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ASD Rally in Chicago July 22nd, 2008

Well, here we go again – off to another AdSurfDaily Rally.  This is her fourth rally in three months!  The Duchess is turning into quite the jetsetter!  But this time, however, the jets and the TSA are abandoned as she wheels it to the Rally with her friend, Merrn Flavell, the founder of Flavell Online University, in Merryn’s hybrid Ford Escape. 

The expedition begins on Thursday morning in the rain.  The wet stuff really picks up and makes driving a bit hazardous, but we are able to continue in spite of it, though at a slower pace.  A bout with car trouble is, thankfully, resolved quickly.

We hang our hat for two nights at the home of one of her siblings – a very charming home in a picturesque town in one of the seemingly infinite suburbs of Chicago.  On Friday, we give up the notion of the Art Institute and go instead on what turns out to be a very successful day hunting for attire for the Duchess for her son’s impending nuptials (she is the last person in the wedding party to find her fancy duds and has been getting concerned that just the right thing would never be found!).  The important gown is chosen in fairly short order – only had to try on three – at Katy’s in Glen Ellyn’s charming downtown.  A search for footwear ensues at Geishe’s across the street and then at Von Maur’s. 

Please know the Duchess highly recommends Katy’s, the positively lovely ladies’ clothing shop where she found her dress.  Katy and her staff offer friendly service and a very pleasant shopping experience.  Not only do they have the clothing (both everyday and special occasion), but they have accessories as well and they can get items customized – for example, the crystal necklace they suggested can be shortened, a bracelet and earrings ordered to match the necklace and complete the outfit.  Katy also said she was going to market in August and will be looking for the perfect wrap – makes the Duchess feel like a Queen to think she has a personal shopper on scouting duty for the shawl!  All-in-all, it was a grand experience and the Duchess can hardly wait for the treat of visiting there again someday!

After an evening with Joel Osteen (a preacher whose name was previously unfamiliar to the Duchess) at the United Center, we chat and answer questions about ASD with another until two in the morning.  Then the Duchess stays up another hour filling out forms and preparing for the day’s rally.

The morning is filled with meeting others to talk about ASD, going for funds, filling out forms and arrival at the meeting is, surprisingly – given the flurry of activity at the end – only a couple of minutes late for the start.  The hotel’s entry is abuzz, overflowing with people trying to register and folks sitting on the floor with computers and paperwork.   The meeting room is packed, as is an overflow room – so the Duchess and company head for the rooms to transact the business of the day.

As may well be expected by now, the day of the rally turns out a veritable hoard of folks waiting to buy advertising packages.  It is so crowded that the Fire Marshall issues warnings about keeping the halls clear!  Notwithstanding having to go through the main line three times (both for our own sakes and the sake of helping others), the business of the day is successfully accomplished and we set out for home, tired and ready for some more peaceful time in the car.  As Merryn drives, the Duchess calculates the overall financial aspect of the day’s efforts.  The figures are surprising – happily so!  – and we two head for home with a big smile on our faces and a good sense of accomplishment.  We have helped several others take steps to improve their lives  – and bought a beautifully regal dress to boot!

ASD Convention in Tampa June 12-14 June 19th, 2008

The AdSurfDaily corporation met in convention last week, June 12-14 and the Duchess was there to experience the fun, the networking and learn more about the company.

 The event was kicked off by an evening of dessert and networking.  LOTS of tasty goodies were offered, including fancy little filled pastries, whole fresh strawberries by the boatload and as large a quantity of caramel and chocolate to dip them in, several varieties of Haagen Das ice cream, jumbo cookies cut into quarters, biscotti. 

The next two days were filled with meetings, filling out forms and standing in line to purchase advertising packages.

Announced in Friday’s meeting was the naming of what has been known for some weeks as ‘Project X.’  The surprise behind ‘Project X’ is ASD Offer Universe, which offers discounts on products from what is a rapidly-increasing legion of companies – and these companies offer things you and the Duchess buy on an every-day basis.  The Duchess invites you to click on the following link, check it out and sign up as an affiliate:

The ASD Offer Universe affords the opportunity to earn on two levels, just as the main ASD program does.

Friday evening there was a banquet, at the close of which, the announcement was made that, in addition to the English and Spanish websites, we will be getting a Chinese website in the near future.  It will be called Golden Panda.  Fortunes cookies were brought out in celebration of the announcement.

Here is a posting, found on another blog, about the meeting and ASD:

“Folks, this business is going to explode. In the last 10 days ASD has Doubled their membership. Up to 60,000 members right now.

“It is perking interests in Large Corporations who want to advertise their products and services.

“There are already 119 Large Corporations currently being processed and Paying Big Bucks to ASD (and not asking for Rebates!) – payments from Corporate Sponsors will keep the Rebates going. In the next few weeks they expect to sign up 400 Corporations.

