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Value of iNetGlobal Membership increased with access to New Means of Advertising January 27th, 2009

It’s Tuesday evening and the Duchess of Earle has just watched Steve Renner sign off of his regular presentation of the iNetGlobal internet marketing services and the business opportunity it offers.  He shared it all – everything from IMTrain (Internet Marketing Training) to his new search engine Acesse to AdPacs Online Advertising and Publishing service. 

Then, right at the end, there was a little – very pleasant – surprise awaiting his listeners.  This is something the Duchess remembers seeing Steve demonstrate some months ago at one of his MIT (Millionaire Intensive Training) classes, something he said he was going to do for his members – but the Duchess rather thought he’d forgotten about it as time went on.  But no!  Here he comes with the announcement that he now has it in place and ready for the members of iNetGlobal – and a pretty neat thing it is!

So what is it?  It’s another thing that increases the value of your iNetGlobal membership, that’s for sure: it’s the ability to sign up for CPA internet market advertising.  CPA stands for ‘Cost Per Action” and the ‘action’ this term refers to can vary, but it means that an internet marketer advertises in such a way as to get prospects to perform a specific action on a website.  This action may be as simple as giving their zipcode.  But whatever the particular action is, the internet marketer gets paid when a prospect/customer performs that action.  If it’s a simple deed like a zipcode, name or phone number, then of course your earnings won’t be as great as they would be if it’s actually purchasing a product – but it’s still income for your marketing efforts and those sums do add up!

So why is this so valuable to iNetGlobal members?  It’s because this is an area of internet marketing that beginners don’t get to participate in.  These companies want marketers with established lists, marketers that can really perform.  So it’s hard for a newbie to break into this kind of advertising.  Not only that, but there is a fairly lengthy and detailed process to go through to get approved as a marketer for these companies.  But our Mr. Renner has made arrangements with one of the larger players in this field, so that iNetGlobal members can avail themselves of this kind of marketing, even if they are beginners – and they don’t have to plow through all the rigamarole they’d have to if they approached the company on their own. 

Well, the Duchess finds this really exciting news for all iNetGlobal members and feels that this membership, which is certainly a value-packed thing already, just got its worth increased yet again.  If you’re looking for ways to add income streams to your bank account, then you can certainly take a good long look at this new opportunity that is a benefit of this membership.  If this looks like something that would benefit your business, please visit iNetGlobal and get signed up so you, too, can take advantage of this great opportunity!

Duchess of Earle shares more Notes from Steve Renner’s Nov 2008 MIT (Millionaire Intensive Training) January 26th, 2009

The Duchess of Earle continues resurrecting incompleted drafts from her file:

It’s Saturday, Nov. 29, and the Duchess of Earle is finally getting around to posting her other writings from the MIT Workshop that Steve Renner conducted two weeks ago.  There just got to be so much information and not enough time to create all the links, do the classwork and get these published, that she just couldn’t keep up the pace.  So now, here are the notes from the Sunday morning session, which proved to be a very good one.  So the Duchess invites you to learn and enjoy! 


It’s Sunday morning and the Duchess of Earle has once again joined her fellow students, gathered for the second day of Steve Renner‘s MIT Training class here at the Hampton Inn in east Bloomington, Minnesota.  Doughnuts and coffee are available as the morning teachings about internet marketing get underway.  Steve gets right down to business, as his goal is that everyone will have a blog up and running by the end of the day.

The best source of info about what people are looking for online is the search engines and one of the resources there is yahoobuzz, which can be found at  If one goes there, one can get plenty of fodder to create posts on their blog.  This where Renner locates a lot of topics to write about in his celebrity blog.  It not only gives one the info about who/what is being looked for in searches, but it tells how many requests there have been about a particular topic.  Then he takes what he finds and posts something about it. 

The purpose here is to prepare to monetize the blog.  He is working on driving a ton of traffic to the site, at which time he’ll be able to really step it up and earn a lot of money from it.  At that point it could even be marketable, if he chose to sell it – he doesn’t say this at the moment, but the Duchess clearly recalls him saying so at other MIT classes.

Check the topics for durability or seasonality.  Avoid things that are really flash-in-the-pan items.

Another place to find good info is  The info here is really up-to-the-minute.  There is a list on the page and then a link that says “more hot trends.”  Today there seem to be a number of marathons taking place around the country.  So this might not be a bad idea to think about writing about or putting up a website on a related topic, such as how to prepare for running a marathon. 

So the idea is to find a market niche and get the keywords.  As a class exercise, we’re going to choose the product of stuff having to do with Rock Band (this is apparently a game in which one can pretend to be the guitarist or drummer in – what else?! – a rock band), which is something that it is apparent many folks are looking for.

