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The Duchess of Earle Picks up Art Williams’ Book August 27th, 2010

The Duchess of Earle regularly attends training sessions focused on the relationship marketing company she promotes these days.  There are very experienced people doing the teaching and in this case the instructor was a chap named Chris Doyle

  Chris Doyle

Now Mr. Doyle has been a successful businessman in his own right before getting into this particular company.  He ran a company that stone-washed blue jeans for all the big-name retailers.  Then NAFTA came along and that “giant sucking sound” of which Ross Perot spoke had its effect on Doyle’s business and he lost it all within a few short months – he went from multi-millionaire to flat broke.  So he’s had it all – and he’s had it at zero.  But as it happily happens, he’s made it all back again. 

So in this recent training session, Mr. Doyle happened to mention a certain book.  Now the Duchess has the tendency to take note when a mentor mentions a book and she also tends to run right out, pick up a copy and dig in to find out what gems for her are hidden between the covers.  The book mentioned in this case is one written in the latter 1980s by the insurance industry’s star A. L. Williams’ and it is titled, All You Can Do Is All You Can Do But All You Can Do Is Enough

So the Duchess, true to form, got online on the FHTM Rewards Mall (By the way, dear reader, you are invited to click on the Rewards Mall link and go to there to create your own account, so you, too, may get discounts and earn money back on your online purchases) and went shopping for a copy.  It arrived today and she started right out reading it aloud to herself and the Duke as they were on the way to take an evening walk together around one of the City of Minneapolis’ famous lakes

She read most of the way home too – and she and the Duke are enjoying what they’re hearing.  Some of it reminds her of what Jeffery Combs says (check some of the other more recent posts on this blog for more information about Mr. Combs).

She has decided to share some of her favorite tidbits out of this evening’s readings:

Mr. Williams says in his book that there are unwritten laws and in this first chapter he lists two.  The first one says that “Life will give you whatever you’ll accept.”  He points out that one must “demand”  in order to get the most replete sense of life.  The second is “Life will turn out the way you see it turning out.”  This opens the door to dream again, even if one has been “beaten up” by life in general.  He points out that, even though times are tough, if we desire success – whatever our personal definition of that is – we have the ability to change our thinking and our expectations, the ability rise to the occasion, to “show up and fight for it.” 

This is reminiscent of what James Allen says in his book, As a Man Thinketh:  “A man is literally what he thinks.”  And that harks back to the Scriptures, the book of Solomon‘s Proverbs (Chapter 23, Verse 7 to be exact), where it says, “…as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:…” 

So, friends, this evening the Duchess is appreciating Williams’, Allen’s and Solomon’s words of self-examination and encouragement – and invites you to do the same.  Life may hand us lemons some days, but let’s get busy making lemonade! 

Lemonade is marketable! – and done correctly, it’s profitable! – even in a difficult economy.  But it’s up to you and me to DECIDE to make it through the challenges.  Just like Chris Doyle, Art Williams – and many others – let’s go for it! 





Poetic Encouragement for the Entrepreneur August 6th, 2010

Well, today the Duchess of Earle came across a poem, a kind of “Thought for the Day” kind of thing.  In a roundabout way she happened upon it in a sermon printed online.  It seemed to her to be exactly the kind of reminder she required at the moment – this in regard to what she’s been doing these last number of months as she strives to build her business.  She offers it to you, her readers, in the hope that it will encourage you, embolden you to “keep on keeping on” when the going gets tough, knowing all the while that what you’re working on may be something like the asparagus plant, in that one doesn’t see the results of their labors right away. 

So here it is, friends – a poem by the poetess Ann North (about whom the Duchess can find no further information or she would have given her readers a link to Ms North’s site).  Be that as it may – enjoy, friends – and dare to hope and do!

P.S.  That’s Paul Cezanne‘s painting, “The Gardener” right above the poem. :)





Some of the seeds of hope

Planted tentatively in the fall

Have not come up

They lie stillborn and unrealized

Somewhere in the spring soil


The strongest and best ones

Pushed up through leaves

And layers of cold, hard resistance

Right into clear blue air

And stand there nakedly green


It’s always that way with growing things

Never knowing at the start

Which will make it and which will fail

But the thing to hold fast to

Never to lose faith in

Is simply



Duchess of Earle shares Jeffery Combs’ Independence Day Offer July 2nd, 2010

Good evening once again!

The Duchess of Earle has received an invitation to take advantage of a grand offer and thought her readers might well enjoy being blessed with the same opportunity.  Here’s the deal:

Jeffery Combs, President and Founder of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc., has come forward with a Fourth of July special – and it’s a generous one!  It’s a package of materials featuring the great inspirational speaker Jim Rohn, who passed from this planet late last year – but not before he influenced many thousands upon thousands of people in superlatively positive ways.

Mr. Combs had the great privilege of interviewing Mr. Rohn on three separate occasions and shares the fruits of those interviews with us all in this package, along with other related personal development goodies.   It is a package stuffed with benefits for anyone willing to spring for it – and it’s a honey of an offer.  Valued at over $600,  Jeffery is practically giving it away for a mere $99! – and that includes 15 minutes of coaching time with Jeffery in person!  Can’t beat that for great value!

Here’s his invitation:


So please, encourages the Duchess, go check it out – and here’s the link to take you there!  Look for the fireworks with the eagle and the flag!

Oh!  One more thing, Friends:  When you decide to take action on that especially special Independence Day package, please tell Mr.Combs the Duchess of Earle sent you.   And know that, as you listen to and learn from this magnificent fellow, Jim Rohn, and from his admirer, Jeffery Combs, the shining self that is you will sparkle even brighter!