“ASD is currently Beta Testing “Project X” called the ASD OFFER UNIVERSE – A portal where these large corporations can advertise to ASD members and give substantial discounts to ASD members for their products.

“ASD members will have a personal link where they can email folks on their contact list to browse through and buy stuff on ASD OFFER UNIVERSE…AND WILL BE PAID or get some kind of credit when others browse via your personal link.

“…I’m a high roller in this business – was going to get in, get out with a profit before the whole thing crashes but now after seeing the whole business ASD business plan I’m a believer.”

The Duchess came home in the wee hours of Sunday morning, tired but happy to have attended the convention, met new folks, learned more about the company and is happily looking forward to the exciting weeks ahead!  Please consider yourself invited to contact the Duchess if you have questions about ASD and would like to get involved.  Write to .

Make Money from Home! Market Your Business in Your Jammies! June 8th, 2008

Find Steady Income Through ASD Cash Generator

New Promotion for AdSurfDaily Started on June 6th June 7th, 2008

AdSurfDaily has ended one promotion program and rolled out another.  Here are the details of the new opportunity:

If you purchase $500 or more in Ad Packages, on the ASD Cash Generator Site, then you will receive a 25% match of that amount, on the ASD Cash Generator Site.  In addition, you will receive Executive VIP Membership, as follows:

$500  to $1999……………………2 months of Executive VIP on the same site in which you purchase

$2000 or more…………………….4 months of Executive VIP on the same site in which you purchase

If you choose to participate in this promotion, then you forego any previous, promotional, Executive VIP Membership priviledges and your Executive VIP Membership will be as stated above.          

Important:  In order for your cash balance to qualify to purchase ad packages for this promotion, you have to move the cash balance up in the full dollar amount that you are trying to qualify for.  To further explain, you may not add up your daily ad packages, you must let the rebate and referral amounts accumulate in your cash balance and upgrade a minimum of $500 or more.

**The promotion above is as stated and the promotional match will only be given on the Site where the Ad Packages are purchased.  No Exceptions. – Sign up free!  Even with 
a free account if you refer people you make a 3% commission!

That’s the latest scoop from the Duchess of Earle’s office!

AdSurfDaily Gets More Fun Every Day! June 5th, 2008

Well, the Duchess has been so busy talking with people about AdSurfDaily that she’s hardly had time to post an entry in her blog – but, the midnight oil notwithstanding, she’s going to get something posted this evening no matter what!


The Duchess and her sister, Lady Carolyn of Baldwin, had a rare opportunity to travel together last weekend to Las Vegas for an AdSurfDaily Rally – and a whirlwind trip it was!  Following the rather madhouse business of attending the full-house Rally meeting and purchasing advertising packages for their respective businesses, the two headed for Las Vegas Boulevard on foot, since no taxi was readily available.  The mile-long walk in the mid-ninety-degree late afternoon sun wasn’t too bad, except for being invited to participate in certain unsavory activities – and in very graphic terms – by some less-than-genteel folks in a passing vehicle.  All that was forgotten, however, when the fountains at Bellagio danced, which allowed a wonderful cooling mist of water to waft across the pond and gently soothe two over-warm faces.  The Duchess served as tour guide, since Lady Carolyn had never been to Las Vegas before, and led her through Bellagio (making sure they located the Chihuly glass flowers and the Conservatory) and Caesar’s Palace, before heading back to Cafe Bellagio for a lovely meal of Chilean Sea Bass.  By the time dinner was over, it was dark and getting late.  So the next order of the day was to stroll under the ever-blue skies of Paris to purchase tickets for a ride to the top of the Eifel Tower.  From there, the two could watch the Bellagio fountains below, which lends an entirely different perspective on the graceful and powerful display.  Afterward a taxi was procured around the back side of Paris and the two were whisked away to their hotel, where comfortable beds awaited the weary, but happy, sisters – who managed to catch a whopping three hours of sleep before arising to catch their flight on home. 


The Duchess got a call yesterday from a fellow to whom she’d given a business card some weeks ago.  She’d met him on a Tuesday evening at the Steve Renner MIT meeting – and then crossed paths again at the Marketing Mastermind Meeting sponsored by Jeff Mills and Reed Floren.  And shortly thereafter, the Duchess and her Duke pulled their automotive carriage up to the gas pump at Sam’s Club one pleasant evening – and who should be on the other side of the gas pump but the same gentleman!  The Duchess promptly left the vehicle to greet him and offered him her ASD Cash Generator website address to check it out.  He called yesteday to leave the message that he was very grateful to learn about the program and that he intended to sign up – and could the Duchess please meet with him to teach him how the ASD system works?  Well, of course she could!  She already had one appointment scheduled later that day to do the same thing with another gent, so she met this first one at a local library and taught the gentleman how to surf and how that earns one money.  It can actually produce a rather nice income, she is delighted to discover, in the wake of the posting of her ad purchases the Saturday before.


