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Duchess of Earle and Merryn Flavell are Soon Launching Internet Marketing Membership Site December 9th, 2008

Since attending Jeff Mills’ Midwest Internet Marketing Superconference this past September, and meeting Jason Pearson at that conference, the Duchess of Earle  and her business partner, Merryn Flavell, have been busy writing and proofreading books, articles and reports.  This is because they have been working toward creating an online membership site that helps people get their internet marketing businesses launched.  It’s a joint venture with Mr. Pearson, who is already well established in the business of internet marketing.  For the Duchess and Ms. Flavell, it’s been a bit of an uphill battle to get it all accomplished, but the Duchess is pleased to report that things are progressing to the point where she is ready to share a couple of tidbits of news about the project. 

The first little bit of news is that the launch for the new site is nearing!  It is an exciting thing to know that there are even clients-to-be just waiting in the wings for this little internet marketing rocket to hit the launch pad.  The fact that there already is a reservation list seems, to the Duchess at least, a very positive sign! 

At first, there will be a limited number of memberships accepted.  The purpose for this is to keep things under control and be certain that every member is getting properly assisted in their business start-up.

Now, if it so happens that you, dear reader, have been thinking about beginning your own internet marketing business, then perhaps you would like to find out more about the offerings of this new membership site.  For you, there will certainly be more information coming in the days ahead.  If you desire to be on a list to receive information, you are welcome send the Duchess an email at to request more information as it becomes available.

Or, maybe – like the others on the reservation list mentioned above – you know already that this sounds like what you’re looking for and that you deserve a guiding hand as you begin.  So if you’re reading this, wishing that you, too, could be on the reservation list for the first memberships, the Duchess is happy to invite you to write her at .  When she receives your message, she’ll see to it that you’re entered into the reservation record.  Remember, though, the spaces are limited and you’ll have to write soon in order to be amongst the first to be accepted.  When you write, please include your real name and primary email address. 

When you choose to write, whether for more information or for a place on the reservation record, please indicate in the subject line what you’re writing about:  “more information” or “reservation request.”  The Duchess will be watching for your note!    


Mills’ Midwest SuperConference Concludes September 22nd, 2008

Well, it’s all over – and yet, it’s not. 

Jeff Mills’ Midwest Superconference closed today after three days packed with info and networking.  But while it may look like the end, new things are beginning.  New relationships are being formed between the presenters and their new students and participants are keeping contacts amongst themselves, in effort to support each other as they grow their internet marketing businesses. 

Mr. Mills presented a parade of experts in a number of different fields and it was truly an educational and growing event.  Assembling this kind of program presents a herculean task and he and his team deserve kudos and gratitude for staging the opportunity-packed weekend.

In the next days, the Duchess will share a few of the nuggets she got from the speakers at the conference, in hopes that you, too, may benefit from Jeff’s generous offering to the internet marketing community.

Stay tuned! 

Midwest Superconference Second Day September 21st, 2008

Well, it was another active day for Jeff Mills’ Midwest Internet Marketing SuperconferenceThe Duchess and Merryn had planned to arrive together, but it didn’t turn out that way in the end.  The Duchess decided she needed to have her own wheels at some point, since she had a couple of wedding errands to run – and since the wedding is two weeks away as of this date, these things cannot be ignored!  This meant she missed a bit of the day’s programming, alas! but at least those things got addressed.  Back at the conference she heard about selling on eBay and was around for Steve Renner’s presentations, including a mini-Rally following the main presentation, on iNetGlobal and AdPacs.

After the mini-Rally, there was a break while the room was reset for the evening meal and networking.  After dinner,  there was a party – and Steve Renner’s The Blues Rockers furnished the live music,  which went on until about 10:30. 

The Duchess had gone home to grab a bit to eat and bring the Duke back with her.  Not too many folks were still there when they returned, but that turned out nicely, as it afforded them the opportunity to sit to chat with Jeff Mills, who kindly shared some helpful information with the Duchess about embedding graphics onto a page.  One of these days, she’s going to try it, but she’s going to wait for a time when she’s not so sleepy as she is at the present.  So she’ll sign off for now and expect to post a few notes from the conference speakers.  Watch for the next installment!

The Duchess bids you good night – or should she say, good morning, since the clock is about to strike one?!  

Jeff Mills’ Midwest Internet Marketing Superconference Airs Live September 19th, 2008

Greetings, everyone! 

