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Duchess of Earle has a busy Tuesday with Merryn Flavell, Steve Renner, Gary Braun and Mike Jacka January 26th, 2009

Well, dear readers, the Duchess of Earle has been swamped with many things of late and, while she has written posts, they have not been proofed and finished, so they have languished in the ‘Draft’ file.  Tonight, she avails herself of an unexpected opportunity to play catch-up and therefore, she offers this post, written on January 6th of this new year of 2009:

The Duchess of Earle once again has a killer first-Tuesday-of-the-month afternoon and evening schedule, so she shuttles amongst South Minneapolis, Bloomington, Roseville and back to Bloomington for Steve Renner‘s Tuesday evening meeting.  She has already met in teleconference this afternoon with Jason Pearson and Merryn Flavell, then with ClickBank expert Gary Braun, next with Mike Jacka and the Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association and now is taking in the last of Mr. Renner’s iNetGlobal/AdPacs meeting.  He is nearly done presenting the program when the Duchess arrives and is about to field questions. 

The first question is about the pay on the Widgets now displaying on the @cesse search engine.  He says that they don’t have that part of the system operational yet, but that when they do, the Widgets in the @cesse search engine are likely to pay around 10-20% of what the advertiser is paying per click.  How to put an ad on the search engine?

Go to your AdPacs site, he says and go to the Advertising Content listing on the menu.  Click on Ad Texts.  He selects one of the sites he has and sets out to write an ad for it.  Write the first line with the title, the second line should be keyword-rich.  The display URL is what people are going to see when they see the ad and the destination URL is the real address.  The next thing to do is set up the budget for the ads.  You can bid as low as $.10. 

He invites other questions and the request for an AdPac PowerPoint presentation is made.  Steve likes the sound of that and says that they’ll look at putting one together.

Next comes a question about getting cash out of one’s account.  Steve goes to the AdPacs site and walks the questioner through the process of drawing cash out of one’s account.

The question arises if the ads have RSS capability.  The answer is that this is something that could be done in the future, but it’s likely a long ways away because there are other, “bigger fish to fry” ahead of that.

That closes out this evening’s meeting.  The next meeting will be Thursday morning at 11:00 CST.  To attend that meeting, click here.  Please note the password for the Thursday morning webcast is: imtrain 

When you have checked out the program and decide you’d like to sign up, you’re welcome to do so at and you can rest assured the Duchess will personally welcome you to the company! :)

The Duchess thanks you for checking out her blog and bids you all a pleasant evening!

Duchess of Earle spends 1st Saturday of 2009 with Merryn Flavell and Steve Renner January 3rd, 2009

It’s a gray Saturday morning – Baby New Year 2009 seems to be peacefully ‘sleeping in’ as the Duchess of Earle makes her way across Bloomington from West to East.  The Duchess is running behind as she arrives.  Merryn Flavell , phone in hand, is out in the lobby watching for the Duchess’ arrival.

Inside the meeting room, Steve Renner is already chatting with those online, finding out who is new and greeting everyone.  As the Duchess and Merryn get set up with their computers, he launches into his presentation about iNetGlobal’s vast array of services for internet marketers.  The computer system is running slowly this morning here at the Cambria Suites in Bloomington, so the Duchess must wait for the web to come up.  By the time it arrives, Steve is well into his remarks.  So the Duchess will jump in right where he is.

Cash Club is a great way for you to save money when you shop.  Sign up – which is NO CHARGE – and get rebates on what you buy – and the best thing is that you can invite your family and friends to sign up and earn 40% on what they buy too.  An easy way to economize in these lean times!

AdPacs is a system for online advertising and the @cesse (pronounced ‘access’) search engine are in the process of propelling iNetGlobal into a billion dollar business.  Within a couple of years, Steve expects that this business will be turning a billion dollars a year – a hundred million a month.  WOW!  The Duchess is excited to think she’s part of an enterprise with such prospects as those! – and please consider yourself warmly invited by the Duchess to join in the fun and the prosperity!

Steve pauses for questions before presenting the business opportunity…then takes a short break.

There is a great business opportunity in iNetGlobal.  The Duchess can attest to this fact.

There is a Preferred Customer Program, which offers a 30% discount on iNetGlobal purchases.  This discount comes in the form of a rebate on your product purchases.

