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Breakfast with “Shoe Bob” Fisher and Matthew Sikich November 11th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle has just returned from a very early morning breakfast with “Shoe Bob” Fisher of Bob’s Shoe Repair shop and Bob’s SleepOut (for the Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners, or ICOP) and Matthew Sikich of the Dreambuilders Club.  Matthew’s travel business regularly donates vacation certificates to organizations looking to raise funds (these certificates are often auctioned off) and it was for this reason that the Duchess invited these two gentleman to meet with her over breakfast this morning, in the hopes that the IOCP’s November 22nd sleepout In Cars with the Stars could be benefitted.  As previously mentioned on this blog, former Minnesota Twins player Corey Koskie will also be on hand to welcome the sleepout participants and share breakfast with them in the morning. 

Anyone looking to donate in support of this cause or desiring to register for the event can contact the IOCP directly by clicking here.  For the Schedule of events for this fund-raising season, please click here

The Duchess thanks you for investigating this project and for considering contributing!  When you contact them, please tell them the Duchess sent you! 

Dreambuilders Club prepares for Trade and Barter Class October 14th, 2008

Good evening, Everybody!

Tonight the Duchess of Earle and her Duke are off to Embassy Suites once again for the Dreambuilders Club meeting. 

We meet Merryn Flavell for dinner and discuss our activities in regard to iNetGlobal and AdPacs.  Thereafter we find our way to the meeting room and participate in a meeting designed to bring us all up to speed about the Trade and Barter class that the Emerald and Gold members of the Club receive as part of their membership.

It take a bit of doing to wrap one’s mind around the process that Dreambuilders Club founder, Matthew Sikich, is teaching, but after a bit we begin to see how it works.  It’s an interesting concept that allows for win-win situations all around, as people put their offers up on the board.  The initial offer is made by a member that has IT services.  A couple of other offers are put up on the board – including one that really turns out to be a hot item:  a paid of tickets to the Hollywood Music Awards, which will be held next month.  Figuring out how this works is a real “connect the dots” sort of exercise.  After the initial demonstration, Matthew launches on a real live process of trade and barter, using items and services offered by individuals in the room in place of the imaginary scenarios previously employed.  It’s obvious he is certainly is Past Master at the techniques.

The Trade and Barter class will be held on November 13th at the Embassy Suites on 34th Ave. in Bloomington, MN (just east of the Mall of America) and will be open to non-members.  If you will be in the area on that date and would like to learn more, please write the Duchess about attending and she will be happy to assist you in getting an invitation.  There are only 105 spaces available and they’re sure to go fast.  There is also room for five sponsors, who will get special billing and privileges for their sponsoring the event.  Two of those spots were spoken for this evening, so only three are left.  If you have questions or would like either a sponsorship or a plain vanilla ticket to the class, just email

Letter of Appreciation to Embassy Suites Staff October 6th, 2008

Well, troops, the big day has come and gone.  Life can get back to normal – at least a bit! :)  

In appreciation for the grand time we had at our groom’s dinner on Friday evening, the Duchess penned these words today: 

                                                                                                               October 6, 2008

To: Managers of the Catering and Banquet Departments

Embassy Suites Hotel

34th Ave. South and I-494

Bloomington, MN   

To All Whom it May Concern: 

This letter is sent to you in appreciation for your staff.  Here are some pertinent details: 

We have worked with Erika LaDousa to plan our groom’s dinner, which was this past Friday evening, October 3.  Erika has been a pleasure to work with – patient with questions and issues that have arisen.   

So far as the room preparations on the day of the event went, she had told us that we could show up any time that day to decorate the room and tables (as there were no other events scheduled in there that day).  When we arrived, things weren’t as far along as we expected, but Krystal was there and she said that her team would put things in order for us when all was set, so we took the decorating so far as we could and then left the favors and other items in her hands.  Well, I can tell you we were really impressed and pleased at what she and her team (Shannon, Alejandra and Gramma Sue) had accomplished when we came back with our group after the rehearsal.  It was more beautiful than I’d ever thought it would be!  They had used different candles – ones that better fitted the candle rings that I’d brought, decorated them  and the tables with the autumn leaves we’d provided, added things that created greater ambiance – it was just lovely!  They went out of their way, I feel, to make it a special evening for us and for our guests. 

