assuming you’re here on account of one of life’s hurts and assuming that it’s likely financial, would it give you an assist if the Duchess threw you a lifeline?  If you’re that person that is coachable, that desires to learn and is willing to take action, go ahead!  Grab this lifeline by clicking below to check out Jeffery Combs’ excellent set of CDs on the subject of mastering the science and the art of asking questions.  You’ll learn to build your business and close those deals!

Receive your copy of the Power of Asking Special Offer today!


Also, before the Duchess signs off this evening, she’ll mention to you all that there is a More Heart Than Talent event coming up right after the first of the new year and she invites you to seriously consider attending – you can even bring your entire team, as there is a group rate available.  Click here for more information.

Poetic Encouragement for the Entrepreneur August 6th, 2010

Well, today the Duchess of Earle came across a poem, a kind of “Thought for the Day” kind of thing.  In a roundabout way she happened upon it in a sermon printed online.  It seemed to her to be exactly the kind of reminder she required at the moment – this in regard to what she’s been doing these last number of months as she strives to build her business.  She offers it to you, her readers, in the hope that it will encourage you, embolden you to “keep on keeping on” when the going gets tough, knowing all the while that what you’re working on may be something like the asparagus plant, in that one doesn’t see the results of their labors right away. 

So here it is, friends – a poem by the poetess Ann North (about whom the Duchess can find no further information or she would have given her readers a link to Ms North’s site).  Be that as it may – enjoy, friends – and dare to hope and do!

P.S.  That’s Paul Cezanne‘s painting, “The Gardener” right above the poem. :)





Some of the seeds of hope

Planted tentatively in the fall

Have not come up

They lie stillborn and unrealized

Somewhere in the spring soil


The strongest and best ones

Pushed up through leaves

And layers of cold, hard resistance

Right into clear blue air

And stand there nakedly green


It’s always that way with growing things

Never knowing at the start

Which will make it and which will fail

But the thing to hold fast to

Never to lose faith in

Is simply



The Fun of Earning Money Back on Your Shopping August 6th, 2010

Good day to all the Duchess of Earle‘s readers!  This is the day you get a special invitation!

Here’s the scoop:  The Duchess belongs to a program that allows all mouse-clicking online shoppers to earn money back on what they purchase at hundreds of name-brand stores. 

Not only does one receive a discount when one purchases goods and services online, but one also earns points. 

Now the wondrous thing about these delightful points, the Duchess is happy to inform you,  is that they translate directly into dollars and cents. 

How’s that, you ask?  Well, when one accumulates 25 points, or in other words, $25.00 worth of points, then one’s earnings are loaded onto a card.  The cash is now on the card and can be used anywhere, cashed out or even donated to one’s favorite charity.  The Duchess thinks this is a pretty neat thing and loves using her membership, not only for the discounts, but for that growing number of points and the cash it promises.

Best of all, this privilege is FREE, friends – there is absolutely no charge to get this benefit!

So here’s the invitation, dear friends:  The Duchess cordially invites you to CLICK HERE to be taken to the Duchess’ site, where (amongst a selection of logos that offer links to various companies) you will find a little logo in brown lettering that says “FHTM Rewards Mall.”   It looks like this:

Click on that and sign up for FREE to be a member of the Rewards Mall  – and get started getting discounts and earning your own points that turn into cash in your pocket! 

Yes, Duchess, please take me to the Rewards Mall now!

Duchess of Earle shares some notes from Jeffery Combs’ Call August 5th, 2010

Well, dear readers, the Duchess of Earle spent the latter part of her evening on Jeffery Combs’ Tuesday evening conference call.  She must say that these calls are really hitting the nail on the head, at least in her view.

Last week, Mr. Combs had a stellar guest on his call, a woman named Susan Sly and she was no less than terrific.

This week Jeffery soloed, as is most often the case.  But that doesn’t mean the call was any less content-loaded.  He opens the call with people signing on from all parts of the country, and then offers announcements about his schedule – when and where he’ll be speaking in the coming weeks and months, when he’ll be offering ones of his break-through weekends.  Then he launches into the subject matter he has chosen, which, tonight, was all about the importance of writing – and telling – your own story.

