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Loral Langemeier Launches New Multi-Media E-Book “Get Off Your Lazy Assets” December 4th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle is pleased to share with you Loral Langemeier’s newest book.  It’s an e-book called Get Off Your Lazy Assets – and it’s more than just a plain vanilla e-book.  It’s a multi-media e-book, which means it has both audio and video to enhance your learning experience as you digest what Loral, who is also known as “The Millionaire Maker,” has to teach you. 

Speaking from her own experience, the Duchess can tell you that Langemeier’s organization is called “Live Out Loud.”  To start with it seemed a kind of odd name for a company, but once you understand what she’s striving to do, it makes sense.  Loral is working toward getting people to talk about a subject that is often spoken of in hushed tones or not even spoken of at all: money.  Specifically: making money and investing it wisely so that it will grow.  The First Rule of Loral is having a cash machine.  This is a business that will generate in the neighborhood of $100,000 to $125,000 per year, so that one can establish financial stability.  After that she teaches how to grow your wealth and maintain it – and how to get involved in her ever-growing business/wealth-building community.  And she is successfully doing just that: building a community of people that have learned how to manage their monies and build businesses and wealth.  The Duchess has attended four events with Langemeier and her money-smart troops – and, without what she’s learned from Loral and her teachings, wouldn’t be where she is today.   Even at that, the Duchess will readily confess that she has much yet to learn from Langemeier’s team and community.

So the Duchess invites you to get off the couch and get on with the business of checking out what Loral says about “Get(ting) Off Your Lazy Assets” – and she assures you that it will be well worth your while!

Duchess of Earle and Merryn Flavell Team Up to Write an Ebook November 4th, 2008

In case you all didn’t know it, the Duchess of Earle has been working quite a bit with Merryn Flavell, the founder of Flavell International University (FIU), which offers online college degrees based on the Great Books of the Eastern and Western Canon.

Of late, we two are working on a joint venture with an expert internet marketer.  Merryn is writing an ebook about starting an internet marketing business and because the Duchess of Earle once made her living as a proofreader, she is contributing to the process by working on the rewrite and the proofing.  It is an adventure writing a book and Merryn is doing a really wonderful job of it – and she and the Duchess are having fun together working over the drafts. 

So, in the not-too-far-distant future, the unveiling of the book will come – and the other goodies that will be offered with it.  If you’re a newbie to internet marketing and looking to learn how to start a business online, this little gem and its accompanying treats may well be just “what the teacher ordered” for launching yourself into the internet marketing atmosphere.  There will be a galaxy of things to follow, as well.  So watch for the launch in the coming weeks! 

Blogging to the Bank 3.0 Launches Today November 3rd, 2008

Just a quick note for you this afternoon: Duchess of Earle invites you to check out the new update of the blogging program, Blogging to the Bank 3.0.  The Duchess is really excited to get her hands on this and make use of what it teaches.  Please accept the Duchess’ invitation to join her in this new adventure of learning and profitability!



iNetGlobal Saturday morning with Duchess of Earle November 1st, 2008

It’s a pleasant, almost balmy for this time of year, fall morning as the Duchess of Earle arrives at Steve Renner‘s Bloomington, Minnesota office.  Faithful Jonathan greets her at the door and they walk together into the room.  This morning the population in the room is unusually sparce, but she is warmly greeted and begins to set up her computer.  The aroma of coffee wafts from the breakroom next door and doughnuts are on the counter to tempt the eye and the palate.

Steve begins at length, talking about the early days of his business and how everything was free in those days.  They went on to pioneer the digital currency business; Cash Cards International has been his foundational business for about eight years.  Over those years, the business as a whole has expanded to include a whole suite of services – and it continues to expand.  Today the services include the cash cards, web hosting, seo link, blogpros, internet marketing training, autoresponder, shopping cart and affiliate program, webcasting, advertising – and now the soon-to-be-unveiled Cash Club, which will offer rebates from many, many companies, not to mention the opportunity to sign up others and earn 40% of what they buy as well.

SEO Links offers 17 directories and multiple links back to one’s site – an absolutely phenomenal deal, considering one can pay $50 per month for a single link. 

Blogpros, currently comprised of six blogs (but about to be expanded to a full dozen) is a blog content network that helps one get this own word out there.  Soon it will also offer full written posts and even comments to be posted.  There will be a re-introduction of Blogpros and it will have the new name of V-Blogs – oops! he let the cat out of the bag!  There will be an additional charge for this service after the first of the year, as with all things, as previously announced.  (You can get in now and pay $39.95/month to try it out, but after the first of the year there is a program with graduated costs, each gradation bringing with it additional services.)

He mentions that there is an ebook in the IMTrain materials that explains about the mini-network that one can set up with blogs.  It is called Revenge of the Mininet and was written by Mike Campbell (The Duchess checked and this book is no longer available for sale, so membership in iNetGlobal is a way to get a copy of this linking strategy teaching).  So iNetGlobal members, the Duchess recommends you join her in looking this little goodie up and learning how to make the system work.     

