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Duchess of Earle posts a Thought for the Day on Progress January 29th, 2009

The Duchess of Earle came across this quote today and thought to share it with her readers.  She finds it encouraging as she treads the road toward greater dominion over the processes of internet marketing, building businesses online and offline, networking, etc. 

“Every day you may make progress.  Every step may be fruitful.  Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path.  You know you will never get to the end of the journey.  But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and the glory of the climb.”   ~~~  Sir Winston Churchill

And here is a bonus set of quotes from the same wise and articulate gentleman:



Duchess of Earle

iNetGlobal sponsors AdPacs Rally in Dallas this Saturday! November 7th, 2008

iNetGlobal, the company that offers a suite of internet marketing products and services, is on the Rally road again this weekend this time in Dallas, Texas.  The Duchess of Earle cordially invites you to attend the Saturday, November 8th, meeting in order to learn about the fantastic ways in which you can promote your business.  This meeting is focused on iNetGlobal’s AdPacs Online Advertising – and a sweet opportunity it is, for both advertisers and those looking to build a business online.

For those of you in Dallas, here’s the location:

Double Tree Dallas (Galleria)
4099 Valley View Lane
Dallas, Texas,  75244

Here follows the schedule for the day:

Event Schedule:

Registration is at 8:30 – the Rally will starts promptly at 9:00 AM

There will be a Special Opportunity Presentation from 9:00 – 11:00am
by Internet Marketing Professional and Founder – Steve Renner

Special Guest Speaker:

Network Marketing Legend: Robert Butwin 11:15 – 12:00

Lunch Break 12:00 – 1:00

Special iNetGlobal / AdPacs Training 1:00 – 2:30
By – Steve Renner

Special Guest Speaker:

Home Business Tax Expert: Steve Spangenbeg 2:45 – 3:30

Question and Answer Session 3:45 – 4:30
with – Steve Renner

Sign-Up – Ordering 4:30 – 5:15

Rally ends: 5:30

Network Party – Music – Dancing – Craziness
7:30 – 9:30 at the Hotel Bar

Please consider this your personal invitation to attend.  If you go and decide to sign up, find Steve Renner himself or his trusty right-hand man, Jonathan Neil and tell them the Duchess of Earle invited you – and they’ll take care of you in fine style!

If you’re not in the Dallas area and wish to attend the meeting online, go to the Duchess’ iNetGlobal website, scroll down the page and click on the link to the webcast, using the passsword ‘imtrain’ to enter the webcast.  You are welcome to participate in the entire day’s activities online.

Hope you can make it, friends – if you’re looking for opportunity, either to build your existing business by advertising or to build a profitable new business, it’s worth your time!

AdPacs Rally Miami Starts Today! says Duchess of Earle October 25th, 2008

Here is Steve Renner’s posting from this morning at the AdPacs rally in Miami, Florida, USA, provided compliments of the Duchess of Earle:  

“We are here at the Deauville Beach Resort for the AdPacs iNetGlobal Miami Rally There is a great group here and we are getting ready to Tear It Up – This should be a fun day!

AdPacs Miami Rally

AdPacs Miami Rally
Ramon Borrodo, Charmaine Tincher, Debbie Amon, Annie Zhang, Eman Mzeghet

“We are going to put Internet Marketing Miami on the map. Our iNetGlobal service is taking Internet Marketing Service Miami to a whole new level!

“If you are local to the Miami area, come on down!”

 If you’re just finding this information now, the Duchess invites you to click the link below and join the webcast now in progress.  When you click the link, scroll down the page and click on the link that invites you to join the webcast, using the password ‘imtrain’.  Welcome to the webcast from the Duchess!  If what you see appeals to you, please email the Duchess at .

Dreambuilders Club prepares for Trade and Barter Class October 14th, 2008

Good evening, Everybody!

Tonight the Duchess of Earle and her Duke are off to Embassy Suites once again for the Dreambuilders Club meeting. 

We meet Merryn Flavell for dinner and discuss our activities in regard to iNetGlobal and AdPacs.  Thereafter we find our way to the meeting room and participate in a meeting designed to bring us all up to speed about the Trade and Barter class that the Emerald and Gold members of the Club receive as part of their membership.