Happy learning – happy living – happy sparkling, Friends!



Duchess of Earle offers a Thought for the Day August 10th, 2009

The Duchess of Earle just crossed paths with a saying that impresses her today – one of those unattributed things that pops up in one’s life and arrests one’s attention.  This idea is spurring the Duchess on this morning – and that’s a good thing.  Actually, that’s a GREAT thing! :)  Matter of fact, it’s so great that she thought she’d immediately post it here for sharing, in hopes that it will spur her readers on to plan their work and work their plan:

She who aims at nothing will hit it every time.

Duchess of Earle Shares Today Show’s Recreation of the Dancing MN Bridal Party July 28th, 2009

The Duchess also located the video of the day after the interview on the Today show.  The group came back for an on-air bridal party processional for the cameras and the enthusiastic onlookers.  This is such fun!  It’s late as the Duchess writes, but rest assured that she’s dancing right with them down the aisle – at least in her heart!  Come join us!  Have you got the beat?  Are you ready?  …Here we go – step-ping o-u-t!  :)  Party hearty, Bridal Party!

Duchess of Earle Shares more of the Dancing Bridal Party July 27th, 2009

So the party continued for the happy couple, the Duchess of Earle discovered.  Here’s the interview they had on the Today show this past week.

Duchess of Earle Shares a Piece of the Local Scene July 27th, 2009

Well, dear readers, the Duchess of Earle thinks it’s just too much to pass up not to share with you – just in case you’ve not seen it or heard of it – the entrance of the bridal party here in St. Paul, Minnesota, a week ago.  What a great celebratory way to enter the church!  Watch, friends and enjoy!

Duchess of Earle Shares a “Just Do It” Thought for the Day March 20th, 2009

Well, it’s midnight and the  Duchess of Earle is almost ready to climb the wooden hill to catch a little shut-eye, but she cannot resist logging into her blog to share this video with her readers.  It is one that was shared with her today by a friend and business associate.  She finds it a valuable and encouraging reminder of what every one of us is all about.  So, even when the going gets tough, hang in there, friends!  The Duchess believes that, because our tapped and untapped abilities and possibilities are so great, there really isn’t a one of us that couldn’t do more than we’re doing.  So, as another business associate likes to say, “Go forth and conquer!”  Even in these most trying times, what ever it is you need to do, you CAN do it! :)     


Minnesota Artist Sells Works on eBay to Stave off Missing a House Payment January 28th, 2009

Well, when the Duchess of Earle talks real estate investing, she is usually discussing things like short sales – such things as occur when missed payments and foreclosure enter the picture, things that used to be mysterious to the average Joe, but have come to be more widely known due to the nation’s present financial climate.  But today she shares with her readers a little different slant on real estate matters.  Different – and yet not at all so, for the task of making one’s house payment looms as a large challenge to many families these days. 

While reading today’s edition of the Star Tribune, newspaper of the Twin Cities (for those of you outside the area that means Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota), she encountered an article about a Minnesota artist in a pickle about how to pay her mortgage next week.  Melissa Robinson, of Cold Spring, has decided “to do something bold and dramatic.”  She has put her life’s work of original art on eBay in the effort to market her way to making her house payment.

So the Duchess, who got into the real estate forum in the first place because of a friend who was facing foreclosure and divorce all at once, and who has an interest in helping people out when she can, has decided to write this post in the effort to assist this fellow Minnesotan in her attempt to make her payment.

The Duchess has gone both to eBay and Ms. Robinson’s two sites to take a peek.  The works she finds are simple, folk art-type originals, some with words incorporated into the paintings, some not.  It’s a rather whimsical style she has – trees float in the atmosphere, a cabin in the woods emits heart-shaped puffs of smoke, ducks ride bicycles and bird-shaped snow sculptures sport colorful winter gloves for combs and wear party-hat beaks (please note that not all works mentioned in this article are on eBay – some are on her website).  In addition to such fun things, there are more thoughtful and inspirational/motivational pieces, charming in their simplicity and ability to please the eye.  A tree standing in the middle of four blocks of color makes this writer think a bit of Paul Klee’s art.  Many of the works are current too – one depicts an airplane in the Hudson River.  The Duchess also located on the web a portrait of our new President Barack Obama, though this work is not amongst those shown as being for sale.

Now please know, dear readers, the Duchess does not personally know this lady, has never heard of her until the reading of this morning’s paper, but she puts this blogpost into the ether in hopes that someone out there will find an available piece appealing and take action.  The newspaper article quotes Ms. Robinson as saying that the opening eBay prices are waaaay below what things have sold for on her website in the past, so if you’re an art lover you’ve got a rare opportunity – both to get a bargain on something you can enjoy for a long time and to help a fellow human being out of a jam.  Even if the style is not for you, the Duchess hopes you’ll get a day-brightening smile or two, just for the experience of looking around on the eBay postings and Robinson’s website.

The Duchess closes this post with all best wishes to Melissa A. Robinson in her efforts to make that payment!  You go, Girl! :)


Duchess of Earle’s Thought for the Day January 4th, 2009

The Duchess of Earle has decided to watch for inspirational, motivational quotes to share with her readers.  She’s a bit behind in sharing this one, since New Year’s Day was this past Thursday, but she still thinks it’s worth sharing and hopes you’ll find it encouraging.  

“We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day. ” ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Let us all open that new book and get busy writing the pages for 2009 – and may they be well-written with words and experiences of prosperity and progressive thoughts and deeds by the end of the year!