In addition, Krystal and the kitchen staff were very responsive to the particulars of our situation because, as it turned out, the rehearsal was delayed in getting started by about 45 minutes.  So our arrival at the hotel was similarly delayed – and actually, it was even more than that because most had traffic troubles on I-494 in coming from the church.  She was on the ball at every stage, asking me how I’d like to proceed, giving me her cell phone number so that I could keep her posted on our situation, staying on top of things all the way through the evening.  Impressive! :)

 I sincerely hope you give your staff the kudos they deserve – and that you pay them well for their efforts!  They are great folk and have a very “can do,” positive attitude that makes them wonderful to work with. 

I also would like to mention that the staff in the restaurant is laudable for their daily efforts as well.  We have been meeting with Dreambuilders Club at the hotel every week since the first of June, including having dinner in the restaurant most every Monday evening, and every one of them has been courteous, helpful and offered excellent service.   

So, we are writing to tell you that you have built a superior team and we are most grateful to be the recipients of their outstanding efforts, both every week and this past weekend.  In this day and age of diminishing services and social graces, this fact is certainly worthy of remark.  Please accept our hearfelt thanks.  We will certainly be making others aware of the great service your staff provides. 


The Duke and Duchess of Earle

Building Connections for the Deaf at Dreambuilders Club September 23rd, 2008

The Duchess and her Duke have just gotten home from the Monday evening Dreambuilders Club meeting, which ran especially late tonight.  At the meeting tonight was a young man – Joel by name – who is home from Africa, where he’s been for 11 years.  Raised here in Minneapolis and Bloomington, he now teaches there, including teaching the deaf.  He has come back to the States for several months with the purpose of raising funds for his organization,  Global Deaf Connection .

Global Deaf Connection has been given office space in a South Minneapolis church which provides Lutheran services for the deaf.  Merryn Flavell and the Duchess have met with prospective deaf students at the church, in hopes of offering them the opportunity to study for a liberal arts bachelor’s degree through Flavell International University.  The fact that this is an online university (based on the Great Books) tends to level the playing field for the deaf students.  Because the deaf in most of the world are not allowed any occupation but begging, his organization has the goal of teaching the deaf so that they can teach the next generation of the deaf – all with the aim of raising their standard of living and more fully utilzing the vast human potential for good that these intelligent people represent. 

Here follows a statement from the website:

THE VISION of GDC is to see Deaf people around the world actively using their native sign language to support Deaf children to excel academically, gain meaningful employment, continually further human rights, and make major contributions that sustain their Deaf communities.

OUR MISSION is to develop self-sustaining cycles of Deaf education and leadership skills through advocacy, multi-cultural exchange, college scholarships, and mentor support. These cycles will empower Deaf people in developing countries to achieve greater access to universal human rights which will increase their social and economic self sufficiency.

So Merryn and the Duchess are introducing him to people, looking to find beneficial connections in that field.  After the meeting and the networking were over, this Duchess played chauffer at the end of the evening and gave him a ride home.  It was gratifying to hear him say that he really enjoyed meeting the people and that he felt he had made two really good contacts this evening. 

So, it was an evening well spent!  And the Duchess was truly grateful to hear it! :)

Dreambuilders Club Picnics for Labor Day September 1st, 2008

The Duke and Duchess went to meet with the Dreambuilders Club today for a picnic at Minnehaha Falls, one of Minneapolis’ most renowned parks.  A number of folks were there today, including club founder Matthew Sikich and his bride Lada, Lada’s daughter Ariadna and the newest addition to the family, Angelina, now about fifteen days old.  A surprise shower for the baby had been in the works for some days and it was a pleasure to see what goodies everyone found to make little Angelina welcome within the Dreambuilders Club family circle.  