The Duchess was impressed with several things that stood out to her and she’ll share them with you, in the hope that you will be arrested by these thoughts as well:

– Realize that your past does not have to dictate your present.

– People desire to hear your story, which makes them believe in you.  This, in turn, allows them to believe in themselves.

– You need to complete the task at hand – and see the outcome in your thought before it is completed.  This requires inner vision.

– Your story is significant.  You can be proud of all you’ve come through to get where you are.

He encouraged every one on the call to write out their story – whether in only a paragraph or a full page. 

You, dear readers, are invited to join the Duchess in this project.  You, too, can begin to write your story today.  You can envision your desired outcomes and write the story of how you accomplished your self-assignments and dreams, how you weathered the stormy challenges you encountered along the way, how you found the intestinal fortitude to keep on going when things got tough, how you found a way to mentally “stay in the game” and “get ‘er done” in spite of the brick walls, sand traps and quagmires daily life handed you – how you’ve braved your way through the winds of life.

So, please join the Duchess as she takes her pen in hand to write her story – write yours!  It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out!

When you’re done writing, check out this offer of Jeffery’s (see the link below) – it’s all about asking the right questions, an important skill in relationship marketing!  Working with those ideas will get your story on the road to fulfillment! 

Receive your copy of the Power of Asking Special Offer today!

Duchess of Earle announces an Affiliation with Jeffery Combs August 2nd, 2010

Good afternoon to all the Duchess of Earle‘s readers!

The Duchess wishes she had a trumpet on hand and that, if she did, she knew how to play a little brass fanfare  (actually, she just found one!)…


…to accompany the announcement that she has affiliated herself with Mister Jeffery Combs. (You may have noticed that the Duchess posted his 4th of July offer in the previous blog entry.)  If you haven’t seen that yet, you will find  Mr. Combs’ photo below, just so you know who he is. 

Jeffery Combs, President & Founder, Golden Mastermind Serminars, Inc.

(The Duchess has discovered in the process of writing this post that there is another Jeff Combs out there – one with LOTS of Hollywood credentials – a guy that sometimes has looked like this:

  However, the Duchess, with a smile of good-natured relief and a wipe of her brow, is happy to inform you that this is not at all the same chap!)

A little background:  You may – or may not – know, dear reader, that Jeffery Combs is the President and Founder of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc., a Stockton, California-base company that specializes in coaching and assisting people, such as you and the Duchess, in learning the skills it takes to run a profitable business.  The Duchess has been aware of Mr. Combs now for several years and has listened on and off to his weekly calls; she has also attended a half-day event and heard him speak live.  In the last year or so she has become more faithful about listening in on his conference calls and has found herself more and more impressed with what Mr. Combs has to say.  Looks as though it’s been a matter of the old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  Well, this student didn’t think she was particularly ready at the beginning, but she finds herself much moreso now! – and that’s a happy thing! 

It’s a particularly happy thing because the Duchess now has a team of folks in her business and she is leading them to listen to and heed Mr. Combs’ training, so that they are learning to improve their own methods of approach in their respective businesses.  Sharing with her team is what led the Duchess to contemplate, and then act upon, associating herself with Golden Mastermind.  It’s because of the benefit she sees in the growth of herself and her business associates – and because she hopes that you too, her frequent readers, will find similar benefits in Mr. Combs’ offerings.

Here’s a little bit of additional info for you, dear website friends:  Golden Mastermind offers quite a number of products for the entrepreneur, whether experienced or novice.  Of late, the Duchess’ team has been meeting weekly to listen to and discuss Mr. Combs’ information on the subject of prospecting. It has been both enlightening and encouraging to the entire team; therefore the Duchess invites you, her blog-reading entrepreneurial friends, to consider the benefits of this program to your own enterprises.  Prospecting is something that anyone in business must find a way to do – and anyone who has been in business longer than about 5 minutes already knows that it can be challenging, albeit rewarding.  Take a click on the following link and check it out!  It’s well worth the investment in yourself and your business, because, dear friend, you deserve to succeed!  And when you write to or speak with Mr. Combs about your situation, please tell him the Duchess sent you! – and happy prospecting to all the Duchess’ entrepreneurial friends!

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