Finally, there is AdPacs advertising service, which allows marketers to increase the traffic to their sites.  This is a cooperative advertising network, as all that purchase advertising agree to look at others’ websites in exchange for others viewing their sites.  AdPacs have taken the surfing network beyond the scope of the average surfing network.  It reaches beyond the limited market of the surfing network by using a search engine of its own, for which members get credit when they conduct their searches on the search engine.  This search engine has yet to be declared officially online, but is being called acesse.

There is a really good financial opportunity in this program.  Earnings can be stellar for those willing to work the program. 

There is a Rally in Dallas next weekend, November 8th.  There will be a Rally in Minneapolis on November 15th.  This latter Rally will immediately segue into an MIT and more training will follow the next day.

Then, in response to questions and requests, Steve goes through how to post on SEO Links and Blogpros, which is a big help to the Duchess and others.  Now she thinks she’s got it and will be starting to utilize these most excellent services.

Well, that’s a wrap for today.  Oh – one last thing:  No webcast on Tuesday evening, as it is Election Day, a big day in America.  Don’t want to compete with people getting to the polls!

See you next week on the training calls and next Saturday on the Rally webcast from Dallas.  Until then, this is the Duchess signing off – have a great weekend!

MIT Workshop Live Meets in Final Session October 14th, 2008

Well, troops, this is it!  It’s crunch time!  Time for the Duchess of Earle and her fellow students to get set up so we’re ready to roll when the MIT Worship Live is over! 

Not much time for the Duchess to type notes to share.  We’re all working like crazy getting our stuff set up, helping each other, working to get past computer glitches and lack of experience or understanding.  Steve is going step by step, walking us all through the path of getting set up.

He counsels not to make photos any bigger than 400, as they get distorted and will “mess up your blog,” Steve says. 

We go over buying a domain, setting up the hosting, getting into the cpanel and setting up a blog.  Next we discuss choosing a theme for your blog.  Then there are widgets and banners for advertising – and an autoresponder.  He tells us that there is a program that we have access to in iNetGlobal that offers all the different kinds of letters that we’ll need for the autoresponder system.  Hooray!  That means, even if we want to write our own letters, at least we have some guidelines to go by.

The class is supposed to be over at four, but we’re all trying to jam in so much this afternoon that it isn’t done until closer to five.  And then, by the time all is packed up and put away and everyone has traded the last contact information and said their goodbyes – it’s after six. 

Whew!  It’s been a very busy two days!  But this Duchess is grateful for the greater understanding she has gained and is ready to go out and tackle more aspects of internet marketing.  She feels emboldened to progress beyond what she has heretofore attempted – and that’s a good thing!  Matter of fact that’s a GREAT thing!  Thank you, Steve!

She also earnestly hopes, dear reader, that you have been able to glean some nugget from what she’s shared of the proceedings of this past weekend.

And at this point, she’ll bid you good night and wish you a wonderful week ahead.  For the Duchess of Earle and her Duke, this new week holds the arrival of the newlyweds back from their honeymoon.  It will be fun to hear of their adventures on the Florida Keys!

P.S.  Here follows what Steve wrote on his blog in the wake of the class.  Check out the photo – you’ll be able to see why that conference room was bursting at the seams!  (FYI – The Duchess is in the middle row, immediately to the left of Mr. Renner, who is in the middle of that row.)

“We had an Incredible weekend here at the MIT Workshop Live. This was the Best MIT Ever. We had an excllent group, many who flew in from around the country to attend.

Mit Workshop Minneapolis October 2008

MIT Workshop Minneapolis October 2008

“To me the best thing about MIT is to see the “Light Bulbs” go off as new Internet Marketing students start to put it together and unravel the mystery to Marketing Online.

“We covered a lot of material, and as usual it was Total Information Overload. But I like the 2 Day format, and I think it’s just right so people don’t get totally overwhelmed.

“I want to thank all the Students who were here and I look forward to seeing you all again soon, and especially to see what you put together in your own Online Business.”

MIT Workshop Live Reconvenes After Lunch October 12th, 2008

After the MIT Workshop breaks for lunch there are cookies awaiting in the break room – chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, English toffee and more -a tasty treat to finish the lunch hour and start the afternoon session.

This section of the day is devoted to business systems.  The object of this class is to get your own business systems going.  With this program, the student gets a domain and hosting for a year. 

A discussion about website appearance ensues.  Steve cites some of the less attractive sites he’s seen, which shall remain nameless here.  He also says some of them, in spite of their lack of pulchritude, still make a ton of money.

For your system, you’ll need a squeeze page, branding site and sales page.  The whole internet is based on keywords, which is how people find you on the internet.  He shows a squeeze page for one of his businesses, pointing out the layout of the copy on the page, saying (with a grin) how carefully the whole thing is laid out.  He has put his own success testimonial on the page, so that readers will know that he’s a real person – it builds credibility, especially since he includes his contact information. 