Steve enters the address for  He remarks that this site is actually the biggest search engine on the internet and there are more searches conducted every day on eBay than on Google.  That’s a staggering thought!

Then he takes a look at  This takes him to the top Google searches for the year 2007.  Then he looks at to find a list of all the hot topics for that year on Google and Yahoo.  Going back to eBay, type ebaypulse into the search bar.  This brings up what everybody’s looking for on eBay.  These folks are buyers: they are there with the specific intent to buy.  This is especially evident when one compares the topics that are being searched for on Google and Yahoo with those sought on eBay.

Renner’s eye was arrested in the Google and Yahoo searches by the word ‘Webkinz.’   No affiliate program is in evidence for this product, so he is inclined to move on.  But then he stops to say that, when one encounters a situation like this where there is a definitely profitable niche, there is the possibility of creating your own product about that special item.    One could outsource the writing of the book and then put up a blog on the product on clickbank.

He mentions elance.comsitepointdigitalpoint – these last two are presumably dotcoms too, but there’s no time to double check.  Look up freelance writers on the internet and find a ghost writer.  Avoid someone that writes php code – the techie type – he mentions.  Look for a creative writer, Renner says, and then have graphics done for a website.  One of the students goes to the website and reports that there is a way to arrange to market the product.  If the product was right and one could act fast enough, one could even have it out there to market in time for the Christmas season. makes products for you when you send them the PDF file and then they’ll send them out for you.  They are a fulfillment house.

One student shares that there are two Webkinz stores on commissionjunction.

Renner says he would also go to elance or a similar site to get articles written.  When you hire ten articles done, they can be spun to create another hundred different articles.

The secret to the internet is KEYWORDS.  WORDS ON THE PAGE is the entire secret.  It’s not graphics and all that fancy stuff – it’s WORDS, pure and simple.

If Renner were to do this, he’d create at least 25 articles that he’d post on his blog, put categories and all kinds of links on his site, using the top keywords on that topic.  He’d then have the articles spun to create ten versions of each (250 articles total).  Next he’d have the articles submitted.  Then he’d go to eBay and create physical products for sale there.  He’d have the book in PDF format, ready to be shipped out by a fulfillment company.  Then he’d put his ad up on the AdPacs online advertising network.  Next he’d monetize this on his blog by adding ads from other similar companies.

So we’re going to proceed here.  Going to adwords.keywordtool at google, he enters the name of the product.  One student is a step ahead and has found the keywords “Webkinz secret code” – and Renner immediately says, “There’s the name of my book!  That’s what people are looking for!”  More research is done for additional keywords.  Even the company name should be included in your keywords.  There are 2.7 million searches per day for Webkinz products and information – that’s a pretty good-sized market niche. 

Download the keywords – these are the ones that you give to your writers.  Check to see what Webkinz itself has out there as well.  There are graphics available, one student reports.  For those that wish to, an affiliate program could be set up and then contact made at the company for a contract to market the product.  eBay has its own affiliate program for marketing this product, it is found as well.

Now we’re going back to the RockBand game idea.  We’re looking on eBay, checking it out.  The major retailers – stores such as Target, for example – market on eBay, but they mask their identity to make the customer think they’re buying the product from the “little guy” instead of a big box store.

It is decided to go back to check out Wii downloads.  We’re now on ClickBank to find out how to market it.  Go to eBay and become an affiliate.  Next, reserach the possibility of getting hooked up with a major retailer as an affiliate.  We’re talking companies like Target and Walmart and Macy’s.  This is possible through

So he now has a product.  Next he goes to Walmart and signed up for their affiliate program for the Rock Band product.  Now he needs information about Rock Band.  Words on the page are needed:  hire writer to write 10 stories and spin them ten times and get them posted.  Find the most highly searched-for keywords on Rock Band and supply them to the writer.  

Now Steve notices that there is mention of books about Wii games and he decides, “This looks kinda cool!”  He would make $32/sale,  $20/sale on a competing product. 

In response to a question, he answers that the whole key to the internet is in keywords and in driving traffic. 

So now we’re going to look for the keywords for Rock Band.  So we take all the keywords to give to the writer.  Then publish the articles and publish them on your blog. 

Next question put to the class is: Do you have a blog?  Some don’t.  Do you have a domain?  Some don’t yet.

Steve goes to and clicks on v-webs internet services.  When you sign up with iNetGlobal, you get a domain credit, so the first domain is free.  You can either get a new domain, transfer a domain (this won’t use a credit and is done for no charge), or renew your domain (which will extend your domain reservation for another year).

