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Along with Millions, the Duchess remembers John Lennon Today October 8th, 2010

Don’t even recall exactly what got the Duchess of Earle started on this sequence of events, but she’s here, nonetheless – ah, yes!  It was the Google logo of the day that led her to stumble across some videos on YouTube, including Yoko Ono‘s invitation to all to post their own memorials today.  What followed was an enjoyable lunch hour pulling up one video after another of Beatles songs on this 70th anniversary of the birth of John Lennon.

The Duchess remembers the days when the rockin’ British boys with the pudding-bowl bangs caused such a stir.  Nothing was the same after that in the modern music world, that is certain – and the impact clearly remains to the present and will certainly be with us far beyond this date.

The Duchess will share with you Yoko’s remarks:

Then she will also share with you the fun she found after seeing Yoko’s message.  It’s a band of Beatles-song-singers named The Meetles and the Duchess has had a great time listening to the oldies!  Brings back many long-forgotten memories!  She invites you to enjoy the following videos as much as she has. :)

Here’s to you,  John, and your Beatle buddies, Paul, George and Ringo – thank you for all the great music and memories!