When you bring others into the program, you earn 5% on the purchases of your front line and 2% on the next five levels down.  That’s a great beginning – but there’s more!  As you move upward in rank in the program your percentage increases: at the Gold VIP, you earn the basic percentage mentioned above plus an additional 2%.  At Platinum VIP, which is the next level, you will get the basic 2%, plus 3%.  At Diamond, it’s an additional 4% and Blue Diamond 5%.  It’s not quite a simple as the Duchess is explaining it here, so please be sure to attend one or more of Mr. Renner’s presentations in order to fully understand the operation of the program.

There are other excellent benefits this program offers, including revenue sharing and something called ‘royalty bonus.’  There has also been a recent change in the requirements to become a VIP.  It’s now easier to move upward in the program, which is really good news.  It takes at least three personally sponsored consultants to get to Gold level.  To move to Platinum, you must have at least two Golds, both personally sponsored.  For Diamond level , one must have two Platinums in their organization in different legs and for Blue Diamond, it takes two Diamonds in different legs.  After that there is the Black Diamond level, which requires two Blue Diamonds in different legs.

To qualify to earn as fully as possible, one needs to do three things:  sign up as a Preferred Customer, sign up as a Consultant and get the Consultant’s kit, select and purchase your starter package.

Now Steve begins to field questions again.  He explains that your repurchase bonuses are based on the percentage you’re repurchasing each day.  The higher level at which you repurchase, the more you’ll earn.

He mentions that they now have about a thousand spiders indexing the internet, which is producing 1,000,000 pages per day.  Soon there will be two thousand spiders, which will double the production and after that they’ll bump up to three thousand spiders.  By that time, there will be results that are equal to what Google can produce.  Steve goes to Acesse to show the progress in the number of search results for the word ‘travel’ – which has been his yardstick since the beginning.  At first, there were only about 12,000 results; a couple of weeks ago, it was in the 100,000 range and this morning, it’s in the 300,000 range – so there is huge progress in place.  “This is where the real future of the company lies, ” says Steve, “because this is where the $100,000,000 per month will come from.”

Then he invites Merryn and the Duchess to step up to the camera and share their remarks about their experience with iNetGlobal.  Merryn talks about how she earned her EdS degree from the University of Minesota and started her online university, which can be found at  She says she’s earning money online every day.  The Duchess comments that she took Renner’s MIT class a year ago and how it has turned her life on a completely different course: she has made her first money online as a result of this company and has started a company with Merryn and will very soon be launching their membership site, 

There are Rallies coming up.  They’re working on them for Portland, OR, and other places.  Next week will be the Rally in QuadCities area of Iowa and Illinois.  You’re all invited!  Tell them the Duchess sent you!

Duchess of Earle says iNetRocket is getting closer to Launch Day January 2nd, 2009

The Duchess of Earle is pleased to let her readers know that iNetRocket, while not online yet, is nearing the time it will be online.  Please ‘stay tuned’, as the saying goes, for the launch.  She and Merryn Flavell have been working hard these last weeks, getting ready for you, our readers.  There will be webcasts and trainings in getting your internet marketing businesses launched.  Registrations will be limited each month, so when you learn that the iNetRocket has launched, you’ll want to sign up fast.  Otherwise, your name will wind up on the waiting list until the early birds have gotten their businesses underway.  So, you’re invited to be up with Venus, the morning star, and get that proverbial worm – your iNetGlobal membership!  Merryn and the Duchess will be pleased to work with you and assist you in getting your business LAUNCHED!


Duchess of Earle and Merryn Flavell are Soon Launching Internet Marketing Membership Site December 9th, 2008

Since attending Jeff Mills’ Midwest Internet Marketing Superconference this past September, and meeting Jason Pearson at that conference, the Duchess of Earle  and her business partner, Merryn Flavell, have been busy writing and proofreading books, articles and reports.  This is because they have been working toward creating an online membership site that helps people get their internet marketing businesses launched.  It’s a joint venture with Mr. Pearson, who is already well established in the business of internet marketing.  For the Duchess and Ms. Flavell, it’s been a bit of an uphill battle to get it all accomplished, but the Duchess is pleased to report that things are progressing to the point where she is ready to share a couple of tidbits of news about the project. 

