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Minnesota Artist Sells Works on eBay to Stave off Missing a House Payment January 28th, 2009

Well, when the Duchess of Earle talks real estate investing, she is usually discussing things like short sales – such things as occur when missed payments and foreclosure enter the picture, things that used to be mysterious to the average Joe, but have come to be more widely known due to the nation’s present financial climate.  But today she shares with her readers a little different slant on real estate matters.  Different – and yet not at all so, for the task of making one’s house payment looms as a large challenge to many families these days. 

While reading today’s edition of the Star Tribune, newspaper of the Twin Cities (for those of you outside the area that means Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota), she encountered an article about a Minnesota artist in a pickle about how to pay her mortgage next week.  Melissa Robinson, of Cold Spring, has decided “to do something bold and dramatic.”  She has put her life’s work of original art on eBay in the effort to market her way to making her house payment.

So the Duchess, who got into the real estate forum in the first place because of a friend who was facing foreclosure and divorce all at once, and who has an interest in helping people out when she can, has decided to write this post in the effort to assist this fellow Minnesotan in her attempt to make her payment.

The Duchess has gone both to eBay and Ms. Robinson’s two sites to take a peek.  The works she finds are simple, folk art-type originals, some with words incorporated into the paintings, some not.  It’s a rather whimsical style she has – trees float in the atmosphere, a cabin in the woods emits heart-shaped puffs of smoke, ducks ride bicycles and bird-shaped snow sculptures sport colorful winter gloves for combs and wear party-hat beaks (please note that not all works mentioned in this article are on eBay – some are on her website).  In addition to such fun things, there are more thoughtful and inspirational/motivational pieces, charming in their simplicity and ability to please the eye.  A tree standing in the middle of four blocks of color makes this writer think a bit of Paul Klee’s art.  Many of the works are current too – one depicts an airplane in the Hudson River.  The Duchess also located on the web a portrait of our new President Barack Obama, though this work is not amongst those shown as being for sale.

Now please know, dear readers, the Duchess does not personally know this lady, has never heard of her until the reading of this morning’s paper, but she puts this blogpost into the ether in hopes that someone out there will find an available piece appealing and take action.  The newspaper article quotes Ms. Robinson as saying that the opening eBay prices are waaaay below what things have sold for on her website in the past, so if you’re an art lover you’ve got a rare opportunity – both to get a bargain on something you can enjoy for a long time and to help a fellow human being out of a jam.  Even if the style is not for you, the Duchess hopes you’ll get a day-brightening smile or two, just for the experience of looking around on the eBay postings and Robinson’s website.

The Duchess closes this post with all best wishes to Melissa A. Robinson in her efforts to make that payment!  You go, Girl! :)


Here’s a Little Peek at Loral’s “Get Off Your Lazy Assets” December 4th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle here offers a little bit of information about what Loral Langemeier’s new multi-media e-book covers, and she invites you to take a look.  In these days of financial turmoil, it’s a good thing to consider.

from “Get Off Your Lazy Assets”

Focus on what you’re thinking and feeling – it helps to get a handle on abstract concepts, but then comes the difficulty of translating these abstract concepts into tangible results. You’ll learn how to overcome this instead of letting it hold you back.

One of the reasons that so many people give away their value is because they don’t know how to value their energy. You’ll learn how to determine that value and apply it comfortably.

The reason that I have one of the highest client retention rates of anyone in the wealth building business, and the reason that I can actually make people millionaires, is that I show you how to practice wealth building from your inherent strengths. You’ll learn how you can convert your natural abilities into wealth-building currency.

You need to shift from a Lifestyle Cycle into a Wealth Cycle and set up its 12 Building Blocks. Each building block requires specific skills. Some you have, some you don’t. You’ll learn how to handle these building blocks successfully to achieve your goals.

We know that there are good leaders and bad leaders and that some good leaders lead others into bad ideas and bad leaders fail to sell even the best ideas. You’ll learn what good leaders share in common.

Too many people are overwhelmed by the idea of wealth building. They think that finance is a complicated thing. They think that there are professionals who’ve been investing for years and know so much more than they could ever learn. You’ll learn that you are capable of building wealth.