Steve checks the domain name availability. 

Then he says write down “” and click on tools, then keyword research tool.  They have a tool based on the Wordtrackers results.  He points out that the owner of the site also found a related product to market to those who come to his site to check info about keywords.

A question is asked about the numbers on seobook.  He says the numbers themselves aren’t so important as the relationship of the numbers to each other. 

Steve is ready to buy his domain now and walks through the process on V-Webs.  Next, it’s time to set up the blog and he walks us through these steps.  Some of the students are having a bit of trouble following, so Steve and his right-hand man, Jonathan Neil, go around the room assisting students in finding their way to getting their blogs set up. 

Much hands-on stuff is accomplished – and suddenly it’s time for lunch.  Merryn Flavell comes over to say there is a plan to go to lunch at Embassy Suites on the shuttle.  So here we go for a lunch with the bunch!

Duchess of Earle Invites You to iNetGlobal/AdPacs Meeting Sat. AM November 28th, 2008

Please know, friends, that you are invited to join the Duchess of Earle and company at the iNetGlobal/AdPacs Saturday morning meeting at 9:00 Central Standard Time.  If you’d like to learn how to make your first money online, this is a good place to start learning.  Steve Renner has a lot of internet marketing training information and many services for internet marketers, all right at your fingertips as a member of iNetGlobal/AdPacs. 

You’re welcome to come check it out!  The Duchess is usually there in person, but this morning she’ll be online.  Come join the fun, get acquainted with the benefits of iNetGlobal and find out how you, too, can earn money with your online business!

P.S.  If you’re looking to do your holiday shopping online, check out Cash Club!  With Cash Club, you can earn rebates for the things you buy online – plus, if you invite your friends, relatives, etc., to join you in earning rebates on purchases, you can earn 40% on what they order too – and so can they, when they invite others to join Cash Club.  So check it out!  It’s free to join!  When was the last time a major retailer sent you a rebate check for items you purchased at their store?  Not recently? – is it not ever?  Come do business where you CAN get a rebate on your purchases – come shop with Cash Club!

Duchess of Earle Invites you to Read about MIT Training this Morning November 16th, 2008

Good morning, friends!

It’s the wee hours of the morning and the Duchess of Earle has been sitting up getting a few things done in her office.  Before she retires for the evening, she’d like to remind you that at 9:00 Central time this very morning, she’ll be taking notes at Steve Renner’s Millionaire Internet Training, or MIT Workshop.  There will be a lot of material covered in this class and the Duchess expects to be taking lots of notes.  You are invited to read over her shoulder.  You are also invited to check out iNetGlobal, AdPacs and IMTrainStation if you’re looking for a way to build a business online.  These sites will offer you training and the opportunity to get your internet business services at a very reasonable cost, advertise online and, as previously mentioned, build a successful internet marketing business.  So, please join us tomorrow for a day full of learning!

Here we all are yesterday at the AdPacs Rally, which took place just before the MIT Training started.  The Duchess is in the room, but not visible in this photo because she is just behind the guy in the white shirt in the front row on the left.  But it’s a great photo if your name is (L-R) Todd Ackerman, Robb Sweetnam or Jim Eng! :) 

iNetGlobal AdPacs Minneapolis Rally – Duchess of Earle continues posting November 16th, 2008

After a quick dash to Ikea for an equally quick lunch, the Duchess of Earle and a group of friends from iNetGlobal are back.Steve says the question arises about the legality of iNetGlobal and AdPacs.  He discusses the issues that make the company legal – all commissions are dependent on sales and there is no guarantee of earnings.  There is no requirement to register with any state, since the Consultant kit costs under $100.  Only five states require registration if the entry package costs $200 or more.  All other states requirements kick in at $500 or $1000 outlay points.  So iNetGlobal is well below any of those requirements.  In addition, it is impossible to make a profit with this company, unless there are sales to create commissions and rebates.  Other companies tout making money entirely on a passive basis and that is not the case here: this is not a get rich quick scheme, but it is an opportunity to build a solid business We have points in the bonus pool and this is the basis of what we earn on.    Any service one sells will generate points.We have spent a lot of time talking about the marketing plan, but now we’re going to switch gears and hear about the search engine.  Steve introduces Joe, who has been working on the search engine. Steve says the best way to get a successful approach to a business is to find a model and pattern your business after it.  In Steve’s lingo this is called ‘model and swipe.’  This search engine has used Google as its model.So Joe steps up to tell us about @cesse.  Sites are being indexed right now and will probably take 90-180 days to get good results for the search.  Most searches will come through at about 5/1000 of a second.  As an iNetGlobal member, you’ll be able to send people to your URL for the search engine and you’ll earn on the searches they make.  There will also be rebates on your advertising for using @cesse.  In a couple of years, this search engine will be as well known as Google.  Searchers will have an @cesse tool bar. Right now iNetglobal is running about 150 spiders to index the internet’s websites.  They look at everything on sites, throw out insignificant information, store raw text on cached data bases.  The index gets built every 5-10 minutes and gets merged into main index at the end of the day.  Certain things get more weight, or importance, to them.  The majority of the weight comes from the body of the text.  This is all run on an algorithm.  They’re shooting to have 1500 spiders indexing, so that within 90-120 days the search will be as good as Google’s. There are 12 servers running at the present.  Once they have indexed a billion sites, they’ll be tripling the spiders and adding to the servers again. Joe has finished and gets a round of applause, because what he has shared really blows everybody’s mind.  The potential is so huge, it’s almost incomprehensible.  It’s waaaaay more than the Duchess can convey here.…Well, it’s been a busy afternoon and we’ll be meeting again in the morning.  We’re off to share a little chat and a beverage at the Cambria Suites next door.  See you in the morning! 