The first little bit of news is that the launch for the new site is nearing!  It is an exciting thing to know that there are even clients-to-be just waiting in the wings for this little internet marketing rocket to hit the launch pad.  The fact that there already is a reservation list seems, to the Duchess at least, a very positive sign! 

At first, there will be a limited number of memberships accepted.  The purpose for this is to keep things under control and be certain that every member is getting properly assisted in their business start-up.

Now, if it so happens that you, dear reader, have been thinking about beginning your own internet marketing business, then perhaps you would like to find out more about the offerings of this new membership site.  For you, there will certainly be more information coming in the days ahead.  If you desire to be on a list to receive information, you are welcome send the Duchess an email at to request more information as it becomes available.

Or, maybe – like the others on the reservation list mentioned above – you know already that this sounds like what you’re looking for and that you deserve a guiding hand as you begin.  So if you’re reading this, wishing that you, too, could be on the reservation list for the first memberships, the Duchess is happy to invite you to write her at .  When she receives your message, she’ll see to it that you’re entered into the reservation record.  Remember, though, the spaces are limited and you’ll have to write soon in order to be amongst the first to be accepted.  When you write, please include your real name and primary email address. 

When you choose to write, whether for more information or for a place on the reservation record, please indicate in the subject line what you’re writing about:  “more information” or “reservation request.”  The Duchess will be watching for your note!    


Duchess of Earle and Merryn Flavell Team Up to Write an Ebook November 4th, 2008

In case you all didn’t know it, the Duchess of Earle has been working quite a bit with Merryn Flavell, the founder of Flavell International University (FIU), which offers online college degrees based on the Great Books of the Eastern and Western Canon.

Of late, we two are working on a joint venture with an expert internet marketer.  Merryn is writing an ebook about starting an internet marketing business and because the Duchess of Earle once made her living as a proofreader, she is contributing to the process by working on the rewrite and the proofing.  It is an adventure writing a book and Merryn is doing a really wonderful job of it – and she and the Duchess are having fun together working over the drafts. 

So, in the not-too-far-distant future, the unveiling of the book will come – and the other goodies that will be offered with it.  If you’re a newbie to internet marketing and looking to learn how to start a business online, this little gem and its accompanying treats may well be just “what the teacher ordered” for launching yourself into the internet marketing atmosphere.  There will be a galaxy of things to follow, as well.  So watch for the launch in the coming weeks! 

Tuesday Evening with Steve Renner and iNetGlobal October 14th, 2008

It’s Tuesday night again and the Duke and Duchess of Earle, along with their friend, Merryn Flavell, arrive at the Bloomington office of Steve Renner, the internet marketing visioneer and founder of iNetGlobal and AdPacs.

Renner isn’t going to spend a lot of time on the particulars of his suite of products this evening, but he is going to dwell on the newest program in his wide world of internet marketing.  It’s called Cash Club – if you’ll recall the Duchess mentioned it last week and mentioned that you’re invited to get ready to sign up for it in about the next ten days or so. 

Cash Club offers cash back on purchases from both local and national stores.  There is also the opportunity to earn on what your recruits purchase.  They can sign up too – it’s free and you’ll make money on what your sponsorees purchase.  Great program!

The other exciting thing that’s getting closer to being unveiled is Renner’s new search engine, which is called .  There will also be plenty of opportunity to advertise on acesse.  He shows how to go into one’s AdPacs site and how to set up the ads.  There is a four step process that will get your ads launched.  The word is going to get out quickly, Steve says, that there is inexpensive advertising available on acesse. 

There will also be a blog widget coming out within the next week or so.  It just keeps getting better and better! 

Then he shares the AdPacs marketing program, wherein one can surf and earn 75% of one’s advertising expenses back.

Cash Cards International is a digital currency company, which offers your company the opportunity to pay its affiliates around the world.

There also is IMTrain, SEOLinks Network, Host2Profits, Blogpros, V-Shops, V-Mail, V-Webcast.  Access to all of these programs is available for one reasonable price, with the exception of V-Shops and V-Webcast, for both of which there is an additional charge.

There is also an excellent opportunity to build an organization in iNetGlobal.  One can begin as a Distributor and build his/her way to a large, profitable business. 