To be a true wealth builder, you have got to build a plan, follow the plan on a regular basis, and allow flexibility in your plan so you don’t get thrown off it. You’ll learn to be in action around your wealth, even if, at first, it’s just a few minutes a day.

So, please, dear friends, accept the Duchess’ invitation to check out “Get Off Your Lazy Assets.”  You’ll be glad you did!

Loral Langemeier Launches New Multi-Media E-Book “Get Off Your Lazy Assets” December 4th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle is pleased to share with you Loral Langemeier’s newest book.  It’s an e-book called Get Off Your Lazy Assets – and it’s more than just a plain vanilla e-book.  It’s a multi-media e-book, which means it has both audio and video to enhance your learning experience as you digest what Loral, who is also known as “The Millionaire Maker,” has to teach you. 

Speaking from her own experience, the Duchess can tell you that Langemeier’s organization is called “Live Out Loud.”  To start with it seemed a kind of odd name for a company, but once you understand what she’s striving to do, it makes sense.  Loral is working toward getting people to talk about a subject that is often spoken of in hushed tones or not even spoken of at all: money.  Specifically: making money and investing it wisely so that it will grow.  The First Rule of Loral is having a cash machine.  This is a business that will generate in the neighborhood of $100,000 to $125,000 per year, so that one can establish financial stability.  After that she teaches how to grow your wealth and maintain it – and how to get involved in her ever-growing business/wealth-building community.  And she is successfully doing just that: building a community of people that have learned how to manage their monies and build businesses and wealth.  The Duchess has attended four events with Langemeier and her money-smart troops – and, without what she’s learned from Loral and her teachings, wouldn’t be where she is today.   Even at that, the Duchess will readily confess that she has much yet to learn from Langemeier’s team and community.

So the Duchess invites you to get off the couch and get on with the business of checking out what Loral says about “Get(ting) Off Your Lazy Assets” – and she assures you that it will be well worth your while!

United First Financial VIP Meeting in Minneapolis September 28th, 2008

As mentioned earlier this week in this weblog, United First Financial held a leadership and training meeting these past two days in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park.  Mac Saunders, national Director of Sales for the company, was here to share his time and a ton of information largely focused on Version 4 of the Money Merge Account, which is UFF’s stellar debt-elimination system. 

Both the Duke and Duchess attended this meeting and both felt it a worthwhile event. 

One thing that the Duchess plans to check out is a book mentioned by Michael Isakson, one of the speakers.  It is The Dream Giver, written by Bruce Wilkinson.   Another thing, shared by speaker Bill Blanchard, is a quote from Jim Rohn:  “Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”

This last notion leads nicely into remarks shared by Gene Harris, who, like Isakson and Blanchard, is a Branch Manager with UFF.  Harris taught school for 31 years before retiring.  He was also a football coach – actually still does coach.  He shared this thought: The great Vince Lombardi worked his team on the fundamentals of the sport (starting with, “This is a football.”) and he did it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over – well, you get the idea.  He drilled his teams endlessly on the basics so that they could perform properly under the pressure of game conditions.  In the light of Lombardi’s approach to coaching, Harris relates the progression through the stages of incompetence or competence in dealing with situations in business – whether one’s business is football or not.

He says there are four stages of growth in any business person’s experience and that, to succeed, one must develop a beginner’s frame of mind – an awareness that will allow one to get one’s own self out of one’s own way.  This represents a humility of thought that is willing to learn.  But sometimes it takes a bit for one to realize that one needs a bit of assistance in getting there.  He points out that failure is often the agent that provides the awakening wherein one learns to be receptive to mentoring.   Commenting that all success is built on failure, he cites some of his own failures and then the numberous failures of another man, asking if we know who the man is.  His record reads like this (the Duchess sincerely hopes she got all this down correctly):

This man had a difficult childhood.  He failed in business in 1831.  Was defeated when he ran for the legislature in 1832.  Tried another business and failed in 1833.  His fiancee died in 1835.  Ran for speaker in 1838 and was defeated.  Ran for elector in 1840 with the same result.  By 1842, he was in a troubled marriage.  He was defeated in his run for Congress in 1843 and did succeed (hooray for him!) in being elected in 1846.  The Senate was his next attempt in 1855; he was not elected.  In 1856 he ran for Vice President – no dice.  Two years later, he lost a race for the Senate.  One bright spot in all these attempts, folks. 