It take a bit of doing to wrap one’s mind around the process that Dreambuilders Club founder, Matthew Sikich, is teaching, but after a bit we begin to see how it works.  It’s an interesting concept that allows for win-win situations all around, as people put their offers up on the board.  The initial offer is made by a member that has IT services.  A couple of other offers are put up on the board – including one that really turns out to be a hot item:  a paid of tickets to the Hollywood Music Awards, which will be held next month.  Figuring out how this works is a real “connect the dots” sort of exercise.  After the initial demonstration, Matthew launches on a real live process of trade and barter, using items and services offered by individuals in the room in place of the imaginary scenarios previously employed.  It’s obvious he is certainly is Past Master at the techniques.

The Trade and Barter class will be held on November 13th at the Embassy Suites on 34th Ave. in Bloomington, MN (just east of the Mall of America) and will be open to non-members.  If you will be in the area on that date and would like to learn more, please write the Duchess about attending and she will be happy to assist you in getting an invitation.  There are only 105 spaces available and they’re sure to go fast.  There is also room for five sponsors, who will get special billing and privileges for their sponsoring the event.  Two of those spots were spoken for this evening, so only three are left.  If you have questions or would like either a sponsorship or a plain vanilla ticket to the class, just email

Mills’ Midwest SuperConference Concludes September 22nd, 2008

Well, it’s all over – and yet, it’s not. 

Jeff Mills’ Midwest Superconference closed today after three days packed with info and networking.  But while it may look like the end, new things are beginning.  New relationships are being formed between the presenters and their new students and participants are keeping contacts amongst themselves, in effort to support each other as they grow their internet marketing businesses. 

Mr. Mills presented a parade of experts in a number of different fields and it was truly an educational and growing event.  Assembling this kind of program presents a herculean task and he and his team deserve kudos and gratitude for staging the opportunity-packed weekend.

In the next days, the Duchess will share a few of the nuggets she got from the speakers at the conference, in hopes that you, too, may benefit from Jeff’s generous offering to the internet marketing community.

Stay tuned! 

Jeff Mills’ Midwest Internet Marketing Superconference Airs Live September 19th, 2008

Greetings, everyone! 

Jeff Mills’ Midwest Internet Marketing Superconference began today at the Holiday Inn at Appletree Square, that golden-windowed complex just east of Bloomington, Minnesota’s Mall of America.  Jeff has quite a line-up of speakers – plus he’s airing the entire conference LIVE – and at no charge!  So, kiddies, you’re all invited!  You get to hear free of charge what most everybody else paid to hear!  Just click on this link to go there – it runs all day Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  (There is an enhanced version with some whistles and bells that costs just under $7.00 – take your pick of the freebie or the whistles.)

Earlier in the day, Reed Floren will offer his take on Joint Venturing, which is always a good thing to listen to.  The Duchess has heard this presentation three or four times and always learns something more every time she hears it.

Tomorrow in the latter part of the afternoon, Steve Renner will be holding forth on his program, iNetGlobal, with its new AdPacs program, which is a permission-based advertising company.   Right after he finishes his part of the program, Steve will be holding a mini-Rally for new members of AdPacs to purchase advertising packages at a dollar apiece.  (These packages earn rebates on your purchases and commissions on your sales to other clients.)

Following the mini-Rally and dinner, Renner will join with his band, The Blues Rockers, and play the night away for a networking party.  For a sample of the music, click here.  So Renner will roll in with his amazing list of services in the afternoon and rock on through the evening with his band and the conference attendees.

The Duchess invites you all to consider coming to the conference next year.  Don’t know the dates yet, but will be happy to post them when she finds out.

Signing off for now – it’s time to hit the hay!  The Duchess, instead of counting sheep, will surely be counting sweet internet dreams of regularly written blog posts, articles, backlinks to her postings, youtube, twitter, AdPacs, et cetera, et….e…t…c…z…z…z..z..z.z.z.zzzzzzzz


Dreambuilders Club Picnics for Labor Day September 1st, 2008

The Duke and Duchess went to meet with the Dreambuilders Club today for a picnic at Minnehaha Falls, one of Minneapolis’ most renowned parks.  A number of folks were there today, including club founder Matthew Sikich and his bride Lada, Lada’s daughter Ariadna and the newest addition to the family, Angelina, now about fifteen days old.  A surprise shower for the baby had been in the works for some days and it was a pleasure to see what goodies everyone found to make little Angelina welcome within the Dreambuilders Club family circle.  

