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Duchess of Earle and Merryn Flavell Team Up to Write an Ebook November 4th, 2008

In case you all didn’t know it, the Duchess of Earle has been working quite a bit with Merryn Flavell, the founder of Flavell International University (FIU), which offers online college degrees based on the Great Books of the Eastern and Western Canon.

Of late, we two are working on a joint venture with an expert internet marketer.  Merryn is writing an ebook about starting an internet marketing business and because the Duchess of Earle once made her living as a proofreader, she is contributing to the process by working on the rewrite and the proofing.  It is an adventure writing a book and Merryn is doing a really wonderful job of it – and she and the Duchess are having fun together working over the drafts. 

So, in the not-too-far-distant future, the unveiling of the book will come – and the other goodies that will be offered with it.  If you’re a newbie to internet marketing and looking to learn how to start a business online, this little gem and its accompanying treats may well be just “what the teacher ordered” for launching yourself into the internet marketing atmosphere.  There will be a galaxy of things to follow, as well.  So watch for the launch in the coming weeks! 

Tuesday Evening with Steve Renner and iNetGlobal October 14th, 2008

It’s Tuesday night again and the Duke and Duchess of Earle, along with their friend, Merryn Flavell, arrive at the Bloomington office of Steve Renner, the internet marketing visioneer and founder of iNetGlobal and AdPacs.

Renner isn’t going to spend a lot of time on the particulars of his suite of products this evening, but he is going to dwell on the newest program in his wide world of internet marketing.  It’s called Cash Club – if you’ll recall the Duchess mentioned it last week and mentioned that you’re invited to get ready to sign up for it in about the next ten days or so. 

Cash Club offers cash back on purchases from both local and national stores.  There is also the opportunity to earn on what your recruits purchase.  They can sign up too – it’s free and you’ll make money on what your sponsorees purchase.  Great program!

The other exciting thing that’s getting closer to being unveiled is Renner’s new search engine, which is called .  There will also be plenty of opportunity to advertise on acesse.  He shows how to go into one’s AdPacs site and how to set up the ads.  There is a four step process that will get your ads launched.  The word is going to get out quickly, Steve says, that there is inexpensive advertising available on acesse. 

There will also be a blog widget coming out within the next week or so.  It just keeps getting better and better! 

Then he shares the AdPacs marketing program, wherein one can surf and earn 75% of one’s advertising expenses back.

Cash Cards International is a digital currency company, which offers your company the opportunity to pay its affiliates around the world.

There also is IMTrain, SEOLinks Network, Host2Profits, Blogpros, V-Shops, V-Mail, V-Webcast.  Access to all of these programs is available for one reasonable price, with the exception of V-Shops and V-Webcast, for both of which there is an additional charge.

There is also an excellent opportunity to build an organization in iNetGlobal.  One can begin as a Distributor and build his/her way to a large, profitable business. 

Traffic is the key to internet marketing.  You can have a billboard, but if it’s located in the desert and no one drives by, you’re not really in business.  You can buy traffic.

One way to buy traffic is to join the AdPacs program as a free surfer, where one can show one site and surf from 24-100 sites per day and thereby earn credits to advertise.  If one signs up as a paying customer, one can show an unlimited number of sites and earn up to 50% in rebates.  There are additional levels that take one up to a maximum of 75% rebates.

But there are also rewards available, which can take the total funds/credits that come back to the advertiser up to a maximum of 125%.   This is based upon one’s membership level.

Steve gets a request to create a widget on AdPacs and so he walks us through the process of making a widget for Merryn’s online university, Flavell International University.  When it is complete, he posts it on his own blog.  Then he shows the group how one fellow puts a large ad in each of his blogposts.

Well, that’s a wrap for this evening.  Everybody grabs a cookie (not the virtual kind!) before they head into the cool fall evening.

Building Connections for the Deaf at Dreambuilders Club September 23rd, 2008

The Duchess and her Duke have just gotten home from the Monday evening Dreambuilders Club meeting, which ran especially late tonight.  At the meeting tonight was a young man – Joel by name – who is home from Africa, where he’s been for 11 years.  Raised here in Minneapolis and Bloomington, he now teaches there, including teaching the deaf.  He has come back to the States for several months with the purpose of raising funds for his organization,  Global Deaf Connection .

Global Deaf Connection has been given office space in a South Minneapolis church which provides Lutheran services for the deaf.  Merryn Flavell and the Duchess have met with prospective deaf students at the church, in hopes of offering them the opportunity to study for a liberal arts bachelor’s degree through Flavell International University.  The fact that this is an online university (based on the Great Books) tends to level the playing field for the deaf students.  Because the deaf in most of the world are not allowed any occupation but begging, his organization has the goal of teaching the deaf so that they can teach the next generation of the deaf – all with the aim of raising their standard of living and more fully utilzing the vast human potential for good that these intelligent people represent. 

Here follows a statement from the website:

THE VISION of GDC is to see Deaf people around the world actively using their native sign language to support Deaf children to excel academically, gain meaningful employment, continually further human rights, and make major contributions that sustain their Deaf communities.

OUR MISSION is to develop self-sustaining cycles of Deaf education and leadership skills through advocacy, multi-cultural exchange, college scholarships, and mentor support. These cycles will empower Deaf people in developing countries to achieve greater access to universal human rights which will increase their social and economic self sufficiency.

So Merryn and the Duchess are introducing him to people, looking to find beneficial connections in that field.  After the meeting and the networking were over, this Duchess played chauffer at the end of the evening and gave him a ride home.  It was gratifying to hear him say that he really enjoyed meeting the people and that he felt he had made two really good contacts this evening. 

So, it was an evening well spent!  And the Duchess was truly grateful to hear it! :)

Online Education is Hot Item August 13th, 2008

This item caught the Duchess’ eye as she surfed the internet in the wee hours of the morning… 

Why online college is rocking:
1) Convenient   2) Some employers pay tuition   3) Higher salary with higher degree

This, of course, brings to mind the Duchess’ friend, Merryn Flavell, who founded the first online university based on the Great Books

The Duchess was privileged to participate in the twice-delayed Spring Conference of Flavell International University this past Sunday afternoon.  It was a pleasure to meet some of the faculty, have a tasty lunch and the opportunity to get acquainted with both the staff and a visiting African student.  There is much stirring in this small, but growing school.  Watch for big progress in the coming weeks, as a new recruiter brings in more students on a local level. 

The Duchess expects she will soon have a website up to offer this unique opportunity to those seeking online education.  Watch for it! :)