There is a lovely couple that has joined the Duchess’ AdSurfDaily team and they are going to be presenting webinars about the opportunity ASD offers.  The first of these begins tomorrow evening, June 6th at 8 PM Central time. 

Others in the area have begun holding meetings regularly in order to share the program face to face.  If you’d like information about the webinars and/or meetings, your are invited to email the Duchess of Earle at  Or, of course, you are more than welcome to go to the Duchess’ English ASD website – or, if you speak Spanish, her Spanish website.

A Way to Make Money Online by Promoting your Business May 29th, 2008

Duchess of Earle shares rare news with you, compliments of her friend, Lynn Carnes, who wrote this letter…  


Hello, Friends – and Welcome!

Hi and Welcome. If you’re on this page, it’s because I’ve told you a bit about AdCashGenerator and because I believe it can create abundance in your life

The purpose of this page is to give you a lot of information in one place so you can learn about it and decide if it’s something you are interested in or not.  No hype here.  Just facts.

Watch this video now

Be sure to click at the end to see the 2nd part–that’s where you’ll get some details on how it works. Then come back for more info.

OK, so let’s summarize what AdCashGenerator is:

An innovative combination of internet advertising and social networking that delivers:

  • Advertising and targeted traffic for up to 5 sites
  • Rebate of 125% of the money you put into advertising
  • 50% match of your money when you sign up on the site, so you get 150% of your money + 25%, and generally you will receive all of that back in 120 days or less
  • An opportunity for 100% match of your money at live rallies. Note that it may be possible you would only be taxed on the 25% bonus. The rest is rebate. We will be validating with a CPA soon.
  • You get paid in cash each and every day – starting day one. You can take that money as cash, you can take some of it as cash AND
  • You can roll any portion of your rebates into new advertising – you can see the power of compounding at work as you see a small advertising investment roll daily to earn 25%. Example, if you have $1,000 in the system, you would generally get paid $100/day. If you were to roll 80%, or $80/day, each day you’d be investing $80 that will pay 25% over the next 120 days or so. Here is a spreadsheet you can use to do some what-iffing… Instructions are in the spreadsheet.
  • FYI–they pay the rebates and bonuses with 50% of the money that comes in each day, so this is not a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

You don’t have to invite other people to join this opportunity. If you choose to, here’s what you can earn as a sponsor (and the % you get depends on your level–see details, below):

At a live event:

– you get up to 10% of the advertisements they purchase

– you get 100% of their match

On the site: (English or Spanish)

If they invest under $2k,

– you get up to 10% of their purchase

– you get a 25% match

If they purchase over $2k:

– you get up to 10% of their purchase

– you get a 50% match


every time they roll money in to buy more ad packages (or they buy more outright),

you get 10%. So if someone is rolling every day…

Oh, and there is also a 2nd level. You get 5-10% commission for sales to people you refer. And 3-5% commission for sales to people they refer.

You’re right now saying this is too good to be true, right? (I sure did!)

The next section is dedicated to answering the questions you undoubtedly have.

I’ll start with some of the research that has been done by my partners, who are savvy investment and mortgage consultants, very successful entrepreneurs and business people:

  • They researched the founder, his previous companies, and this company
  • They talked with an investigator who gave a full report of his findings
  • They talked with one of the architects of this system, and he told them how it was developed, early challenges they faced and addressed
  • They talked with friends who have been in it for a year and validate it works
  • They just got their first check so they have done and tested the full cycle. The check was overnighted to them. The system is working, just as outlined in the videos and documentation you see on the site

I felt better when I heard from the founder, so here’s a video of him. He has a solid and interesting background:

Meet the Founder

Want to know even more?

To learn even more, you can sit in on live presentations and Q&A sessions

ASD Webroom

You can attend a live ASD webroom presentation.
Use your first name and ‘Guest’ to enter.

ASD Webroom Schedule

At this point, you’re either interested in learning more or you aren’t. If you want more info from me, call me or email me.  If you don’t have my email, just call – I don’t want to put my email address here or the spammers will get at it… :-)

Some info and options on how to get started:

First, you don’t have to be currently an internet marketer to do this.  I can help you find affiliate opportunities you can join free and you can then advertise this opportunity.

You can start free (I did). You can surf sites and get 1 credit for each site you view, which can result in 1 view of your site. Note that if you do this, you don’t get the option for the 25% or 50% match.

You can start with a small amount of money (note that the 25% or 50% match is only for when you first join, so make this decision thoughtfully) and try it out to see it for yourself.