No Monday evening meeting was held, since the picnic was in the afternoon.  Meetings will begin again next Monday evening at the Embassy Suites near the Mall of American in Bloomington.  You’re invited to meet with us and check out the benefits of promoting your business to Dreambuilders Club!  Tell them the Duchess sent you – and then ask for the Duchess, since she’s usually there.  We’ll all be glad to meet you!

MIT Begins at Renner’s Office August 1st, 2008

A few notes from this morning’s MIT session, the first of three days of learning with Steve Renner:

Steve opens the morning’s session with comments on mindset and attitude.  He shares that he grew up on a farm with his grandparents and learned successful attitudes through their examples.  He learned that he could create the things he wanted in his life by taking action and attracting what he needed. 

A year and a half ago, he attended a conference where people much younger than he offered training on internet marketing.  He realized that he’d made a lot more money doing internet marketing than they had, so he decided he would try his hand at the business of teaching and sharing his techniques and began to do so last year.  Then a couple of months ago, the Duchess brought with her to a Tuesday evening meeting Merryn Flavell, the Founder of Flavell International University.  Steve and Merryn hit it off, discussing the idea of cooperative efforts even before the evening was over.  Steve was so enthused that he looked at the Duchess and said, “Good job bringing her along tonight!”

As things have unfolded, Merryn’s presence has led to Steve’s applying to the State of Minnesota to offer college level degrees in Internet Marketing, which no one else offers anywhere in the world.  That also led to Steve’s meeting George, Merryn’s hubby, and the emergence of Steve’s AdPacs program.

His message here is that anything one can dream up, one can make happen in their life.  Renner decided he wanted to do this and it all came together within a short period of time.

Set your goals, he says – don’t get overambitious at the start, and adjust your goals as necessary.  The goal Renner has set for himself at this time is getting 10,000 people making $10,000/month within the next 10 months.  Does this ride sound good to anybody else?  Sounds good to the Duchess!  Please accept my invitation to come along for the ride!  Click here to sign up for your ticket.

AdPacs is the easiest way to make money online.  Internet marketing itself isn’t especially easy, but it is do-able – thought it takes effort!  But you’ve got to get your mind right.

Renner worked construction by day, played in his band at night.  He did this and drank heavily until he was about 40, when he figured out that he needed to get back to the lessons his grandparents had taught him.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or take chances -get out there and give it a try! he says.  The Duchess, too, encourages you to do this – that’s how she started this blog. :)

We break for lunch and all head over to Ikea‘s huge blue box storefront for lunch.  The Duchess has a veggie wrap, a bowl of New England style clam chowder and a small section of the Duke’s chocolate cake for dessert.  This is her first exposure to dining at Ikea and it was tasty!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Back from lunch, Steve introduces the Internet Wunderkind, Reed Floren, who is making his living on the internet and doing very well at it – evidenced by the fact that, unlike so many computer-oriented folk, he always shows up dapperly clad in a suit and tie.  At 22, he’s semi-retired (what have the rest of us been doing with our lives?! :) ) and is going to tell us about his experience.  The Duchess promises she’ll do the best she can on the notes, but she can’t promise to get everything, since she already knows from experience that Mr. Floren keeps up the pace when he speaks. :)  So here we go:

Reed has been online since he was 13 and is now a professional JV Broker, a super affiliate, list builder and professional speaker.  He has been featured in all kinds of places from the local Star Tribune to Yahoo to Investors Business Daily – it’s a long and impressive list. is his newest site, launched just minutes ago.

So how do we do this internet marketing stuff anyway?  Basically, Reed says, the best idea is joint ventures (JVs, for short).  This is two people/businesses or more working toward a common goal.  One classic example of a very successful joint venture was McDonald‘s promotion using the wildly popular Beanie Babies

There are three major types of JVs: promotion for a product, creations of a new product, list building.

Who are we looking for for JV partners?  List owners, website owners…

JV partners are more likely to grow your business faster than affiliates.  Both will work and you do want them both, but the former will perform quicker than the latter for your business-building purposes.

