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“How about them Twins!” MN Twins Clinch 2010 AL Central Championship September 22nd, 2010

Well, as you may know from other postings in the Duchess’ Diary, the Duchess of Earle is a fan of the great American pasttime, specifically of the Minnesota Twins

So she is delighted to share in the excitement of the inaugural season at the new outdoor stadium (Target Field), made all the more special by the clinching of the AL Central Division last evening. 

For those of you not yet in the know, the Twins had rallied to defeat Cleveland and then they and the fans sat it out, awaiting the results of the game the Chicago White Sox/Oakland Athletics game, which was still being played on the West Coast.  The ChiSox failed to overcome a five-run deficit, which took the Twins’ magic number down to zero – and then the fun started.  The team christened themselves – and, as you’ll see in the video below, even some of the fans – in celebration.


The Duchess offers her hearty congratulations to the entire team and to the coaching/managerial staff for this grand accomplishment, which feels especially sweet in light of this being the first year of the long-awaited return to outdoor baseball in the Twin Cities.  What a way to close out the regular season! 

Congratulations, Guys!  We’re rootin’ for you in the post-season!  Go!  Go!  GO!

What fun there is more than one kind of fireworks in Target Field this first year!



Breakfast with “Shoe Bob” Fisher and Matthew Sikich November 11th, 2008

The Duchess of Earle has just returned from a very early morning breakfast with “Shoe Bob” Fisher of Bob’s Shoe Repair shop and Bob’s SleepOut (for the Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners, or ICOP) and Matthew Sikich of the Dreambuilders Club.  Matthew’s travel business regularly donates vacation certificates to organizations looking to raise funds (these certificates are often auctioned off) and it was for this reason that the Duchess invited these two gentleman to meet with her over breakfast this morning, in the hopes that the IOCP’s November 22nd sleepout In Cars with the Stars could be benefitted.  As previously mentioned on this blog, former Minnesota Twins player Corey Koskie will also be on hand to welcome the sleepout participants and share breakfast with them in the morning. 

Anyone looking to donate in support of this cause or desiring to register for the event can contact the IOCP directly by clicking here.  For the Schedule of events for this fund-raising season, please click here

The Duchess thanks you for investigating this project and for considering contributing!  When you contact them, please tell them the Duchess sent you! 

Duke and Duchess take a night off with the MN Twins September 28th, 2008

Well, the day is past, but the Duchess does wish to comment on the events of Thursday evening before the impending wedding overwhelms all other issues this coming week. 

Months ago, it was planned to attend the baseball game between the Minnesota Twins and the Chicago White Sox.  It was guessed at that time that, if the season was rather dull for the Twins (as was expected by many at the beginning, since this was to be a rebuilding year with the departures of some key players), then this might be a good choice just because the rivalry between the two teams often makes for some interesting games.  On the other hand, it was fully realized at the time that, if things went well during the season, it could be a fairly important contest and what better time to see the two grapple on the diamond than the last game of a three-game series?

Well, that latter assumption proved to be the case – in spades! – this past Thursday evening.  The two teams were embroiled in a fight for first place in the division.  This was the last game of the three and the Twins had won both the previous games.  So excitement levels were pretty high when the Duke, the Duchess and their season-ticket-owning, long-time friends, Lana and Jerry, entered the Metrodome Stadium at took their usual seats on the upper deck behind home plate.

Things started out well, and the Twins took a 1-0 lead right away.  Then there was an outfield mishap where two players collided (neither got the ball, of course) and then things deteriorated into an absolute debacle of an inning for the Twins’ infield as well.  By the time the dust settled, it was 6-1.  Jerry can’t stand this kind of play, so he went to take a walk around the Dome’s hallways and drown his sorrows in a large diet cola.

Just as an aside, at one point in the game, Lana looked at the Duchess and asked the date.  She was informed it was the 26th – whereupon Lana exclaimed, “My goodness, it’s our 26th wedding anniversary and I completely forgot!”  It was quickly established that Jerry was in the same boat!  A good laugh was had by all over the fact that the two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies they have recently added to their household have just taken over all their attention and efforts, such that they even forgot their anniversary.  So a proper celebration with the Duke and Duchess will be scheduled in the near future!

Back on the diamond, however, the Twins began chipping away at the Sox’ lead and the game just got more and more exciting as it went.  By the latter part of the game, it had all the earmarks and wild excitement of a playoff or Series game – the entire crowd on their feet, cheering and clapping in support of the pitcher or the batter, as the case may be, depending upon it being the top or bottom of the inning, of course.  The Duchess thought she would have red palms for days!  And when the hits came – and the Twins had 15 of them in the end – they brought even more cheering.  The Duchess, normally a person of a fair amount of decorum, found herself more than once with both hands in the air aboveo her head, jumping up and down with the pure joy of the celebration of what was being accomplished.  By the time they reached the ninth inning, the teams were tied – so the extra innings were on.  It only took until the tenth before the Twins got that last base hit that sealed the deal and brought the house down with one of the longest Dome ovations the Duchess has ever witnessed.  What a night!  What a game! – from the ridiculous to the sublime!

Outside, it was truly a beautiful and balmy evening – especially given that this was the 26th of September.  The parking ramp in which the quartet had parked was so jammed that it was impossible to leave, so the group – since they were parked on the top level of the ramp – admired the Minneapolis skyline and listened to the shouts, cheers, honking, whistles and all kinds of celebretory din rising from the streets below.  From a building across the way, birds joined the cacophony – though probably more in protest than celebration -at being disturbed from their rest. 

Eventually the happy noises from below largely quieted, as the birds.  Then, at long last – it was probably the better part of an hour – there came signs that cars in the ramp were stirring and able to make the descent.  So all four piled back into the Duke’s van and slowly made their way down the levels of the ramp.  Heading for home all rejoiced at the events of the last couple of days in general and those of that night in particular as our beloved Twins – warts and all – swept their way into first place in the division.  Aaaaaaah! :)  How sweet it was! 

No telling, of course, how all will ultimately play out in these last days of the season, but all that doesn’t obscure the enjoyment of the moment and the Duchess just wanted to share it with you.  May you have something to celebrate this week that feels as good! 

…And, with all respect to the Chisox, may the Twins hang on today to take the division title!