Jeff Mills’ Midwest Internet Marketing Superconference began today at the Holiday Inn at Appletree Square, that golden-windowed complex just east of Bloomington, Minnesota’s Mall of America.  Jeff has quite a line-up of speakers – plus he’s airing the entire conference LIVE – and at no charge!  So, kiddies, you’re all invited!  You get to hear free of charge what most everybody else paid to hear!  Just click on this link to go there – it runs all day Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  (There is an enhanced version with some whistles and bells that costs just under $7.00 – take your pick of the freebie or the whistles.)

Earlier in the day, Reed Floren will offer his take on Joint Venturing, which is always a good thing to listen to.  The Duchess has heard this presentation three or four times and always learns something more every time she hears it.

Tomorrow in the latter part of the afternoon, Steve Renner will be holding forth on his program, iNetGlobal, with its new AdPacs program, which is a permission-based advertising company.   Right after he finishes his part of the program, Steve will be holding a mini-Rally for new members of AdPacs to purchase advertising packages at a dollar apiece.  (These packages earn rebates on your purchases and commissions on your sales to other clients.)

Following the mini-Rally and dinner, Renner will join with his band, The Blues Rockers, and play the night away for a networking party.  For a sample of the music, click here.  So Renner will roll in with his amazing list of services in the afternoon and rock on through the evening with his band and the conference attendees.

The Duchess invites you all to consider coming to the conference next year.  Don’t know the dates yet, but will be happy to post them when she finds out.

Signing off for now – it’s time to hit the hay!  The Duchess, instead of counting sheep, will surely be counting sweet internet dreams of regularly written blog posts, articles, backlinks to her postings, youtube, twitter, AdPacs, et cetera, et….e…t…c…z…z…z..z..z.z.z.zzzzzzzz


Internet Marketing Mastermind Meetup May 7th, 2008

Those of you in Minnesota might like to know about the Marketing Mastermind Meetup that internet marketing Joint Venture Wunderkind, Reed Floren, and the Outsource Secrets Revelator, Jeff Mills, have been hosting monthly for the past year.  It’s held first thing on Saturday morning, so be forewarned you’ll have to prop your eyelids open with toothpicks on the way over to Biaggi’s in Eden Prairie – but once you get there you’ll find a tasty breakfast, along with a friendly group of entrepreneurs, ready to network and learn whatever Reed and Jeff have cooked up for the the Mastermind Menu for that day. 

This month they’re offering attendees a “Pick My Brain” Q and A session, which – given the number of years’ experience between the two of them – should be interesting.  Space is limited, so you have to reserve a spot in advance.  When the Duchess of Earle first visited in January of this year, she expected to attend on an occasional basis, but the topics and guest speakers offered by this Dynamic Duo, in addition to the great networking, have turned her into a regular. 

So if you’re in the neighborhood, the Duchess cordially extends a personal invitation to YOU to join us this Saturday, May 10th at 8 AM.  Please remember space is limited, so you need to speak up for your place at the table and be prepared to put a $10 bill into the glass when it’s passed around the room.  Pretty fair deal, considering that both your stomach and your business will get fed!

Last Chance for Outsource Secrets Revealed! May 2nd, 2008

Time’s About Up… Read This Now!

Hey, Friends –

Just a heads up.

The home study course, Outsource Secrets Revealed,
is about to get pulled off the market. Jeff Mills is getting
ready for phase II and in doing so, he will need to take
down the product today!

As a matter of fact, it’ll be gone by Midnight on Friday, May 2.

Here is your last chance to get it. Do it now before you
forget and the opportunity is lost.

Duchess of Earle

The Outsourcing Secret: Internet Marketing How-tos Revealed! April 29th, 2008

Hey, Friend!
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I think we can both agree that having and selling your own
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In a hurry? Here…
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does Pay Per Click work?”
You see, many folks either have a hard time translating their own
skills to a product to sell, or they don’t consider themselves an
expert at something that would be worth selling.
Enter outsourcing. You want to sell a product on weight loss…
hire a weight loss expert to write the program for you… You
want to sell a product on martial arts… hire a martial arts
expert to write a product for you…
You don’t know how to get traffic? Hire a traffic expert and let
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I really could go on forever because these experts are out
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Look at that… in a flash you have discovered how to create
ANYTHING you could possibly imagine for your business to
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