What JVs can do for your business?  They can boost your credibility, make you the expert, create products, crank out money on demand by marketing to your list, can turn you into a bit of a celebrity in your market, and they can mean you only pay for results (i.e., a commisssion for results, instead of hit-and-miss advertising).

By giving a percentage of what is earned, you make more money, he says.  With information products, the split between partners is 50% and Reed typically takes another 25% of the sale for setting up the JV project.  You want to give this up to the expert because you’ll grow your list and then can market to them more in the future.

 Success in internet marketing has to do with mindset and being willing to contact anybody.  Internet marketers are just people like the rest of us, working at their computers just the way we are.  He suggests that when we want to contact someone, we start at the top.  If that doesn’t work, look for someone a little lower on the totem and maybe they can hook you up with the top guy eventually.

The way to really achieve success is to hang out with those that are making it work on the internet – there’s a lot of good stuff that can rub off as a result. 

His recommendation for students is to check out these sites:

1) , which will help lift your mindset



4) – costs $20/mo. and Reed wishes he’d been willing to spend the 20 bucks earlier in his career – thinks he’d be farther along than he is now.                                                      

5) – one can have their own affiliate program here

6) book: Four Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss

Here’s why you should joint venture: Money comes easier, it will help you build your list, and it will boost your credibility by association with successful folks.

Life is about leverage.  What could you leverage?  Examples: other people’s time, other people’s money…

Who could you JV with?  Somebody local, perhaps some world famous author/guru.

How does Reed find JV partners?  At events,, (an affiliate network), other affiliate networks, directories, testimonials on your competitors’ websites, JV Notify Pro (a forum for JV partners), JV-Network, IM News, search engines, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter.

Promotion of a product is how the gurus make most of their money – they JV with others and create their biggest income days from these ventures.  It gives you and the guru the chance to get acquainted, to know and trust each other.

The fastest way to create a new product to market is do an interview; ask if you can interview them or they can interview you – or – have them contribute part of their product or make a new product for you -or – work one-on-one with a marketer from the planning stages until completion on a new project.

List building can be accomplished several ways, such as by a massive giveaway event JV, offering a special report, doing a teleseminar or webinar.

Integration Marketing occurs when marketers promote you on their thank you page or in their autoresponder series – this generates long term traffic.

How to approach a potential JV partner?  This is something people often mess up on, Reed says.  He suggests that one begin with these approaches: buy their products, promote their products, compliment them via email, phone call, snail mail, etc.

Five ways to contact a potential JV partners: email, phone, instant message, snail mail (can send a FedEx package), in person.

How to get noticed by potential JV partners:  be professional, courteous and respectful, offer to help them first – do something for them instead of asking them to do something for you right off the bat, create high quality products, always overdeliver, write killer sales copy or hire someone to do so, provide conversion rates, do them a favor of some kind.

What are JV partners looking for?  High quality products, great sales copy, high commissions, reciprocal mailing, integration marketing, contest

Once you have the partner, do everything for them, be clear and upfront on everything, let them review the product, don’t expect them to buy your product – they’ll expect it for free, remind them to promote and the time of the promotion, have prizes (can have an agreement that the prizes don’t get awarded until the goal is reached – be sure you check with your attorney about the wording of this arrangement, because you could get yourself in trouble if you’re not careful), work with your JV partners, help them out in the future.

Follow-up is important – email, phone call, snail mail – just do it!

JV PRoposals – only send them to those that know you and you them, personalize the proposal, give out details on the proposal, focus on what’s in it for them, give them an easy way to sign up. 

Most of his greatest successes have come from events.   You will meet people who may only JV with people they know in person.  It’s easier to convince people to JV with you in person, you can do video interviews or get video testimonials in person.

What is JV brokering?  A JV broker connects you with the right people in your niche.  Their job is to put you in contact with people who can bring you a lot of business.

How does  JV Broker help you and me become more successful  – and do it faster?  Imagine you want to be a famous actor.  In order to get famous you usually have to get an agent.  The agent gets you the movies you star in and they take a percentage of your earnings.

Select someone with a good reputation (this is crucial), who has contacts in your niche and experience with your type of product, stay away from those who charge per project or hourly for this – you don’t know who you can trust yet.  It’s a relationship biz and it all depends upon the relationships. 

How to tackle your project?  Pick a niche to focus on – learn as much as possible about it and be an expert on it.