But, of course the story doesn’t end there.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, this may be the hint that tells you his identity: He ran for President in 1860 and was elected.  This gave our country one of its finest Presidents: Abraham Lincoln.

So what stages did Mr. Lincoln go through as he battled his way up the ladder?  What are the stages that everyone must face in getting to the point of running a good business?  As previously stated, there are four.

The first one is called unconscious incompetence – it’s that sorry state of affairs wherein a fellow doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know.  He may think he can do, but he really isn’t ready to, so he bumbles along until he realizes he has completely botched the job.

The second stage, which is called conscious competence, is born of that experience of failure – and that experience brings the dawning within the thought that one doesn’t really know how to achieve the goal.  This leads to the conclusion that perhaps some training or a mentor would be a good idea – and it’s truly right where one wants to be.  A truly full perception of this view brings with it a humble, receptive, listening state of mind.  One becomes willing to be a student through the recognition of what they don’t know.

So with this epiphany, comes the forming of a conscious purpose and effort to grow in competence.  This is the frame of mind that would bring one to such a trainig session as we were sitting in today.  The fruit of this striving and educating is the third stage: conscious competence – being aware that one is now capable of doing the task. 

And the last phase comes as the result of performing the fundamentals learned in gaining the conscious competence.  By this time, the individual – as Mr. Harris humorously puts it – has developed “ninja lips.”  Those with ninja lips have become so proficient in their business that they have moved into the ultimate stage, called unconscious competence.  Having this unconscious competence signifies that one can pretty much run on auto-pilot because the information or action required is thoroughly ingrained and one can still deal successfully with the  task, even without thinking too much about it.

So, as he wraps up his comments, he poses the question:  “Where are you today on this scale of one to four?”  And he adds this urging: “Develop the purpose to become an unconscious competent!”  

There was much more and perhaps the Duchess can share some later, but now she’s off to catch some zees – and sends her wishes to all the world for sweet dreams tonight!

United First Financial Exec Comes to Minneapolis This Week September 24th, 2008

Mac Saunders, one of the top executives at the award-winning company, United First Financial, is coming to town this weekend to spend some time with the troops in the Minnesota field.  Saunders comes in the wake of a series of outstanding recognitions for his company, including the Ernest and Young Entrepreneuer of the Year Award, Utah Region, presented at the end of June.  Douglas Andrews of “Missed Fortune” fame also endorsed the UFF software at that same time, as did Personal Real Estate Investor magazine

There will be training for agents offered, which will focus on the new Version 4 software, which leaves all other programs in the dust, including UFF’s own Version 3.  This software carries a capability NO ONE ELSE has – and the results of which NO ONE can duplicate on their own.  That may sound like over-the-top bragging, but it’s the truth.  So how come that is?  This new version not only utilizes an extremely complex algorithm, but it also exercises the benefits of factorial math to determine the fastest way for the client to get his or her debts to zero.  And there’s the other benefit of the Version 4 – the client doesn’t have to have a mortgage to make it work.  This program will work with any kind of debt – and in this financially woeful day and age, that’s a BEAUTIFUL thing

If you’re in the Minneapolis area and would like to learn more, c’mon down to the Doubletree Park Place hotel in St. Louis Park.  It’s just south of of I-394 and Xenia/Park Place exit.  The meeting starts at 7:00 P.M. this Friday evening, September 26th.  Come early to get a good seat, because the Duchess expects the place will be hopping!  And when you get there, ask those at the registration desk how to find the Duchess of Earle – and she and the Duke will be glad to greet you!  Come and let Mac Saunders show you how you can get out of debt faster than you ever thought possible! 

Interesting Comments Discovered in Unusual Places September 9th, 2008

Good afternoon to all!