You can start free and be at a live rally to get 100% match for your money. This is what I did, and if you can get to a live rally, it’s worth doing. Note that you have to be there in person to get the 100% match and you have to pre-register (either as a member or as a guest of someone else).  I just have to know you’re coming ASAP and I’ll reserve your spot.

The schedule for the rallies (and this may be it for the rallies–if you want to take advantage of this, you will want to go to one or more of the rallies listed, below. At this point, the schedule is:

· ASD Rally Las Vegas, NV (May 31, 2008)

· ASD National Convention Tampa, FL June 12-14, 2008 plus receive $600 in free ad packages for attending  (This is nearly sold out, so if you want to attend, you’ll have to act fast!)

· The Next 100% Event Will Be Held In Saginaw, Michigan (home of Virtual Media Group) The date will be announced sometime in the future!

If you’re ready to start and want to get going (remember, you can join free to start):

  Check IT out!

More information on the on-site and live promotions:

On Site – 25% and 50% Promotions

If you purchase between $500 and $1999 in Ad Packages, on the ASD Cash Generator Site, then you and your sponsor will receive a 25% match of that amount, on your ASD Cash Generator Site. If you purchase between $500 and $1999 in Ad Packages, on the La Fuente Dinero (this is the sister site, in Spanish) Site, then you and your sponsor will receive a 25% match of that amount on that La Fuente Dinero Site. In addition, by purchasing between $500 and $1999 in Ad Packages, you and your sponsor will receive Executive VIP Membership for 3 months.

If you purchase $2000 or more in Ad Packages on the ASD Cash Generator Site, then you and your sponsor will receive a 50% match of that amount on your ASD Cash Generator Site . If you purchase $2000 or more in Ad Packages on the La Fuente Dinero Site, then you and your sponsor will receive a 50% match of that amount, on your La Fuente Dinero Site. In addition, by purchasing $2000 or more in Ad Packages, you and your sponsor will receive Executive VIP Membership for 1 year (This one year Executive VIP Membership is not cumulative for additional Ad Packages Purchased. It is a maximum 1 year).

Live Sessions – 100% Promotions

Time is growing short to take advantage of the huge ASD 100% Rally & Conference Promotions. There are only two promotions left before the 100% offer is suspended until further notice. You do not have to be present at the Rally to obtain the match from your guest enrollments, but your guest enrollee must attend in person to receive their match! You and your guest can also earn Executive VIP status at these events! Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Only 3 events left to get your match!

Details on What You Are Paid as a Sponsor

If you do not pay a membership fee you will be paid a 3% referral commission on all of your personal sales only. When you pay a $10.00 per month membership fee you earn a 5% referral commission on your personal sales and 3% on your second level sales. When you pay a $25.00 per month membership fee you earn a 7% referral commission on your personal sales and 4% on your second level sales. When you pay a $100.00 per month membership fee you earn a 10% referral commission on your personal sales and 5% on your second level sales. This can mean a tremendous amount of income to you and you decide which is right for you.

Note: if you purchase $2000 or more, you get Executive VIP status (10% payout at the first level, 5% at second level) without paying a membership fee.

To my Friends and Family

I share this with you because I truly believe it can generate abundance for you. I understand that this will not be something everyone is interested in, and you won’t hear from me again about it unless you ask. :-)


I’m sure you’ll have some questions, so please feel free to call/email me.

This is the Duchess of Earle writing again…

Thanks for taking the time to check this opportunity out.  If you’d like to, please accept my invitation to visit my AdSurfDaily website for more information:

AdCashGenerator Site

To your prosperity!

The Duchess of Earle :)

~~~~~~~~~~~Ay, Caramba! Almost Forgot!~~~~~~~~~~~~ May 27th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle

dons her best Sombrero y Rebozo

to announce

her websites now appear on

La Fuente de Dinero,

AdSurfDaily‘s Spanish Sister Website.

You, too, can earn many

Pesos y Dolares!

Check it out here!

It’ll make you shout



The Duchess Of Earle Announces May 27th, 2008

Well, this announcement is a bit different from the others that the Duchess of Earle has made…largely because she feels she needs to comment a bit before she makes it.  This is because the Duchess had promised herself that she had her finger in enough pies – “No more!” she told herself.  And then… along came AdSurfDaily Cash Generator, the most profitable, least labor-intensive income stream she’s ever seen.  Therefore:

The Duchess of Earle

announces that

AdSurfDaily Cash Generator

is now part of

Polaristar Properties LLC

family of companies.

Ads and Rebates Served Daily.

People and their families Benefitted Greatly.

You are invited to email the Duchess of Earle at

for an invitation to a conference call

for further information.

To check out the website, click here.