Traffic is the key to internet marketing.  You can have a billboard, but if it’s located in the desert and no one drives by, you’re not really in business.  You can buy traffic.

One way to buy traffic is to join the AdPacs program as a free surfer, where one can show one site and surf from 24-100 sites per day and thereby earn credits to advertise.  If one signs up as a paying customer, one can show an unlimited number of sites and earn up to 50% in rebates.  There are additional levels that take one up to a maximum of 75% rebates.

But there are also rewards available, which can take the total funds/credits that come back to the advertiser up to a maximum of 125%.   This is based upon one’s membership level.

Steve gets a request to create a widget on AdPacs and so he walks us through the process of making a widget for Merryn’s online university, Flavell International University.  When it is complete, he posts it on his own blog.  Then he shows the group how one fellow puts a large ad in each of his blogposts.

Well, that’s a wrap for this evening.  Everybody grabs a cookie (not the virtual kind!) before they head into the cool fall evening.

Dreambuilders Club prepares for Trade and Barter Class October 14th, 2008

Good evening, Everybody!

Tonight the Duchess of Earle and her Duke are off to Embassy Suites once again for the Dreambuilders Club meeting. 

We meet Merryn Flavell for dinner and discuss our activities in regard to iNetGlobal and AdPacs.  Thereafter we find our way to the meeting room and participate in a meeting designed to bring us all up to speed about the Trade and Barter class that the Emerald and Gold members of the Club receive as part of their membership.

It take a bit of doing to wrap one’s mind around the process that Dreambuilders Club founder, Matthew Sikich, is teaching, but after a bit we begin to see how it works.  It’s an interesting concept that allows for win-win situations all around, as people put their offers up on the board.  The initial offer is made by a member that has IT services.  A couple of other offers are put up on the board – including one that really turns out to be a hot item:  a paid of tickets to the Hollywood Music Awards, which will be held next month.  Figuring out how this works is a real “connect the dots” sort of exercise.  After the initial demonstration, Matthew launches on a real live process of trade and barter, using items and services offered by individuals in the room in place of the imaginary scenarios previously employed.  It’s obvious he is certainly is Past Master at the techniques.

The Trade and Barter class will be held on November 13th at the Embassy Suites on 34th Ave. in Bloomington, MN (just east of the Mall of America) and will be open to non-members.  If you will be in the area on that date and would like to learn more, please write the Duchess about attending and she will be happy to assist you in getting an invitation.  There are only 105 spaces available and they’re sure to go fast.  There is also room for five sponsors, who will get special billing and privileges for their sponsoring the event.  Two of those spots were spoken for this evening, so only three are left.  If you have questions or would like either a sponsorship or a plain vanilla ticket to the class, just email

Internet Marketing Interrupted September 30th, 2008

Well, the Duchess missed much of our friend Steve Renner’s meeting this evening on account of needing to attend to wedding details.  Since the big day is Saturday, we’re pretty much down to the wire and things really have to happen. 

In a conversation with the Duchess yesterday, the bride indicated yesterday that she was overwhelmed with her ‘to do’ list, so the Duchess asked what she might do to assist.  “Find the candles for the unity candle ceremony,” was the answer, so the Duchess did the research and located the items.  Fortunately, they were found close to the bride’s place of work and she was able to run over to approve them before moving on to her scheduled evening appointments (all of which focused on the wedding preparations). 

So the Duchess dropped the Duke off at Mr. Renner’s office and went on her way to tend to several wedding-related issues, including picking up the candles at Yankee Candle Company in the Mall of America.  As is often the case, the errands took longer than she’d hoped, so she didn’t get in on as much of the meeting as she would have liked.  But these things certainly are not able to be put off a few days, so coming late to the meeting just had to be done.  Before moving on to the subject of the meeting, however, the Duchess will comment that the fellow – Robert, by name – that was manning the register in the Yankee Candle Company store was most kind and helpful.   He gets a gold star in the Duchess’ book!

At the meeting, she learned more changes have been made in the marketing plan.  Steve is always looking to upgrade the plan and has found several ways to do so.  It’s really pretty doggone impressive, once you get to understanding it. 

