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Duchess of Earle shares Jeffery Combs’ Independence Day Offer July 2nd, 2010

Good evening once again!

The Duchess of Earle has received an invitation to take advantage of a grand offer and thought her readers might well enjoy being blessed with the same opportunity.  Here’s the deal:

Jeffery Combs, President and Founder of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc., has come forward with a Fourth of July special – and it’s a generous one!  It’s a package of materials featuring the great inspirational speaker Jim Rohn, who passed from this planet late last year – but not before he influenced many thousands upon thousands of people in superlatively positive ways.

Mr. Combs had the great privilege of interviewing Mr. Rohn on three separate occasions and shares the fruits of those interviews with us all in this package, along with other related personal development goodies.   It is a package stuffed with benefits for anyone willing to spring for it – and it’s a honey of an offer.  Valued at over $600,  Jeffery is practically giving it away for a mere $99! – and that includes 15 minutes of coaching time with Jeffery in person!  Can’t beat that for great value!

Here’s his invitation:


So please, encourages the Duchess, go check it out – and here’s the link to take you there!  Look for the fireworks with the eagle and the flag!

Oh!  One more thing, Friends:  When you decide to take action on that especially special Independence Day package, please tell Mr.Combs the Duchess of Earle sent you.   And know that, as you listen to and learn from this magnificent fellow, Jim Rohn, and from his admirer, Jeffery Combs, the shining self that is you will sparkle even brighter!

Happy learning – happy living – happy sparkling, Friends!