This will be a quick posting (I hope) to this Diary, but one the Duchess thought worthy of sharing.  This crossed her path because she recently learned from her Dreambuilders Club friend, Les LaMotte, that one can have a Google alert out on certain keywords.  So for the fun and education of it, the Duchess decided to give it a try – largely since some commenters to this Diary have mentioned learning about this weblog in places such as chat rooms and sites such as Technorati.  Well, it’s been a mixed bag of results, since – as one might expect – most (but, happily, not all!) alerts seem related to members of the artistocracy on the other side of the Atlantic (after all, who would be looking for them here!).  So this little bit of info crosses the Duchess’ path as a result of the Google alert and, as usual, it is discussing the nobility across the pond.  But it has an American twist to it, which is what perked up the Duchess’ ears. 

It’s a numismatist’s comment on what goes on in the good ol’ US of A in regard to small business, taxes and the economy.  He writes about a certain type of coin (Maltravers Farthings) and begins in the middle of the story, so the Duchess presumes he must be composing a series of articles on the history of coins in the United Kingdom.  He begins with introducing a fellow named Thomas, Viscount Wentworth like this:

“There were a few stumbling blocks on the way to Thomas, now Viscount Wentworth (promoted from Baron Wentworth), taking up the office of Lord Deputy of Ireland. Most obvious, of course, is the fact that he didn’t even arrive in Ireland until the summer of 1633. This was more than a year after his original appointment.”

After some additional exposition, a bit farther down he writes:

“Wentworth needed to make Ireland prosperous in order to be able to steal more money. Piracy on the seas and banditry on land worked against this goal. Consequently, the new Lord Deputy went to work suppressing piracy on the high seas with such good will and to such good effect that less than four years later he could claim that, “there was not so much as a rumour of Turk, St. Sebastian’s man, or Dunkirker” [all various types of pirates] along the coast and that merchants might at last pursue their commerce in peace.”1

“Pursuing commerce in peace was a very important part of Wentworth’s program. Not a stupid man, the new Lord Deputy knew very well that it is impossible to tax the poor, however good or ill your motives might be, and however well-intended your projects. Further, if you tax the middle class and rich beyond what they can truly afford to pay, they have a tendency not to engage in productive activities, thereby eroding the tax base and decreasing revenues to the State (or, as in Wentworth’s case, the tax collector).

“One bizarre example of how the State can kill the goose that lays the golden eggs is the tax code in the United States and most developed countries. There is a “Catch-22” in the Internal Revenue Code, given the combination of the regressive Social Security tax, progressive income tax, and IRA contribution,2 and adding in the ill-fitting standard deduction, personal exemption, and earned income credit. Self-employed individuals in the United States – the types who tend to be most entrepreneurial and productive – can net less money the more they make within a certain range. This range is roughly $12,000 to $25,000 – the very income bracket into which many new entrepreneurs fall when starting a small business.

“Experiencing this, many would-be entrepreneurs simply chuck it and go back into the wage system and pay a less unjust tax, ending up with more disposable income with less effort. Since big businesses that generate workers’ taxable wages usually only grow from viable small businesses, the tax system works against itself by choking off potentially productive enterprises and taxing what survives in ways that simply raise prices to consumers. (Corporate and other business taxes, along with interest and fixed wage and benefit packages are costs of doing business. When the cost of doing business goes up, companies raise their prices in order to meet the additional costs, passing the increased costs along to the consumer. When customers no longer want to pay the higher prices or cannot do so, companies go out of business. Workers lose their jobs, and the State loses a portion of both its corporate and its individual tax bases.)

“To do him justice, the new Lord Deputy was anxious to avoid such counter-productive measures. Of course, his object was, ultimately, to make the people richer so that he could steal more, but he still first had to make them prosperous. A wise thief doesn’t kill a victim or take all he has. He leaves him enough with which to make more, and well enough to do so. This works up to a point.”

Don’t we all wish the legislative bodies here and elsewhere might borrow the hint about avoiding counter-productive business taxation measures from Viscount Wentworth’s approach! :) 

To read the full article, please click here.  If you’re into history, business or the economy, the Duchess encourages you to check it out just for the fun of it and hopes you enjoy the read as much as she did!  And she sends out a friendly and appreciative shout to the Numismaster in Iola, Vis-CON-sin from your next-door neighbor in Minne-SO-ta! 