Duchess of Earle Blogs and Minneapolis iNetGlobal AdPacs Rally November 16th, 2008

The break is over and the meeting contines for the Duchess of Earle and her fellow meeting-goers.It costs $79 for the iNetGlobal Consultant V-Kit, which gets you started.  (It’s a $60 annual fee, plus a $19 set-up fee.)  It is highly recommended that one get on the monthly auto-ship program.  A Consultant can subscribe to either the $50 Consultant package, which is comprised of 50 AdPacs and the iNetGlobal Enterprise package or the VIP package, which is comprised of $100/mo., 100 AdPacs and the iNetGlobal Enterprise package.  Being on autoship is a big advantage, because it doubles your commissions when you build an organization of subscribers and/or consultants under you.When a Consultant makes the minimum monthly sales volume of $50, he/she earns a percentage on six levels below them. One enters the VIP when one purchases a minimum of $100 per month and, in a single month, one’s own sales and the sales of one’s group produce a minimum of $2000.  Within this group there must be three active Consultants – ‘active’ meaning they are making their $50 minimum sales requirement each month.  As one’s Consultants bring others in and one’s organization grows, it will require three of the same level Consultants to move up the line:  it takes three active Consultants to move to Gold VIP level, three Golds to move to Platinum, three Platinums to move to Diamond, three Diamonds to move to Blue Diamond.  Gold VIPs earn 22% total payout, Platinum 23%, Diamond 24% and Blue Diamond 25% in commissions on their respective groups.  This is on the front end of the program.  But wait – there’s more!  There’s a back end to this earnings system.On the back end there is something like a bonus pool that many companies have.  With iNetglobal, it’s called Revenue Share Rebates and Rewards.  Fifty percent of the total company’s production will be paid out to the active Consultants at all levels.  Rebates are 50% and these are paid on all personal purchases paid in cash.  There are V-Rebates, which can go as high as 40% and are based on re-purchase volume paid in cash.  V-Rewards, also as high as 40% are paid in Advertising Credits (or, in other words, AdPacs/Credits).  With this system, Consultants can earn up to 100% of their purchases, Golds 110%, Platinums 115%, Diamonds 120% and Blue Diamonds 130%.Every advertising product that one purchases has a life to it and they do finally expire when they reach their maximum level.  After the rebates expire, then the rewards kick in. Now, friends, this compensation plan may sound complicated to you – and, indeed, it isn’t simple.  But it does pay, as the Duchess can truly attest.  Steve talks about a fellow he knows that earned hundreds of thousands marketing a product – and he didn’t understand the marketing plan at all.  He just was really good with people and worked to market the product, not worrying about all the details of the plan.  He just trusted – and was benefitted by – the beauties of the plan.Now we have some technical difficulties with screen sharing – those online are unable to see what Steve is showing.  Some minutes are spent attempting to resolve the situation, but to no avail.  We go on with the camera now on the screen and the lights dimmed in the room.A couple of questions some and Steve fields them.  Difference between commissions and rewards is inquired about.  The reward is the match of your repurchases (when you repurchase 51% or more of the day’s earnings) in Bonus AdPacs and they are given every day. If you miss surfing, you won’t get paid that day – it just extends the length of time it takes to earn your full rebates.  If it goes for 30 days, there is risk of one’s account being deleted.More questions are fielded.  There is a 100% match of AdPacs purchases here at the Rally today.Time for lunch – stay tuned and we’ll be back in an hour or so!