No Monday evening meeting was held, since the picnic was in the afternoon.  Meetings will begin again next Monday evening at the Embassy Suites near the Mall of American in Bloomington.  You’re invited to meet with us and check out the benefits of promoting your business to Dreambuilders Club!  Tell them the Duchess sent you – and then ask for the Duchess, since she’s usually there.  We’ll all be glad to meet you!

The Duchess’ Notes from Dreambuilders 2nd Renner Presentation July 29th, 2008

It’s a Dreambuilders Club Monday evening and once again we’re hurrying over to the Embassy Suites early, in order to be there for Mr. Renner’s presentation on AdPacs.  The Duke and Duchess hop over to the restaurant to order meals – the Duke selects a raspberry chicken dinner with fingerling potatoes and spinach; the Duchess opts for seared tilapia with wild rice pilaf and vegies.  (Both meals were quite tasty, they promise you! :)  And to be able to take advantage of the Dreambuilders discount is really great!)

Everybody seems to be running a bit late this evening, but soon all is at the ready – Jonathan has the webcast camera and other electronic gizmos set up, Dreambuilders Club founder Matthew Sikich has come forward to introduce Steve and Steve himself, stands on the side waiting to take center stage. 

The intro being completed, Steve begins to tell his story.  The Duchess muses that she’s certainly heard this story before, but it does seem to be that each time she hears it, she learns something new about the way things unfolded in Steve’s internet marketing career.  Tonight he discusses the fact that he started out putting most of his empire together just to serve his own purposes.  Then in the last couple of years, people began to ask him for his assistance and guidance in getting their own internet marketing projects going, so now he is a service provider on a grander scale.  It is a big point with him that, while the consumer’s need for products may come and go, the need for services to be provided is never-ending.  Every internet marketer needs assistance with certain things:  domain names, website hosting, autoresponders, webcasts, internet access, SEO links, article writing – the list goes on at some length, as we all know.  So now, instead of supplying merely his own needs, he markets these services to many others – about a quarter million members in 120 countries around the world.  That’s what a decade of active involvement with the internet can get you – that and about $65,000,000 in business!

We are told that it is easier today than ever before to make money online – MUCH easier than ten years ago when he first started.

His new umbrella company, dubbed iNetGlobal, offers training in the skills and techniques of internet marketing, a cpanel hosting service (they are a true ISP service, not a reseller of the product) and authorized domain marketing, autoresponder, linking, blog service, webcasting, shopping carts, affiliate programs and, at the very core of the business, is Cash Cards, which is the means of delivering commissions to all those folks in all those countries.  He mentions that there are many countries where people don’t even have credit cards and this gives them the ability to have one.  But the primary purpose of this evening’s talk is AdPacs, the freshest face in Renner’s gallery of offerings.

AdPacs is hot, the Duchess will here interject.  It’s about getting more traffic to one’s website(s) – and now it’s also about another income stream or two – or three – or four -or more!  There’s a happy thought! :)

The main type of individual that this is attracting is the opportunity-seeker, but interestingly enough, this means of advertising is moving into the mainstream business arena and big – no, huge – companies are beginning to take note of the internet marketing explosion and get into the act.  Steve even cites an acquaintance of his that spends about $4,000,000 a month on Yahoo advertising – and earns $1,000,000 in profits.  As the Duchess’ son would say, “Sweet!”

The big companies that sell a more usual type of advertising do so in traditional fashion: you buy a certain amount of publicity from them, often in the form of pay per click advertising, and then there is an additional charge if you wish to buy more when the clicks are used up.  But this is a little fresher, more novel approach.  It starts out the same, because one buys the ads.  But the beauty of this program is that one gets rebates on their advertising expenditures. (!)  The Duchess can tell you that she has sacrificed many dollars to the newspaper advertising gods and has never had the newspaper rep call to offer a rebate on her sacrifice!  So this seems pretty crazy stuff to her!  And then tell her that she can not only get a rebate, but up to 100% rebate – it’s the stuff of a business woman’s wildest fantasy!  (Well, OK – so maybe not the very wildest fantasy – but darn close!)  And then, these last few days, the Duchess gets to check into her AdPacs account summary page and see that she’s getting a whopping 8% rebate is simply amazing!  Now, she knows full well that this kind of rebate won’t last forever, but it sure puts a big smile on her face to be in on such a rare opportunity. 