How to succeed online?  Create a product you can be proud of; if you have to, give a refund and be glad to do so – it shows you made a sale, which is something to celebrate!  Create a name squeeze page, create backend product, get your own domain name, hosting, autoresponder, someone with whom to JV, create a spread sheet of partners, send out compliments, craft a JV proposal – personalize it, send out JV prooposals, launch a website – become successful! :)

How does he create a product quickly?  Having private label rights helps.  He takes the private rights ebook, creates a power point presentation with the material, beefs it up with his own materials, makes a video of the presentation and markets it.

His website is .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After Reed finishes his talk, we break before Steve takes the floor again.

The topic now is focusing on one’s business.  It’s your job to be the visionary, to find the leads that generate profits for your bottom line.  But there must be focus – even if it’s wrong.  Just be focused!  Steve tells how he went to the Phillippines to check out a currency deal.  It involved mint condition, collectible bills from the WWII era that had been dropped into the islands during the war.  In the end it turned out to be a scam and cost him over $300,000.  So he went home, rolled up is sleeves and set to work to make the money back that he lost.  And he did!  His point is to stay focused on something and stick with it – be committed, even if it’s wrong.  You CAN fail your way to success!  Just don’t get stuck in the mope mode in the aftermath – keep moving and on task.

Focus on your business model, because this breeds success.  Create articles, press releases, do pay per click advertising, an affiliate program, sales, product creation and stay focused on the core business

Strive to be the best – there is no second place, he says.  You have to be ahead of the other guys – average isn’t good enough, because you have to stand out from the crowd in order to make it.  Catch your vision and stay with it!

Look at the power of testimonials on your website – they can be a big help in marketing.  Steve shows photos of himself with other noted individuals – this increases your credibility. 

So…at this point, there was a business situation that interrupted the Duchess’ participation in the class for the remainer of the afternoon.  Fortunately, there wasn’t too much left of it though, – so dear reader, you’ve heard the bulk of the story.  What was missed was a discussion about keywords and getting ready to make our squeeze pages on the morrow.   

The Duchess will sign off for the day at this point.  As it turns out, we’re heading to have dinner with George and Merryn – a tasty affair with Tour d’ Maison for an appetizer, a crunchy breaded pork chop entree, with green salad, apricot muffins – and keyword research for dessert!

The Duchess’ Notes from Dreambuilders 2nd Renner Presentation July 29th, 2008

It’s a Dreambuilders Club Monday evening and once again we’re hurrying over to the Embassy Suites early, in order to be there for Mr. Renner’s presentation on AdPacs.  The Duke and Duchess hop over to the restaurant to order meals – the Duke selects a raspberry chicken dinner with fingerling potatoes and spinach; the Duchess opts for seared tilapia with wild rice pilaf and vegies.  (Both meals were quite tasty, they promise you! :)  And to be able to take advantage of the Dreambuilders discount is really great!)

Everybody seems to be running a bit late this evening, but soon all is at the ready – Jonathan has the webcast camera and other electronic gizmos set up, Dreambuilders Club founder Matthew Sikich has come forward to introduce Steve and Steve himself, stands on the side waiting to take center stage. 

The intro being completed, Steve begins to tell his story.  The Duchess muses that she’s certainly heard this story before, but it does seem to be that each time she hears it, she learns something new about the way things unfolded in Steve’s internet marketing career.  Tonight he discusses the fact that he started out putting most of his empire together just to serve his own purposes.  Then in the last couple of years, people began to ask him for his assistance and guidance in getting their own internet marketing projects going, so now he is a service provider on a grander scale.  It is a big point with him that, while the consumer’s need for products may come and go, the need for services to be provided is never-ending.  Every internet marketer needs assistance with certain things:  domain names, website hosting, autoresponders, webcasts, internet access, SEO links, article writing – the list goes on at some length, as we all know.  So now, instead of supplying merely his own needs, he markets these services to many others – about a quarter million members in 120 countries around the world.  That’s what a decade of active involvement with the internet can get you – that and about $65,000,000 in business!

We are told that it is easier today than ever before to make money online – MUCH easier than ten years ago when he first started.