Because the company has now paid out over a million dollars to the members of the iNetGlobal system since it started the AdPacs program in late July, there was a cake brought in by Merryn Flavell.  This fulfilled a promise she made to Steve when things were just launching: when we crossed the milliion dollar mark in payouts, she’d bring chocolate cake.  And so, she did!  Actually, she brought two.  One said, “1,000,000 and many more,” and the other qyoted on of Steve’s favorite expressions: “It’s the bomb!”  So everyone celebrated this important event with a tasty piece of cake from the famous Wuollet‘s bakery.  They make mighty good stuff!  

Now the Duchess is thinking it’s time to head up the wooden hill.  Of late, shhe hasn’t been too good about getting a decent night’s sleep and is really working to fix that, so she’s not completely out of it at the wedding!  So, dear readers, she’s going to beg off this evening – oops!  it’s slipped past midnight, so instead of bidding you a good night, she’ll say, “Good morning to all!  Sweet dreams!” 

Building Connections for the Deaf at Dreambuilders Club September 23rd, 2008

The Duchess and her Duke have just gotten home from the Monday evening Dreambuilders Club meeting, which ran especially late tonight.  At the meeting tonight was a young man – Joel by name – who is home from Africa, where he’s been for 11 years.  Raised here in Minneapolis and Bloomington, he now teaches there, including teaching the deaf.  He has come back to the States for several months with the purpose of raising funds for his organization,  Global Deaf Connection .

Global Deaf Connection has been given office space in a South Minneapolis church which provides Lutheran services for the deaf.  Merryn Flavell and the Duchess have met with prospective deaf students at the church, in hopes of offering them the opportunity to study for a liberal arts bachelor’s degree through Flavell International University.  The fact that this is an online university (based on the Great Books) tends to level the playing field for the deaf students.  Because the deaf in most of the world are not allowed any occupation but begging, his organization has the goal of teaching the deaf so that they can teach the next generation of the deaf – all with the aim of raising their standard of living and more fully utilzing the vast human potential for good that these intelligent people represent. 

Here follows a statement from the website:

THE VISION of GDC is to see Deaf people around the world actively using their native sign language to support Deaf children to excel academically, gain meaningful employment, continually further human rights, and make major contributions that sustain their Deaf communities.

OUR MISSION is to develop self-sustaining cycles of Deaf education and leadership skills through advocacy, multi-cultural exchange, college scholarships, and mentor support. These cycles will empower Deaf people in developing countries to achieve greater access to universal human rights which will increase their social and economic self sufficiency.

So Merryn and the Duchess are introducing him to people, looking to find beneficial connections in that field.  After the meeting and the networking were over, this Duchess played chauffer at the end of the evening and gave him a ride home.  It was gratifying to hear him say that he really enjoyed meeting the people and that he felt he had made two really good contacts this evening. 

So, it was an evening well spent!  And the Duchess was truly grateful to hear it! :)

Midwest Superconference Second Day September 21st, 2008

Well, it was another active day for Jeff Mills’ Midwest Internet Marketing SuperconferenceThe Duchess and Merryn had planned to arrive together, but it didn’t turn out that way in the end.  The Duchess decided she needed to have her own wheels at some point, since she had a couple of wedding errands to run – and since the wedding is two weeks away as of this date, these things cannot be ignored!  This meant she missed a bit of the day’s programming, alas! but at least those things got addressed.  Back at the conference she heard about selling on eBay and was around for Steve Renner’s presentations, including a mini-Rally following the main presentation, on iNetGlobal and AdPacs.

After the mini-Rally, there was a break while the room was reset for the evening meal and networking.  After dinner,  there was a party – and Steve Renner’s The Blues Rockers furnished the live music,  which went on until about 10:30. 

The Duchess had gone home to grab a bit to eat and bring the Duke back with her.  Not too many folks were still there when they returned, but that turned out nicely, as it afforded them the opportunity to sit to chat with Jeff Mills, who kindly shared some helpful information with the Duchess about embedding graphics onto a page.  One of these days, she’s going to try it, but she’s going to wait for a time when she’s not so sleepy as she is at the present.  So she’ll sign off for now and expect to post a few notes from the conference speakers.  Watch for the next installment!

The Duchess bids you good night – or should she say, good morning, since the clock is about to strike one?!