Mr. Renner holds forth on the different aspects of the program, saying that this is something anybody can do (he says he didn’t even make it through high school, but had to go back for a GED – so if he can do it, you and I can too) and that this is the easiest way he’s ever seen to make money on the internet!   

He also mentions that if one joins at the top level, which is Diamond, he will throw in his three-day MIT class for free (a $2000 value for the class alone).  He also invites the Duchess up to the front of the room to have her share her remarks on her experience in the MIT classes.  She does confirm his comment that the experience is one of those “standing in the fire hose” things – there is so much information that one doesn’t grasp it all at first.  He’s not kidding when he says it’s an intensive session.  But nevertheless, she knows that she has learned a TON about internet marketing since she first took his class back in mid-December.  Putting it all together can be challenging at times, but the fact that this blog is beginning to be noticed in some quarters and even produce some comments (which she happily discovered today) is the proof of the training.  So, even with such  humble efforts as these postings, there is visible progress.  The next MIT training is this coming weekend, so there should be even more progress coming soon! 

So, now the Duchess warmly invites you to check out AdPacs by clicking here.  She encourages you to take action fast, as this amazing opportunity won’t last forever – you might as well come join in on the fun of the ride cuz she can tell you: it’s a blast!

Dreambuilders Club Hosts a Second Presentation by Renner July 28th, 2008

Good afternoon, all!

It’s the Duchess of Earle letting you all know that Steve Renner gave such a great presentation and gave such a great offer to Dreambuilders Club the first time that he was invited to do an encore this week.  He’ll be online as he was before at  When you get to the website, click on ‘enter presentation’ and then follow the prompts, using ‘imtrain’ (without the quotes) as the password.

The fun starts tonight, July 28th, at 6:00 P.M. Central Daylight Time.  If meeting online isn’t your first choice and you’re in the Twin Cities area, come on over to the Embassy Suites on 34th Ave. and I-494 to participate live.  Come meet the Duke and Duchess in person!   Not only that, get in on the fun and profits!

P.S.  You can come a little earlier and have your dinner with us too – the hotel offers a nice perk to Dreambuilders Club members and their guests when they dine with them at Woolley’s.  So come for the good food, stay for the great info and network to market your business to the club members!

Steve Renner speaks to the Dreambuilders Club July 22nd, 2008

Just east of the famous Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, there is an Embassy Suites hotel – a place with a positive vibe and a staff with a can-do attitude.  In this pleasant atmosphere, the Dreambuilders Club meets each Monday evening throughout this summer.  From time to time, Dreambuilders Club founder, Matthew Sikich, invites speakers to talk with the growing group of club members, in order to share their business and its benefits.  There is networking time built into the evening’s schedule, both before and after the program.  (Oh!  and let’s not forget to mention that dinner at the hotel restaurant, Woolley’s, is available to club members and their guests at a whopping 50% discount!  Tasty stuff, too! :)  )

So this evening, the Duke and Duchess of Earle find a happy blend of two companies with which they are associated in one place at one time.  Steve Renner, their internet marketing guru and mentor these last months, has been invited by Mr. Sikich to be the guest speaker. 

Mr. Renner begins by sharing the post he made today on his blog about Dreambuilders Club and the relationship it has with iNet Global, his new umbrella company that includes all aspects of his varied internet marketing service company.  He is broadcasting live around the world tonight, just as he does on Tuesday evenings – with his faithful right-hand-man, Jonathan Neil, manning the camera. 

As Steve checks Google for the ranking of his posting, the quick-eyed Duke makes a discovery that makes the Duchess quite happy:  he spots her blog as the third listing on the page using Dreambuilders Club as the keyword.  What fun to discover one’s efforts, however humble, are registering with the great Google!  The Duchess even gets a brief moment of recognition from Mr. Renner, Mr. Sikich and the group at large for her efforts.