Duchess of Earle attends the iNetGlobal AdPacs Rally in Minneapolis Today November 16th, 2008

Good morning, dear readers!

It’s a cloudy morning and chilly as the Duchess of Earle arrives at the Hampton Inn in Bloomington, MN, for the iNetGlobal AdPacs Rally.  This Rally will segue into an Millionaire Intensive Training (MIT) this afternoon and will continue tomorrow.

“iNetGlobal AdPacs Minneapolis Rally 

iNetGlobal AdPacs Minneapolis Rally Today The iNetGlobal AdPacs Minneapolis Rally starts today.  You can join us LIVE at 9:00 AM Central. 

The Duchess is invited to assist in getting things going as people arrive today.  The room fills and people join the webcast online.

Steve Renner begins to address the group now assembled.  He talks about his beginnings on the internet and how Googling advertising a few years ago would have yielded one brick-and-mortar companies, but today will offer a wide variety of companies marketing online.  That is the way of the day and the wave of the future.

Steve starts out showing how he commands the internet with his blog posts.  He how many people promoted this rally and only one in the room raises their hand.  It’s the Duchess and, to her  great surprise, Steve takes a wad of green stuff out of his pocket, peels off a $20 and hands it to her.  There’s a happy surprise for having taken action! :)

Now he takes a photo of the people assembled in the room, transfers it from the camera to his computer and posts it up on his blog.

He talks about the need for having a marketing list.  A list of about 4000 addresses will generally bring at least a couple of thousand in income every month.  One can market many ways – have different lists for marketing different items.  As your list grows and you observe the buying patterns of your clients, you can make a list of the ones that faithfully purchase from you.  Dividing your list up like this is called segmenting your list. 

iNetglobal will host your domains – all for the monthly fee.  Your business can have as many as you wish at no additional hosting charge.  One iNetGlobal member has 1700 sites hosted here.  That’s a lot of sites!  Think what this fellow is saving himself in hosting fees by hosting with iNetGlobal!

Linking services are also provided by  These links are very valuable – they started out being free and now they cost money.  They can be expensive, too – even for a single link. 

Steve again shows how he commands the search engine results by his dominion over the search engine links.  He’s got the top listing for MIT Workshop, though not all the first page.  He says that, with a little effort, he could command the entire page – but there he is at the top without even working on it.

Another service he provides is BlogPros, which is comprised of half a dozen blogs that will bring links back to your site when you post on  You create content for your self and then get it posted all over the internet, which makes it easier for your information to come up on the search engine results.  Even better, there will very soon be six more blogs added; shortly after that there will be another dozen blogs added to the service – and after that, within about 90 days, there will be another 24 blogs added.  One will be able to post to a single blog and then have it posted to them all, which will create a veritable TON of links coming back to one’s site.  Great way to get your page rank moving upward in a hurry!

V-Shops is a shopping cart service that has a built-in affiliate program.  This service is one of two iNetGlobal services that come at additional cost.   The second is V-Webcast, the web conference service.  These two services can be purchased for a reasonable cost and provide valuable services for your company.

The newest thing in the network of services offered by iNetGlobal is Cash Club, which is scheduled to launch today.  The email has not yet gone out, but it will definitely be going out yet this weekend.  We’ll all be able to sign up, along with those we invite to join us – and we’ll all earn rebates  on what we purchase at both major and local retailers – and commissions of 40% on the purchases of those we invite to join.

iNetGlobal also has AdPacs, which is an online advertising service.  Members surf websites of member businesses for 20 seconds (or stay on the site as long as they wish) before moving on to view the next site.  Surfing the minimum number of sites per day brings rebates on the your own advertising dollars and commissions on the advertising purchases of those to whom you market advertising.  is the service that offers advertising on a search engine.  This service is still in beta phase at the moment, but will be formally launched within the next few months.  By that time, the search results will be as good as Google’s – and the cost of advertising on this search enging will be must less than Google’s.

OK – it’s break time, so the Duchess will send this posting into the ether.  Watch for more when we reconvene in a few moments!

iNetGlobal sponsors AdPacs Rally in Dallas this Saturday! November 7th, 2008

iNetGlobal, the company that offers a suite of internet marketing products and services, is on the Rally road again this weekend this time in Dallas, Texas.  The Duchess of Earle cordially invites you to attend the Saturday, November 8th, meeting in order to learn about the fantastic ways in which you can promote your business.  This meeting is focused on iNetGlobal’s AdPacs Online Advertising – and a sweet opportunity it is, for both advertisers and those looking to build a business online.