His new umbrella company, dubbed iNetGlobal, offers training in the skills and techniques of internet marketing, a cpanel hosting service (they are a true ISP service, not a reseller of the product) and authorized domain marketing, autoresponder, linking, blog service, webcasting, shopping carts, affiliate programs and, at the very core of the business, is Cash Cards, which is the means of delivering commissions to all those folks in all those countries.  He mentions that there are many countries where people don’t even have credit cards and this gives them the ability to have one.  But the primary purpose of this evening’s talk is AdPacs, the freshest face in Renner’s gallery of offerings.

AdPacs is hot, the Duchess will here interject.  It’s about getting more traffic to one’s website(s) – and now it’s also about another income stream or two – or three – or four -or more!  There’s a happy thought! :)

The main type of individual that this is attracting is the opportunity-seeker, but interestingly enough, this means of advertising is moving into the mainstream business arena and big – no, huge – companies are beginning to take note of the internet marketing explosion and get into the act.  Steve even cites an acquaintance of his that spends about $4,000,000 a month on Yahoo advertising – and earns $1,000,000 in profits.  As the Duchess’ son would say, “Sweet!”

The big companies that sell a more usual type of advertising do so in traditional fashion: you buy a certain amount of publicity from them, often in the form of pay per click advertising, and then there is an additional charge if you wish to buy more when the clicks are used up.  But this is a little fresher, more novel approach.  It starts out the same, because one buys the ads.  But the beauty of this program is that one gets rebates on their advertising expenditures. (!)  The Duchess can tell you that she has sacrificed many dollars to the newspaper advertising gods and has never had the newspaper rep call to offer a rebate on her sacrifice!  So this seems pretty crazy stuff to her!  And then tell her that she can not only get a rebate, but up to 100% rebate – it’s the stuff of a business woman’s wildest fantasy!  (Well, OK – so maybe not the very wildest fantasy – but darn close!)  And then, these last few days, the Duchess gets to check into her AdPacs account summary page and see that she’s getting a whopping 8% rebate is simply amazing!  Now, she knows full well that this kind of rebate won’t last forever, but it sure puts a big smile on her face to be in on such a rare opportunity. 

Mr. Renner holds forth on the different aspects of the program, saying that this is something anybody can do (he says he didn’t even make it through high school, but had to go back for a GED – so if he can do it, you and I can too) and that this is the easiest way he’s ever seen to make money on the internet!   

He also mentions that if one joins at the top level, which is Diamond, he will throw in his three-day MIT class for free (a $2000 value for the class alone).  He also invites the Duchess up to the front of the room to have her share her remarks on her experience in the MIT classes.  She does confirm his comment that the experience is one of those “standing in the fire hose” things – there is so much information that one doesn’t grasp it all at first.  He’s not kidding when he says it’s an intensive session.  But nevertheless, she knows that she has learned a TON about internet marketing since she first took his class back in mid-December.  Putting it all together can be challenging at times, but the fact that this blog is beginning to be noticed in some quarters and even produce some comments (which she happily discovered today) is the proof of the training.  So, even with such  humble efforts as these postings, there is visible progress.  The next MIT training is this coming weekend, so there should be even more progress coming soon! 

So, now the Duchess warmly invites you to check out AdPacs by clicking here.  She encourages you to take action fast, as this amazing opportunity won’t last forever – you might as well come join in on the fun of the ride cuz she can tell you: it’s a blast!

Dreambuilders Club Hosts a Second Presentation by Renner July 28th, 2008

Good afternoon, all!

It’s the Duchess of Earle letting you all know that Steve Renner gave such a great presentation and gave such a great offer to Dreambuilders Club the first time that he was invited to do an encore this week.  He’ll be online as he was before at  When you get to the website, click on ‘enter presentation’ and then follow the prompts, using ‘imtrain’ (without the quotes) as the password.

The fun starts tonight, July 28th, at 6:00 P.M. Central Daylight Time.  If meeting online isn’t your first choice and you’re in the Twin Cities area, come on over to the Embassy Suites on 34th Ave. and I-494 to participate live.  Come meet the Duke and Duchess in person!   Not only that, get in on the fun and profits!

P.S.  You can come a little earlier and have your dinner with us too – the hotel offers a nice perk to Dreambuilders Club members and their guests when they dine with them at Woolley’s.  So come for the good food, stay for the great info and network to market your business to the club members!