Countdown Continues to Version 4 of Money Merge Account June 19th, 2008

Well, the Duchess is greatly looking forward to the next convention on her list.  This is for United First Financial, a growing company with a great product that is about to get even greater!

United First Financial’s stand-out product, the Money Merge Account is about to take a quantum leap into a new era of expanded capabilities with the release of Version 4 of the Money Merge Account software.  All agents of the company are looking forward to the unveiling of this new version, as it is expected to put the company front-and-center in the debt reduction field, able to assist anyone with paying off any kind of debt they may have become mired in.  With so many folks in America awash in debt today, what a perfectly-timed release for such a product as this!

As of today, we are a week away from the grand announcement of all that this powerful new product will do.  Agents and clients alike are awaiting the revelation with high expectations – and they surely will not be disappointed!  Watch this blog for news of the new capabilities of the Money Merge Account software and check it out to see what it can do for you! 

Questions?  Write to the Duchess at .

New Promotion for AdSurfDaily Started on June 6th June 7th, 2008

AdSurfDaily has ended one promotion program and rolled out another.  Here are the details of the new opportunity:

If you purchase $500 or more in Ad Packages, on the ASD Cash Generator Site, then you will receive a 25% match of that amount, on the ASD Cash Generator Site.  In addition, you will receive Executive VIP Membership, as follows:

$500  to $1999……………………2 months of Executive VIP on the same site in which you purchase

$2000 or more…………………….4 months of Executive VIP on the same site in which you purchase

If you choose to participate in this promotion, then you forego any previous, promotional, Executive VIP Membership priviledges and your Executive VIP Membership will be as stated above.          

Important:  In order for your cash balance to qualify to purchase ad packages for this promotion, you have to move the cash balance up in the full dollar amount that you are trying to qualify for.  To further explain, you may not add up your daily ad packages, you must let the rebate and referral amounts accumulate in your cash balance and upgrade a minimum of $500 or more.

**The promotion above is as stated and the promotional match will only be given on the Site where the Ad Packages are purchased.  No Exceptions. – Sign up free!  Even with 
a free account if you refer people you make a 3% commission!

That’s the latest scoop from the Duchess of Earle’s office!

Countdown to Version 4 of Money Merge Account: 21 days left June 6th, 2008

Well, it’s June and the long-await United First Financial annual Convention is fast drawing near.  This year’s convention is to be held in Atlanta, GA, at the end of the month.

Every agent in U1st has been waiting with bated breath to learn about the new version of the Money Merge Account software, which promises to quadruple our potential client base.  And why is that?  It’s because it will no longer require a client to have a mortgage.  All a client needs to have is a debt – it can be student loans, vehicle loan, credit card loans/debt, mortgages, lines of credit – any of that stuff will qualify to be able to work with the Money Merge Account. 

This new version will put U1st head and shoulders above the competition – no one will have the breadth and depth of a program to compete with what the Money Merge Account will offer.

Agents will not only see the program revealed, but will leave the convention trained to assist people shovel their way out of their debts.  In today’s debt-ridden climate, that will be a light to many struggling in financial darkness. 

This posting is written very early on the morning of June 6th, so we now have 21 days until the convention and the unveiling of the new version of the software.  We’ll be counting down to the last day, cheerfully awaiting the certainty of being able to assist many, many people to getting control of their finances. 

Come along for the ride! It promises to be a good one!  We’ll really have reason to blow up those fireworks on the 4th of July in celebration of a new freedom for Americans – and, now, Canadians too!

Questions?  Write the Duchess at

The Duchess Of Earle Announces May 27th, 2008

Well, this announcement is a bit different from the others that the Duchess of Earle has made…largely because she feels she needs to comment a bit before she makes it.  This is because the Duchess had promised herself that she had her finger in enough pies – “No more!” she told herself.  And then… along came AdSurfDaily Cash Generator, the most profitable, least labor-intensive income stream she’s ever seen.  Therefore:

The Duchess of Earle

announces that

AdSurfDaily Cash Generator

is now part of

Polaristar Properties LLC

family of companies.

Ads and Rebates Served Daily.

People and their families Benefitted Greatly.

You are invited to email the Duchess of Earle at

for an invitation to a conference call

for further information.

To check out the website, click here.