The branding site shows people who you are – he suggests having a blog for the branding site, so that your readers can get acquainted with you and your brand.  The average site has about five pages.  He suggests droople or joomla to create blogs – they don’t require a lot of high-tech skills to run those systems.  They’re easy to learn and run. 

People who go to the internet are looking for information and they type in keywords.  The search engine takes the keywords and looks for those words in order to bring back appropriate results.  They’ll be taken to a branding site.  From there, the advertiser can have multiple squeeze pages (also called landing pages), each one geared to a particular keyword.  Once the prospect opts in on the squeeze page, they are taken to the sales page.  When a person opts in, your autoresponder receives the names and addresses and sends out emails to the prospects.  Mail them regularly until they buy from you.  Once they buy, move them to another list, for the next stage of marketing. 

There are other kinds of pages, but these three are the types for a basic systsem.  First order of business is setting up the branding page lets them know who you are – and even how big you are as a company.  For the hosting of your website, there is something called a cpanel – the control panel, in other words.  Your first job for your business is to be the visionary and run the business, but if you’re not yet in a position to hire it done, you’ll have to learn how to run the cpanel.  Your website is your virtual office and you’ll need to do the simple things that you’d have to do in a real brick and mortar storefront: sweep the floor, change the light bulbs, etc.  But with a website, all these maintenance issues are accomplished through the cpanel. 

Set up your blog as your branding site (such as the Duchess has done) and create your personal or corporate identity, whichever the case may be.  You’ll need content on your site and this should be comprised of your keywords.  Content on your site is critical for assisting search engine seekers to find you.  Figure out your niche of the marketplace and then find out what keywords are being searched for in that niche.  Your keywords are the basis for your content.  Content comes in many forms: articles, books, videos, etc.  Mostly you want to focus on words, however, because the search engines read words, not graphics.  “Content is king on the internet,” says Renner.

In order to get your blog started, you’ll need to get at least 25 posts going.  Put in major power articles – about four or five of them – on your topic(s).  How do you get these articles?  You can get articles from the IMTrain section of iNetGlobal and write something for the front and back ends of the articles and publish them (this is because as an iNetGlobal member you have the rights to utilize and publish those articles).  Also the government employs people to generate content of behalf of the government – and it all belongs to the taxpayers and is usable as content.  Put up stories about your company and product.    This creates content for your market niche.

You can also make videos, upload them to online video sites and they will be available within minutes. 

“Do follow” sites are the kind of sites you want to post your items, because the search engines will follow those links.  Some sites “do not follow” and you’re after the ones that do, because they offer links back to your site, which helps build your site in the “eyes” of the search engines.

Postings on your blog need to be indexed by the search engines.  There are many different bookmark sites that will ping for your blogpost.  The key to being linked up is getting your posts ‘pinged’ and the search engines alerted that there is new information showing.  This is highly important for getting your site notice.

Steve takes us to our cpanel, to the AWStats, which shows the site’s activity.  It’s a fun and interesting look at who has been looking at your site and where they’re from.  The Duchess was quite surprised the first time she ever looked at her stats – there were people from all over the world looking at her site – whodathunk that the li’l ol’ Duchess would reach such a far-flung group!  And she was even more surprised (not to mention pleased) when people from those far-flung places began signing up with her!  (Hey – making friends around the world is FUN!)

Next on the list of tasks is taking the MIT Tools disc that each student is given and opening it up on one’s computer. 

The first thing we’re going to do is get the squeeze page; then the branding site and sales pages.  After that there needs to be a way to collect payment, so accounts need to be set up.

What makes a good squeeze page?  It should be short and simple – keep it to just a page, beginning with a bold and compelling headline.  The opt-in box should be obvious on the page.  Stress that you are anti-spam and that their information is secure, that you will never sell their private information. 

Your branding site has a name, term, design/logo or some feature that distinguished your product/service from what’s available on other sites.  Branding can be done with your blog – it doesn’t have to be a formal website.

Then he discusses sources for good keywords, which is pretty important, of course.  If you’re in a highly competitive market, you may not want to use the top keyword listings.  Try going down the line a ways and pick keywords with a longer tail.  For example, on the post for his blog today, which was titled “MIT Workshop Live,” he chose the longer tail name instead of just going for “MIT Workshop.”  This is because he can get ranked for the former title a lot faster than for the latter.

It is important to get feeder sites – create your own mini-internet of content about your materials. 

Here’s our assignment for the evening:

Get your keywords – at least 50

Come up with a 15-30 word descritpion for your website

Come up with list of power words

Most searched for terms on the internet:  MySpace, Google, Yahoo, Ebay and sex.  Take into consideration the traffic potential for a particular keyword and make sure you’re working with words that aren’t too heavily targeted, as those words are difficult to rank for.

Well, that’s a wrap for today.  The Duchess of Earle will see you tomorrow morning at the MIT Workshop Live!