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News of a Concert on Madeline Island September 9th, 2010

Good afternoon to all the Duchess of Earle‘s readers!

There is likely a high percentage of her readers – those of you from outside the US – that are unfamiliar with the Apostle Islands, located along Lake Superior‘s Wisconsin, USA, shore. 

It’s a greatly picturesque place – twenty-two islands off the town of Bayfield, Wisconsin, which in the latter 1800s was a great tourist destination.  But over the years, the tourists ceased to come by boat, as they did in those days, and now they arrive by car.

  Bayfield, Wisconsin, USA

There is only one of those islands that is inhabited by more than the local critters (this is not counting the park personnel that live as caretakers on a few of the islands).  That island is called Madeline Island, which is a ferryboat ride across the chilly Superior waters from the town of Bayfield.

Madeline Island Ferry

The town is called La Pointe; it is not a fancy metropolis, but nevertheless it offers its own brand of backwater charms.  Amongst them is Tom’s Burned Down Cafe – a name that stuck after Tom’s Cafe had a nasty fire some years ago.  But, like a phoenix, Tom’s rose from the ashes and has continued to host business ever since, including having performers in to entertain his guests.

 Tom’s Burned Down Cafe

Just this afternoon, the Duchess has received the news from an acquaintance of hers, a talented lady experienced in the entertaining field.  Her name is Jane Aleckson and she has a musical partner named Jim Ouska.  They’ve played together for a lot of years.  The Duchess trades emails with Jane every so often – and here came one today with the news that Jane and Jim will be performing at Tom’s Burned Down Cafe this weekend, Friday and Saturday nights, September 10th and 11th. 

So if you, dear reader happen to be one of the lucky ones that would be in the vicinity of Tom’s Burned Down Cafe this weekend, you’re certainly welcome to stop ’round to lend your ear to what is sure to be an enjoyable concert.  The Duchess is unable to be there herself, but will absolutely be there in spirit!

P.S.  For those of you that, like the Duchess, won’t be there, you can always check out Jane and Jim’s website at .

 P.P.S.  The Duchess has found this video of Jane, albeit playing with other musicians than Jim Ouska, and is including it here for your listening pleasure. 


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Good evening, dear readers!

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