For those of you in Dallas, here’s the location:

Double Tree Dallas (Galleria)
4099 Valley View Lane
Dallas, Texas,  75244

Here follows the schedule for the day:

Event Schedule:

Registration is at 8:30 – the Rally will starts promptly at 9:00 AM

There will be a Special Opportunity Presentation from 9:00 – 11:00am
by Internet Marketing Professional and Founder – Steve Renner

Special Guest Speaker:

Network Marketing Legend: Robert Butwin 11:15 – 12:00

Lunch Break 12:00 – 1:00

Special iNetGlobal / AdPacs Training 1:00 – 2:30
By – Steve Renner

Special Guest Speaker:

Home Business Tax Expert: Steve Spangenbeg 2:45 – 3:30

Question and Answer Session 3:45 – 4:30
with – Steve Renner

Sign-Up – Ordering 4:30 – 5:15

Rally ends: 5:30

Network Party – Music – Dancing – Craziness
7:30 – 9:30 at the Hotel Bar

Please consider this your personal invitation to attend.  If you go and decide to sign up, find Steve Renner himself or his trusty right-hand man, Jonathan Neil and tell them the Duchess of Earle invited you – and they’ll take care of you in fine style!

If you’re not in the Dallas area and wish to attend the meeting online, go to the Duchess’ iNetGlobal website, scroll down the page and click on the link to the webcast, using the passsword ‘imtrain’ to enter the webcast.  You are welcome to participate in the entire day’s activities online.

Hope you can make it, friends – if you’re looking for opportunity, either to build your existing business by advertising or to build a profitable new business, it’s worth your time!

iNetGlobal and AdPacs Saturday Morning October 18th, 2008

It’s quiet in the room when the Duchess of Earle enters this morning.  Steve Renner and Jonathan are sitting at their computers, getting set up for the meeting.  There are welcoming words exchanged and then pretty soon, others begin to arrive.  The aroma of coffee wafts from the break room next door and a box of bakery confections awaits on the table to tempt the ones that showed up without breakfast. 

Renner begins to talk about how his business started: how they signed up 10,000 people within a week.  As his business progressed, he found that people were asking for training and that they were doing the same thing over and over in teaching them.  So he decided that he should set up a training system, which started out as The Affiliate Community (TAC) and then became Internet Marketing Train, or IMTrain.  In the wake of IMTrain, he began to add more and more services, opening up his entire business plan for sharing with his customers and students.  The addition of all the extra services led to a morphing of the business, because it called for an all-encompassing organization – and thus was born iNetGlobal.

The services included in iNetGlobal are Cash Cards International (the original foundation of his business), IMTrain, SEOLinks Network, Blogpros, V-Mail (autoresponder), AdPacs, V-Shops (shopping cart and affiliate program), V-Webcast.  All these services, with the exception of the latter two (which cost extra) come to a member at a monthly subscription price – a steal of a deal – of $39.95 (!) per month. 

The lifeblood of any internet business is traffic.  If you had the best-looking billboard in the world, but it was located in the middle of the desert, all your efforts to create that wonderful sign would be in vain because no one would see it.  So the AdPacs program was started in order to offer the opportunity to internet marketers to easily increase traffic flow to their website.  Put your site up on AdPacs and inside of ten minutes, there will be more people viewing your site.

Other ways to increase traffic to your website include setting up an affiliate system, buying traffic, borrow traffic or you can do what Renner refers to legally “stealing” traffic by the means of smart marketing.  This latter technique involves positioning your business such that it diverts traffic to your site.  This involves a learned skill – which is where his education comes in.  He offers training in his 2-day course, which he calls MIT, or Millionaire Internet Training.

His system is affordable and offers people the opportunity to get their businesses online without great expense.  It’s very expensive to advertise on the likes of Google and this fact excludes a lot of businesses that have little to no advertising budget. 

He goes to the iNetGlobal website and selects AdPacs on the menu.  AdPacs offers three ways to advertise: surf, search and content.  Advertisers earn up to 50% in rebates on their advertising, plus online advertising credits for their business. 

One can participate in the program for free, show one site and surf to earn credits that enable one to show their site.  As a customer, one can earn up to 50% on what one spends in advertising.   If one chooses to become a distributor of this system, there is a five-level program one can enter.  This marketing program has reasonable monthly volume requirements with increasing benefits for performance.  See the chart below.

AdPacs Member Levels

AdPacs can handle all of your Online Advertising needs!