Back to business, Steve begins sharing his story.  His marketing business is based on his cash cards, a business born of necessity in 2001, when his foriegn subscribers couldn’t get their earnings quickly and easily.  He has grown his business over the years and now it includes many services, which he began to offer to the general public after receiving many requests for making those services available and for mentoring and teaching.  Today those services include IMTrain (internetmarketing training), which includes access to all the following services all in one wonderful membership: Host2Profits (hosting services), SEO Link Network (back links and deep links for your postings), Blogpros (blogs with varied themes on which one can post), V-Shops (a shopping cart and affiliate management service), V-Mail (autoresponder service), V-Webcast (web conferencing service).  And tonight he is unveiling to the Dreambuilders Club and the world his AdPacs company, which he has been building over the last few weeks and tonight is within hours of  launch.

The Duchess can tell you that AdPacs is similar to some other advertisement surfing companies, but Renner’s plan has the benefit of already having a large organization in place, so that the struggles encountered by a company building a large organization in a hurry may well not occur on such a grand scale as other companies are presently facing.     

So, it is shared that an individual can sign up for free, as a subscriber or as a Virtual Internet Partner, or VIP.  There are three levels to the VIP program: Gold, Platinum and Diamond.  One may sign up as a free member and earn their way to membership, because they can earn a 2% commission on the AdPac purchases made by those they introduce to the program.  A regular subscriber can earn 4% commissions on those they bring into the program and 2% on what purchases are made by the people their people bring in.  At Platinum, the commission increases to 8% and 4%, while at the Diamond level, commissions top out at 10% and 5%. 

The different levels of membership include a different number of websites that can be shown.  A freebie can display 3, a subscriber 5, Gold 10, Platinum 15 and a Diamond 20.

The number of sites required for the rebate program varies too:  the free, subscriber and Gold levels are all 24, Platinum is 18 and Diamond 12.  The maximum allowed for viewing on any given day is 72.   All levels can earn rebates up to 100% of the ad package purchase; only the VIPs can earn an additional 25%.  For the freebies, cash can be requested on a weekly basis; all others can ask for cash on a daily basis.  All payouts go into a cash card, so they are usable anywhere around the globe and can be redeemed for the local currency. 

Steve then invites George Flavell (one very sharp cookie) up to the front of the room to share the figures on a spreadsheet and to explain how the spreadsheet works.  Merryn Flavell, George’s bright bride (who has her doctorate in teaching and is launching her own online international university), then invites the Duchess to get up to discuss a hypothetical situation about how one’s advertising purchases and earnings can grow quickly. 

As the AdPacs business launches, there will be a match for purchases made through August 15th.  The Duchess finds she needs a bit of clarification on the percentages for the match before she publishes them, so will wait for this evening’s meeting in Renner’s own offices to get the question answered.

At the conclusion of Mr. Renner’s remarks, he makes a generous offer to the Dreambuilders Club members to encourage them to participate in his AdPacs launch and then, a break is taken before the second half of the meeting begins.

During the second half of the meeting, Mr. Sikich introduces a couple of folks new to Dreambuilders Club:  John Tshohl, whose company “trains people to be nice” when serving customers of a business.  He offers a 30% discount to Dreambuilders Club members. 

Then creative club member Les LaMotte is invited to introduce his two guests, Darin Schultz and Aaron “I-didn’t-catch-his-last-name-and-didn’t-get-to-talk-with-him-afterwards”.  Mr. Schultz has a new invention called the 4DSnowbike – a crazy-looking bicycle contraption with wheels and skis.  He is even going to offer a limited edition Dreambuilders Club version of the vehicle, available only to club members.  (The Duchess and Duke’s Colorado-based water-and-snow-sports-minded nephew immediately leaps to thought.  He’ll LOVE this – it looks right up his alley!)  And then Mr. Aaron, he of the unknown last name, is introduced.  He labels himself an aspiring entrepreneur with an IT background and says he has a media production company.  This time it is the Duke and Duchess’ own son that leaps to mind, as he loves to work with both audio and visual media.

