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Duchess of Earle Shares Today Show’s Recreation of the Dancing MN Bridal Party July 28th, 2009

The Duchess also located the video of the day after the interview on the Today show.  The group came back for an on-air bridal party processional for the cameras and the enthusiastic onlookers.  This is such fun!  It’s late as the Duchess writes, but rest assured that she’s dancing right with them down the aisle – at least in her heart!  Come join us!  Have you got the beat?  Are you ready?  …Here we go – step-ping o-u-t!  :)  Party hearty, Bridal Party!

Duchess of Earle Shares more of the Dancing Bridal Party July 27th, 2009

So the party continued for the happy couple, the Duchess of Earle discovered.  Here’s the interview they had on the Today show this past week.

Duchess of Earle Shares a Piece of the Local Scene July 27th, 2009

Well, dear readers, the Duchess of Earle thinks it’s just too much to pass up not to share with you – just in case you’ve not seen it or heard of it – the entrance of the bridal party here in St. Paul, Minnesota, a week ago.  What a great celebratory way to enter the church!  Watch, friends and enjoy!

Letter of Appreciation to Embassy Suites Staff October 6th, 2008

Well, troops, the big day has come and gone.  Life can get back to normal – at least a bit! :)  

In appreciation for the grand time we had at our groom’s dinner on Friday evening, the Duchess penned these words today: 

                                                                                                               October 6, 2008

To: Managers of the Catering and Banquet Departments

Embassy Suites Hotel

34th Ave. South and I-494

Bloomington, MN   

To All Whom it May Concern: 

This letter is sent to you in appreciation for your staff.  Here are some pertinent details: 

We have worked with Erika LaDousa to plan our groom’s dinner, which was this past Friday evening, October 3.  Erika has been a pleasure to work with – patient with questions and issues that have arisen.   

So far as the room preparations on the day of the event went, she had told us that we could show up any time that day to decorate the room and tables (as there were no other events scheduled in there that day).  When we arrived, things weren’t as far along as we expected, but Krystal was there and she said that her team would put things in order for us when all was set, so we took the decorating so far as we could and then left the favors and other items in her hands.  Well, I can tell you we were really impressed and pleased at what she and her team (Shannon, Alejandra and Gramma Sue) had accomplished when we came back with our group after the rehearsal.  It was more beautiful than I’d ever thought it would be!  They had used different candles – ones that better fitted the candle rings that I’d brought, decorated them  and the tables with the autumn leaves we’d provided, added things that created greater ambiance – it was just lovely!  They went out of their way, I feel, to make it a special evening for us and for our guests. 

In addition, Krystal and the kitchen staff were very responsive to the particulars of our situation because, as it turned out, the rehearsal was delayed in getting started by about 45 minutes.  So our arrival at the hotel was similarly delayed – and actually, it was even more than that because most had traffic troubles on I-494 in coming from the church.  She was on the ball at every stage, asking me how I’d like to proceed, giving me her cell phone number so that I could keep her posted on our situation, staying on top of things all the way through the evening.  Impressive! :)

 I sincerely hope you give your staff the kudos they deserve – and that you pay them well for their efforts!  They are great folk and have a very “can do,” positive attitude that makes them wonderful to work with. 

I also would like to mention that the staff in the restaurant is laudable for their daily efforts as well.  We have been meeting with Dreambuilders Club at the hotel every week since the first of June, including having dinner in the restaurant most every Monday evening, and every one of them has been courteous, helpful and offered excellent service.   

So, we are writing to tell you that you have built a superior team and we are most grateful to be the recipients of their outstanding efforts, both every week and this past weekend.  In this day and age of diminishing services and social graces, this fact is certainly worthy of remark.  Please accept our hearfelt thanks.  We will certainly be making others aware of the great service your staff provides. 


The Duke and Duchess of Earle