Level Volume Sites Views Rebates* Rewards
Free Surfer Free 1 – Site 24-100 0% Customer Free Unlimited 24-100 Up To 50%
Distributor $50.00 Unlimited 24-100 Up To 100%
Gold $100.00 Unlimited 20-100 Up To 110%
Platinum $100.00 Unlimited 16-100 Up To 115%
Diamond $100.00 Unlimited 12-100 Up To 120%
Blue Diamond $100.00 Unlimited 12-100 Up To 125%


Maximum Cash Rebates are capped at 75%
 Additional Rewards are paid in Advertising Credits

Individuals and businesses considering this program should be clearly aware that this is NOT a paid-to-surf type program.  The benefits of this program, which – as the Duchess can attest – can bear much fruit, are based on sales. 

He goes to the new soon-to-be-launched search engine, .  He illustrates how members can advertise on the search engine, the same way that they can advertise on Google.  But the cost will be much more reasonable.  This search engine also offers a benefit that Google doesn’t offer – the ability to earn for utilizing the search engine. 

At this point, Renner’s spiders are indexing about 8,000,000 pages per day and have been at it for about a month.  They still have a long way to go to get to everything that’s out there, but they’re well on their way. 

Costs initially will be based on the amount bid for the advertising.  Later they will develop a more complex system for determining who gets to advertise.  But with this new search engine, it presents a perfect opportunity for a newbie to learn how to utilize search engine advertising and have it be a lot kinder to the business pocketbook. 

So, how does one make money with AdPacs, anyway? 

The plan is called a differential program.  One enters at the base level and earns their way up the ladder.  Those above the newly sponsored person/business earn the difference in the earnings on a particular sale.

Here’s the chart posted on the website about what the program offers:

1) Our Plan starts with the Basic 6 Level Pay Plan which all Distributors gets.

2) Then add to this the VIP Infinity Bonus Based On Rank

3) Finally VIP’s get paid the Difference between the VIP Rank and the Rank of the      Distributor or VIP in his Downline.

Retail Sales Commissions (RSC)
All iNetGlobal Distributors Earn The Basic 6 Level Plan

AdPacs Distributor Pay Plan

Total Pay-Out

15% Retail Sales Commission

Requires $50 Personal Sales Volume Per Month (Minimum)

  Level 1 5%  
  Level 2 2%  
  Level 3 2%  
  Level 4 2%  
  Level 5 2%  
  Level 6 2%  

VIPs Can Earn Additional Retail Sales Bonuses Based On Rank

Level Gold Platinum Diamond Blue Diamond
Total Pay-Out 17% 18% 19% 25%
Requires $100 Personal Sales Volume Per Month (Minimum)
    3-Distributors 3-Gold VIP 3-Platinum VIP 3-Diamond VIP
  7% 8% 9% 10%
Distributor 4% 5% 6% 7%
Gold – – 3% 4% 5%
Platinum – – – – 3% 4%
Diamond – – – – – – 3%
Blue Diamond – – – – – – 3%
   Infinity Bonus
  2% 3% 4% 5%
  Down To The Next Gold Down To The Next Platinum Down To The Next Diamond 1% 5 Generations Of Blue Diamonds

*PSV = Personal Sales Volume Required To Be “Active” (Qualified For Commissions)

Revenue Share Rebates And Rewards

  Distributor Gold Platinum Diamond Blue Diamond
Rebates* 75% 75% 75% 75% 75%
Rewards** 25% 35% 40% 45% 50%
Total 100% 110% 115% 120% 125%

 How Revenue Share Rebates And Bonuses Work
50% of the total company sale for the day are paid out to Active Distributors
in the form of Rebates and Bonuses, based on Personal Sales Volume

* Basic Rebates – 50% – are paid on all Personal Purchases in Cash
* Personal Volume Rebates – up to 25% are based on Personal Sales Volume in Cash
** Rewards – additional Personal Volume Rewards paid in Advertising Credits

Note:  Repurchases count towards Personal Sales Volume

Note: It is not possible to make a profit by simply buying AdPacs and surfing websites. 
Surfing can generate a rebate on someone’s AdPac purchases, and they can get credits
AdPacs, but it is impossible to make a profit simply through buying and / or surfing. 

51% Retail Sales Rule

All iNetGlobal Distributors are required to have Personal Retail Customers, based on the 51% Retail Sales Rule. The 51% Retail Sales Rule requires that at least 51% of a Distributor’s Personal Sales Volume must be to his or her Personal Retail Customers. A “retail customer” is a bona fide product purchaser who buys the products, but who is not an iNetGlobal independent distributor.The iNetGlobal Distributor program is based on the Sales of our Products and Services to Retail Customers – we take this very seriously!