Well, that’s a wrap for this evening.  The Duchess will surely be reporting in on Tuesday evening’s events, so watch for the next posting. 

Dreambuilders Club offers Advantages and Value June 7th, 2008

The Duchess is delighted to report to you the benefits of utilizing the leverage of membership in the Dreambuilders Club – and can recommend it to you with enthusiasm! 

So what’s the scoop?  The Duchess has recently been planning an important event, one that requires the services of an establishment to serve a meal to a group of her invited guests.  Membership in the Dreambuilders Club has provided her with an introduction to the events specialist at a hotel in the Duchess’ home territory, where she was most warmly received.  The gracious specialist even offered a discount for their services – all because of the Duchess’ Gold membership in Dreambuilders Club! 

If this sounds like a great perk to you, you’re invited to attend the meeting for those interested in learning about Dreambuilders Club and how it promotes your business.  Formerly, Dreambuilders Club has held weekly teleconference calls on Monday evenings.  But now there are live meetings being held in June and July on Monday evenings at the Embassy Suites in Bloomington, Minnesota – in the shadow of the humongus Mall of America.  The meeting itself starts at 7:30.  Before the meeting, however, starting at 6:00, members and guests are invited to share dinner and networking time.  And – get this – not only is this a GREAT time to network for your business, but the price of dinner is cut in half – another perk for belonging to Dreambuilders Club!

If you’re in the area, you’re welcome to join us to check out how Dreambuilders Club helps you promote and grow your business.  For more information, write  And when you arrive, tell them the Duchess sent you!  Then come and introduce yourself to the Duchess, her Duke and all the Dreambuilders Club assembly.  We’ll be glad to have you with us and share the news of what Dreambuilders Club offers!

This is the Duchess, signing off for tonight!

P.S.  When you decide you’re ready to sign up, the Duchess will be happy to sponsor you.  Admission to Dreambuilders Club is by invitation only.  Write for the information you’ll need to register.

Dreambuilders Club Launches Monday Meetings June 6th, 2008

So what is Dreambuilders Club?  It is the most innovative and cooperative business-to-business, business-to-client organization ever created for caring people. 

The Duchess is pleased to share with you, and with all, that, in lieu of the regular Monday evening conference calls, Dreambuilders Club has begun to hold meetings every Monday evening – and will continue to do so for the next couple of months. 

Now why would they do that? you might ask.  Well, first off, they want you invite you – yes, YOU – as a business owner to come for an evening of dining and networking with other business owners.  If you accept this invitation, you may identify yourself as a Dreambuilders Club member or guest to the restaurant staff of the hotel and you will receive 50% off the cost of your meal that evening – all because of the Dreambuilders relationship with the Embassy Suites hotel where the meeting is held.

Following the meal and networking time, there is a meeting that introduces Dreambuilders Club and its benefits to business owners.  The middle segment of the meeting is devoted to experiencing a part of the Mastery of Loving class, created by Dreambuilders’ Founder, Matthew Sikich.  In this segment of the evening, one can find out about such things as the buying habits of the American public, what language to use when approaching people about your business, and other things both enlightening and helpful to anybody in business – or in anyone’s personal relationships in daily life, for that matter.  Very useful stuff!

The kick-off meeting was held this past Monday evening and several guests and members were in attendance.  There was much constructive relationship-building and networking going on during the dinner hour.  The Duchess herself can share that, as a direct result of Monday evening’s meeting, she had four business meetings to book.  She considers that a pretty successful evening of networking!

If you’d like to come to a Monday evening networking/dinner/meeting, please contact the Duchess for the information on time and place at We’d love to have you join us! – both for the Monday evening sessions and in the Club inself!

Joining Dreambuilders Club is by invitation only.  If this is an invitation you’d like to seek out, please write the Duchess at  It’s well worth your while to check it out!