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The Duchess of Earle Picks up Art Williams’ Book August 27th, 2010

The Duchess of Earle regularly attends training sessions focused on the relationship marketing company she promotes these days.  There are very experienced people doing the teaching and in this case the instructor was a chap named Chris Doyle

  Chris Doyle

Now Mr. Doyle has been a successful businessman in his own right before getting into this particular company.  He ran a company that stone-washed blue jeans for all the big-name retailers.  Then NAFTA came along and that “giant sucking sound” of which Ross Perot spoke had its effect on Doyle’s business and he lost it all within a few short months – he went from multi-millionaire to flat broke.  So he’s had it all – and he’s had it at zero.  But as it happily happens, he’s made it all back again. 

So in this recent training session, Mr. Doyle happened to mention a certain book.  Now the Duchess has the tendency to take note when a mentor mentions a book and she also tends to run right out, pick up a copy and dig in to find out what gems for her are hidden between the covers.  The book mentioned in this case is one written in the latter 1980s by the insurance industry’s star A. L. Williams’ and it is titled, All You Can Do Is All You Can Do But All You Can Do Is Enough

So the Duchess, true to form, got online on the FHTM Rewards Mall (By the way, dear reader, you are invited to click on the Rewards Mall link and go to there to create your own account, so you, too, may get discounts and earn money back on your online purchases) and went shopping for a copy.  It arrived today and she started right out reading it aloud to herself and the Duke as they were on the way to take an evening walk together around one of the City of Minneapolis’ famous lakes

She read most of the way home too – and she and the Duke are enjoying what they’re hearing.  Some of it reminds her of what Jeffery Combs says (check some of the other more recent posts on this blog for more information about Mr. Combs).

She has decided to share some of her favorite tidbits out of this evening’s readings:

Mr. Williams says in his book that there are unwritten laws and in this first chapter he lists two.  The first one says that “Life will give you whatever you’ll accept.”  He points out that one must “demand”  in order to get the most replete sense of life.  The second is “Life will turn out the way you see it turning out.”  This opens the door to dream again, even if one has been “beaten up” by life in general.  He points out that, even though times are tough, if we desire success – whatever our personal definition of that is – we have the ability to change our thinking and our expectations, the ability rise to the occasion, to “show up and fight for it.” 

This is reminiscent of what James Allen says in his book, As a Man Thinketh:  “A man is literally what he thinks.”  And that harks back to the Scriptures, the book of Solomon‘s Proverbs (Chapter 23, Verse 7 to be exact), where it says, “…as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:…” 

So, friends, this evening the Duchess is appreciating Williams’, Allen’s and Solomon’s words of self-examination and encouragement – and invites you to do the same.  Life may hand us lemons some days, but let’s get busy making lemonade! 

Lemonade is marketable! – and done correctly, it’s profitable! – even in a difficult economy.  But it’s up to you and me to DECIDE to make it through the challenges.  Just like Chris Doyle, Art Williams – and many others – let’s go for it!