VIP Qualification

  • Must Have $50.00 In Personal Sales Volume

  • Requires 3 1st Level “Active” Distributors

  • Requires $2,000 In Group Sales Volume (In one calendar Month)

Once you meet these qualifications you will promote to
Gold VIP in the month following your qualifying month


VIP Levels

Level Description Sales Volume
Gold Requires 3 1st Level Active Distributors $100.00
Platinum Requires 3 1st Level Active Gold (Or Above) VIPs $100.00
Diamond Requires 3 1st Level Active Platinum (Or Above) VIPs $100.00
Blue Diamond Requires 3 1st Level Active Diamond (Or Above) VIPs $100.00

Copyright 2008 iNetGlobal.Com

Now, Renner realizes that not everyone is a sales person, so he is working to make it easy to bring people aboard.  Therefore, he is launching a new program called Cash Club, which offers rebates from one’s online purchases at major companies, such as Target, Macy’s, Best Buy,  and MANY more.  In addition, when one invites others to join the free program, one also earns money on what those folks purchase – 40%!

Steve invites some testimonials from some of us sitting in the room – Andy Anderson, Jim Eng and the Duchess of Earle herself. 

Then he fields questions:  When will Cash Club be available?  They were hoping to unveil it next weekend in Miami, but it is not looking as though it will be ready that fast.  But it will definitely be ready for the holiday shopping season – likely it will be ready for the Rally in Dallas Nov. 8th. 

In Miami, there will be a gathering Friday evening.  They will be broadcasting next Saturday, starting a 9 AM Eastern, and the meeting will run until 4 PM.  After that, in the evening, there will be a party and dancing.  

Any new member that signs up and purchases a package will be matched 50%.  They have one more opportunity for a match, which is 100%, if they attend a live event.  Sponsors also get a match, the amount of which depends upon your rank.

Well, that’s a wrap!  The Duchess and the iNetGlobal team bid you adieu until Tuesday evening.  Have a great weekend! 

MIT Workshop Live Meets in Final Session October 14th, 2008

Well, troops, this is it!  It’s crunch time!  Time for the Duchess of Earle and her fellow students to get set up so we’re ready to roll when the MIT Worship Live is over! 

Not much time for the Duchess to type notes to share.  We’re all working like crazy getting our stuff set up, helping each other, working to get past computer glitches and lack of experience or understanding.  Steve is going step by step, walking us all through the path of getting set up.

He counsels not to make photos any bigger than 400, as they get distorted and will “mess up your blog,” Steve says. 

We go over buying a domain, setting up the hosting, getting into the cpanel and setting up a blog.  Next we discuss choosing a theme for your blog.  Then there are widgets and banners for advertising – and an autoresponder.  He tells us that there is a program that we have access to in iNetGlobal that offers all the different kinds of letters that we’ll need for the autoresponder system.  Hooray!  That means, even if we want to write our own letters, at least we have some guidelines to go by.

The class is supposed to be over at four, but we’re all trying to jam in so much this afternoon that it isn’t done until closer to five.  And then, by the time all is packed up and put away and everyone has traded the last contact information and said their goodbyes – it’s after six. 

Whew!  It’s been a very busy two days!  But this Duchess is grateful for the greater understanding she has gained and is ready to go out and tackle more aspects of internet marketing.  She feels emboldened to progress beyond what she has heretofore attempted – and that’s a good thing!  Matter of fact that’s a GREAT thing!  Thank you, Steve!

She also earnestly hopes, dear reader, that you have been able to glean some nugget from what she’s shared of the proceedings of this past weekend.

And at this point, she’ll bid you good night and wish you a wonderful week ahead.  For the Duchess of Earle and her Duke, this new week holds the arrival of the newlyweds back from their honeymoon.  It will be fun to hear of their adventures on the Florida Keys!

P.S.  Here follows what Steve wrote on his blog in the wake of the class.  Check out the photo – you’ll be able to see why that conference room was bursting at the seams!  (FYI – The Duchess is in the middle row, immediately to the left of Mr. Renner, who is in the middle of that row.)

“We had an Incredible weekend here at the MIT Workshop Live. This was the Best MIT Ever. We had an excllent group, many who flew in from around the country to attend.

Mit Workshop Minneapolis October 2008

MIT Workshop Minneapolis October 2008

“To me the best thing about MIT is to see the “Light Bulbs” go off as new Internet Marketing students start to put it together and unravel the mystery to Marketing Online.

“We covered a lot of material, and as usual it was Total Information Overload. But I like the 2 Day format, and I think it’s just right so people don’t get totally overwhelmed.

“I want to thank all the Students who were here and I look forward to seeing you all again soon, and especially to see what you put together in your own Online Business.”